Wednesday, September 16, 2015

♥ Blossoming Gifts Review ♥

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I was sent these lovely flowers by a company called Blossoming Gifts, who sell flower delivery bouquets & other such gifts. I chose the "Summer Meadow", from their Summer flowers range. They definitely brightened up my bedroom. I love fresh flowers so much, but never get fancy bouquets, just £2 or £3 bunches from the local shop, so it was a real treat to have these.
 photo dgrsg.jpg
The roses started drooping after a week, which isn't the best life from roses I've had, but the rest of the flowers are still doing pretty well 2 weeks on from delivery. They arrived promptly & well packaged on the day I chose. This bunch costs £34.99 & came with free chocolates, but you can get 33% off your own bouquet with the code BGIFTS33, which would be great for a gift.


  1. The bouquet is so pretty! I love the arrange of the colours. Every room looks beautiful with a bunch of flowers in it. It's just so sad that they die so quickly :c

    Have a lovely day ♥

  2. Aww, they look really pretty. They also go so well in your room. :D

  3. gosh, I adore that bouquet! It looks so pretty! :)


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