Friday, February 26, 2016

♥ Impish Lee Lingerie Review ♥

 photo egefw.jpg
Earlier this year I was sent some custom made loungewear & lingerie from independent New York based designer Impish Lee, run by sisters Kali & Noelle. I was invited to create my own designs on their customizer, picking out which base design I wanted, then choosing which fabrics I wanted and finishing details. This type of customisation is new to me, especially for lingerie. I chose pieces made with white velvet, pink mesh & pink lace.
♥ ♥ ♥
 I opted for their tap short, high waisted panty, and flutter top, since I was sized out of their bras, unfortunately. I would have loved to try one, but I wear a 40J, and the biggest size on the site is a UK 40GG. Shame! Impish Lee go up to a size 24 US, although based on measurements on their site, this is actually equivalent to somewhere between a size 22-24 UK. Since my hips run a bit wider than this, the shorts don't fit me *well*, obviously everything has lots of stretch, but it's still a bit small for me. The top & the panties fit me nicely though.
 photo fsfte.jpg  photo fhdfh.jpg  photo gwegfw.jpg
The top retails for $78, the shorts are $68 and the panties are also $78, which in the UK ranges from £49 - £56. This is a luxury product though, and handmade in New York, not at a factory in China as so many clothes are made nowadays. I do like to support independent designers, because as one myself I understand the struggles of people thinking your product is overpriced when in fact costs have been carefully worked out and you are only paying yourself a fair wage.  
 photo gsew.jpg  photo fawdwq.jpg
 photo regtewt.jpg  photo regewt.jpg
One thing I would really like to see though, aside from the size range being extended, is a small detail, custom labels inside the garments! This is a weird request, I know, since labels are often annoying to most, but I like to see some sort of branding, especially in independently designed things, as sometimes I forget where exactly I got something, and if I want to recommend something it's hard when I have no idea where it's from! 
 ♥ ♥ ♥
Have a play around on their customizer, since it's really fun, and if you decide to place an order, use the code Cupcakes10 to get 10% off!
♥ Georgina ♥
P.S. I was really nervous to include the wearing shots, since I've never done that before on my blog, so please be nice :P

Monday, February 08, 2016

♥ Milk & Kittens ♥

 photo fhdher.jpg
 photo dfsgaerg.jpg
Recently I haven't really been buying clothes a lot, all the available stuff seems uninspiring to me, so I've preferred to opt for making my own designs, because then I can get exactly what I want. I made this skirt recently, after seeing these cute patches by Jenni's Prints, and feeling inspired. I bought 2 patches, and made them into pockets for this pink wool skirt. I added fur trim for extra cuteness and warmth. I love the end result, & wore it out for the first time here!
 photo sgswt.jpg  photo sdgtet.jpg  photo sdgsg.jpg
I wore it with this cute bag by Skinny Dip London, which is shaped like a milk carton. I love it so much, although it doesn't really fit much in, just the essentials.
 photo hfhersghy.jpg  photo dgsdfa.jpg  photo dfhsdfh.jpg
I finished my outfit off with white t bar flats, lilac tights & my favourite white fluffy cardigan. I also wore my new lipstick, which is Unicorn Tears by Too Faced, which is the prettiest blue sheened glittery lilac colour. My new fave!
 photo gsgtete.jpg
♥ Georgina
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