Thursday, September 24, 2015

♥ Updated Room Tour ♥

 photo sfewf.jpg
I did a room tour about 3 years ago, but since I've moved out since, I thought it was about time I did another. I love seeing other people's rooms & how they choose to decorate, so hopefully you find this interesting too. Since I rent, I can't paint the walls or hang too many pictures, which limits me slightly, because I'd love a pastel colour on the wall, and I loved the picture wall behind the bed in my old room.
 photo dgdgt.jpg  photo gdgdre.jpg  photo sdfewf.jpg
Most of my furniture is the same, I bought it all myself so I took it with me when I moved. This dressing table is a new piece, I bought it earlier this year from a vintage shop. It was only about £100, which for such a pretty piece is amazing. It also has lots more storage than my last dressing table, so in the top drawer is all my makeup & skincare, & in the bottom my hair stuff.
 photo rrgfdsg.jpg
I also finally have bedside tables instead of chairs! I upcycled both of these, the one on the left was my boyfriend's which he brought with him when he moved in. I painted it mint & added a vintage bunny decal to make it more my style (this one is on my side of the bed!). The one on the right used to be my sister's, & was plain pine. I painted it a baby blue, & hand painted some canal boat style flowers on the knobs & bottom door. The desk lamp is also Carl's, I'm trying to convince him to replace it with something cuter, haha!
 photo dfgd.jpg
 photo rgdgdr.jpg
That's pretty much it, even though I can't do exactly what I'd like, I feel like it is still pretty "me". What do you think?
 ♥ Georgina

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  1. So cute! I can only wish my room could like this! c:

  2. I love your taste in both fashion and decor. I adore the shabby chic style of decorating with pastels, and frills, and romantic touches, but I love throwing a bit of kitsch in the mix too. This makes me want to paint some of my wooden furniture in pretty pastels!

    <3 Liz

  3. That blue bedside table is my favourite piece. I love all those pastels in your bedroom, looks relaxing.

  4. awww! Your room is so dreamy <3
    I love the bedside tables. Best colours :D
    And that Moomintroll <3 <3

  5. Your room is too cute and it's so you! xD

  6. So wonderful! I'm getting a lot of inspiration from your room. ^u^

  7. such a pretty room! I love everything in it!

  8. Oh my what a beautiful room! can I move in?

  9. Your room is super adorable, but doesn't your boyfriend feel left out of the process? I know I'd feel like I was living in someone else's house instead of my own if my husband up and decided to do the whole bedroom in a batman theme or something that was exclusively his taste haha. If yours truly doesn't care, then you have caught a unicorn in human form and should marry him immediately!

    1. I only care in a very small capacity. I'm not really bothered by the theme of the bedroom- it's a combination partly of not caring (and the fact that I am manly enough not to feel threatened by pink) and partly of simply knowing that, despite all the grand designs I hold in my head, when I'm at home I am a very lazy man. When I finally moved out of my mum's place last month, my old room still had the carpet that was there when we first moved in (which was an awful yellow and brown and looked like it belonged in the 1940s). All I'd ever really done for the room when I moved in was repaint the tobacco-stained walls, install a new light (because it had one of those long tube light fixtures before- eww) and later stuck a few posters up (which I got free from my old job at a cinema).

      Sometimes I wish I had some plain/generic bedding or something to sleep on now but ultimately, I yield the interior design decisions to Georgina- she's specifically asked for the bedroom to be her style and is willing to budge on any other room- but I never really care enough to change anything anyway. To me it's a battle not worth fighting because I know I wouldn't really be bothered, while she clearly loves her own theme. And, to be honest, having any kind of consistent theme at all (versus the haphazard assortment of old furniture and things I had in my old room) is nice and I can be supportive of it. (You see that Unikitty keyring in the third picture? I bought her that.)
      I've been thinking I might redecorate the coffee table in the living room at some point, and get a new chair (more for comfort than style, mind), but that's probably about it by way of changes I care about now that I've got my TV and my computer set up.

      And on the other hand I get a lot out of our relationship in other ways. She's always willing to play the weird and obscure boardgames I buy, doesn't try to stop me spending weekends away at gaming events, and every single week she bakes me one of the best chicken pies you've ever tasted. And she even does most the chores! So if she gets to be in charge of the interior design choices, I still feel like I'm getting the better end of the deal here. :D

  10. You live in a world of cute I swear <3

  11. Oh my those pink drawers are amazing!

  12. Cuteness quota has been met for the entire year with just this one post :3

  13. So cute, adorable!! *O* I love pink furniture, I have one little pink table and that's my favorite piece of furniture :333

  14. gorgeous room,im gonna make my room look like yours, hope you dont mind

  15. Your room look so magical & inspiring, I love it so much!

    Ohdearmilk ✧・゜*

  16. Lovely!!!!! <3
    My boyfriend doesn't want me to use anything pink or pastel in our appartment, because "what would the guys think". I miss that, so sometimes I buy some small pink stuff and see what he says :p But a room like this, he would die XD (when we buy a house, my workplace will look like this too!)


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