Monday, December 21, 2015

♥ Japan Crate December Doki Doki Box Review ♥

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Recently the lovely people over at Japan Crate sent me an emailing, telling me about their new idea for a subscription box, called the Doki Doki box, which would be filled with cute things from Japan, and offered me one to review. I gladly accepted, because I love trying out subscription boxes, and I love cute things even more!
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Japan Crate are already known for their Japanese candy subscription box, which comes with 3 sizes & prices, so this expansion into cute stuff makes sense. The Doki Doki box is $30, or about £20 per month, with free US shipping (or $20 shipping internationally). In the December edition, their first release, I got lots of cute things. They promise between 8-10 items, & there were 9 in this box.
I got:
  • Rilakkuma plush
  • Panda eyemask
  • Jello candy kit
  • Totoro desk calendar
  • Alpacasso mini coin purse
  • Hello Kitty figurine
  • Totoro pouch
  • Pikachu necklace
  • Totoro character plush
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There's also a pretty illustrated leaflet that tells you everything that should be in you box, and more information about the box.
 photo dgadfg.jpg
One thing that's really nice about this box, is that all the products are the branded ones, rather than knockoff versions, which can be a thing with other similar subscription boxes. I think the panda eye mask is the only thing that is offbrand. I also liked how many Totoro things there were, since that's my favourite Ghibli film. I especially love the desk calendar, as that is the perfect mix of cute and useful, I know I will get a lot of use out of that over the next year.
My favourite thing was the tiny Alpacasso purse though, I've wanted an alpaca by Amuse for ages, so I'm now one step closer to that goal, haha! I also really like the Rilakkuma plush, he's very adorable, and quite big. I turned the Pikachu necklace into a keyring for Carl, as I knew I'd never wear it, and he thinks it's adorable.
 photo sfesfes.jpg
Altogether very happy with this box. I've tried a similar box before, the Kawaii Box, I reviewed here, which was cheaper at $18.90 a month, including shipping, but most of the things in that were offbrand and smaller, although still very cute. I would recommend this box if you live in the US and/or prefer branded kawaii things, and the Kawaii Box if you are on a tighter budget, since this one can get pricy with international shipping!
Georgina ♥


  1. cute! Didn't know they were working on plush toys as well as candy. Thanks for sharing

  2. Looks great ! :D HAPPY HOLIDAYS !

  3. Cute photos :)

    Maria V.

  4. Hanw, I love calendar !
    My bestfriend and I are really fan !


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