Friday, August 26, 2016

♥ Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glow Kit Review ♥

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Today I am reviewing the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Moonchild. This is a highlighter palette, with 6 individual shades, which weigh 0.15oz each. I picked this up a couple of weeks ago, and have been using it ever since. I fell for the packaging, which is a holographic blue colour, and reflects a rainbow in direct sunshine, and the name, which is a reference to 80s classic, The Neverending Story.
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This palette was $40, which is around £30, & I think shipping was around £10 to the UK. It is only available on the ABH website currently, but there have been rumours of it possibly appearing on sites like Beauty Bay which could make it more affordable for UK folks - esp when you factor in customs charges!
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The 6 shades are called (L-R) Blue Ice, Star, Purple Horseshoe, Pink Heart, Lucky Clover, & Blue Moon. 4 of the shades are duochromes, which is rare for highlighters, and is one of the main selling points of this palette, for me at least!
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Blue Ice is a frosty white shade with blue reflect. Star is a silver shade with mint, platinum and silver reflects. Purple Horseshoe is a lavender colour with blue reflect & glitter. Pink Heart is a pearly white with pink reflect. Lucky Clover is a goldy colour with greenish reflect. Blue Moon is blue with silver shimmer.
I was very drawn to Purple Horseshoe before I bought it, and thought I'd like Lucky Clover the least, but that has turned out to be one of my favourite shades, along with Pink Heart. I haven't used Star or Blue Moon too much, they are probably my least favourite in the bunch, because I love the more unusual colours of the other shades.
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I'd never been one for highlighters before, but now I wear one every time I wear makeup - I feel super pretty using this palette, like a sparkly rainbow unicorn or something. If you don't own many highlighters, or you just like fun, unusual shades, then this palette might be great for you. Because the shades are sheer, this palette is meant to look great on all skin shades, although I can only comment on my own - I am super pale, so having cool tone colours suits me quite well. If you like warmer shades, the Sweets Glow Kit also looks super lovely.
What do you think, would you wear pastel duchrome highlighters, or are they a bit out there for you?
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