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♥ Kawaii Box Review - August 2015 ♥

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I was recently sent the Kawaii Box, a subscription box service from Blippo, which is filled with lots of cute things from Japan. In each box there are 10-12 items that range from sweets, to stationery, to plushies. The box costs $18.90, which I think is about £15, & this includes shipping. You can also subscribe for longer to get a cheaper box. My box took 2 weeks exactly to arrive & came with a tracking number so you can see where it is at all times.
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Upon opening the box you are greeted with a thank you note, which also lists all of the things in the box. I didn't look too long at that, because that would spoil the surprise!
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After opening the tissue paper, there are lots of cute things. I got 11 items in this box. From adding up the costs of similar items on the Blippo site, I estimate the value of this box to be around £25, which definitely makes it a great deal. The items I got are: Puffy Bear Stickers; Squishy Ice Lolly Phone Charm, Cloud Envelopes; Macaron Charm Pen; DIY Candy Kit; Alapaca Tin Purse; Pig Spray Bottle, Neko Cat Plush; Pink Ribbon Shoelaces; Blue Gingham Tape & a Dinosaur Pencil Tin.
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I currently only subscribe to one subscription box, the LuckyDipClub one, which I absolutely love, but I feel like this one is worth considering, because I don't think I got anything that I didn't like, and I'd really like a box of cute Japanese things every month to look forward to. I've also tried Glossy Boxes, but I didn't really like those much, I didn't think the items were worth it.
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Do you subscribe to any boxes? Do you think they are worth it?


  1. I love KawaiiBox! I have 3 KawaiiBoxes. Soooo much cuteness! <3 You can read a reviev on my blog ^^

  2. Everything looks so cute! I love the store behind it, Blippo! <3

    Jessie @ bijou-heart

  3. This is so precious! I'm actually tempted to subscribe to this..

  4. So adorable! I have heard of Kawaii Box before, but now I'm seriously tempted to subscribe. ^u^
    xx Katie

  5. I have been subscribing to the Kawaii Box for a while and like the items that I get each month. :D I am sure that anyone who wins the giveaway will love it. :D

  6. I subscribe to JapanCrate and I feel that it is definitely worth it.

    You get a ton of snacks from Japan each month and the value of those treats is always more than what you pay for the box. It's especially handy if you live in a rural area like I do where the nearest Japanese market is an hour away.


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