Wednesday, March 09, 2016

♥ Blue & Pink

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I wore this outfit when Carl & I went to get ice cream the other day. It's still not really the weather for it here in the UK, despite it being March, I was bloody freezing! The dress is a recent addition to my wardrobe, I was very kindly sent it by Unique Vintage, & it is this Bernie Dexter one. I've always wanted to try out a Bernie Dexter dress, as I've always admired the prints, so it's nice to finally own one! I got it in the 4x & it fits perfectly.
♥ ♥ ♥
Unique Vintage have quite a wide selection of cute plus size clothes, stocking brands like Hell Bunny, as well as their own designs. They have an individual size chart for each items they stock, which makes it easy to see what would fit you, although it means sizing is not consistent across the site, but this is more down to all the brands they stock having varying sizes/measurements.
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This post is also the first ones with my new glasses! I had worn my other ones for over 4 years, almost the entirety of this blog, so it was about time for a change, I think. I got given the opportunity to get a free eye test and glasses from Specsavers, and these are the pair I chose. A different shape for me, but I loved the colours, they are a very pretty purple and turquoise, with pink arms, so they remind me of mermaid glasses.
♥ ♥ ♥
This was my first time trying a new opticians, I've only ever been to my local one, which doesn't have any of the fancy equipment that Specsavers had, it was rather interesting to have all these weird tests done that I've never had before, haha!
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Wearing my personalised brooch I got in the biscuit box from Luckydipclub, how cute is it?
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♥ Georgina
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