Saturday, September 19, 2015

♥Too Faced Love Flush Review ♥

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Ever since this blush came out, I've been anxiously checking for a UK release. I didn't want to order from the Too Faced store, because shipping costs made it too expensive. Eventually I spotted it on a little website called Rose's Beauty Store, for £24, which seemed reasonable. I didn't realise it was an import store, but seeing as this blush is due to be stocked in Debenhams for £25, the price seemed pretty good!
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The packaging is an adorable pink plastic heart compact with mirror & magnetic closure. I've heard a lot of people say that it reminds them of Polly Pockets (the 90s kind, not that modern day crap, haha!), & I can definitely see that. The packaging is most of the reason I wanted this blush, to be honest. I'm a sucker for cute makeup!
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Upon opening the compact, you can see the blush has been pressed into the most freaking adorable bunny & floral design. This just makes me so happy, even though it obviously won't last after using the compact a good few times. I got the colour Justify My Love, there are 5 other shades available, & I believe that these will be a permanent addition to Too Face's line. 
This shade is a lovely cool toned pale pink, with small flecks of gold glitter. It boasts a 16 hour wear time, but as I never wear makeup for that long, I can't confirm that. I would really like to try another shade, but being a high end brand, it's kinda pricey, so I think I'll have to wait on that. And I don't really *need* another blush anyway!
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Anyone else a sucker for cute packaging?


  1. Looks so pretty !

  2. It definitely looks like the Polly Pockets I used to long for as a kid. I must have this!

  3. Yes! That's so adorable and reminds me of Polly Pocket too :)
    Aww, those bunnies! I can't believe how cute the blush is <3
    Looks like this blush was made for you!

  4. Oh my it's sooo cute! I also buy make-up just because of their cute packaging xD

  5. It's adorable *_* I would buy it just for this cute bunny & floral design inside haha!

  6. This is so incredibly cute!

  7. Looks so cute oms *^*

  8. OMG I neeeed it ;;_;; thanks for sharing!

  9. Świetny post ;)
    Pozdrawiam i zapraszam do mnie:

  10. Oh my god it's so cute!! I feel like my life won't be complete without it. Totally buy products for their packaging too :)

  11. Your photos look so magical, you should make a photo tutorial please !
    I love all the magic in them.

    Ohdearmilk ✧・゜*


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