Wednesday, August 26, 2015

♥ Elomi Betty & Maria ♥

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Recently I was contacted by the people over at Elomi, who make bras in bigger sizes & are currently nominated for best underwear brand at the British Plus Size Awards. They very kindly offered me a set to review, & I chose the Betty bra & briefs in blush. This set is gorgeous, a lovely pale pink colour with polka dots & rose detailed embroidery.
I usually wear a 38j, but as this set only goes to a hh cup, I opted for the 40hh instead, & it fits perfectly. I've never tried Elomi before, I usually wear Curvy Kate bras, but I think I'm a convert, this was way more comfortable than any of my usual bras. Maybe I should try a 40hh in those too.
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I was also recently contacted by the shop Bras & Honey, who also offered me a set from their website to review. They stock Curvy Kate, Freya, Fantasie, Elomi & more. I opted for another Elomi set, this time the babydoll set Maria. This set is really floaty & pretty. I got this in a 40h, the biggest cup size they do in this, & it fits pretty well, & is still comfortable, but not as much as the Betty above. I ideally would have needed the 40hh, but seeing as this isn't everyday underwear, it doesn't matter too much.
Elomi are little above what I normally pay for bras, which is around the £30-35 mark, whereas the Betty bra is £42 rrp, but I definitely think that it is worth it, & would buy another in the future. The babydoll retails for £60, but is available for £51 at the moment on the Bras & Honey website, which isn't bad.
The knickers on the other hand are rather pricey in my opinion, running at about £20 each, which I would hate to pay, & would probably only buy on sale. I've dabbled in bra making & knicker making, & knickers are definitely so easy to make, it would hurt to pay that much for one set, but bras on the other hand are so fiddly and complicated, especially to get a perfect fit, that they are worth the money in my opinion.
Have any of you tried Elomi? What did you think?


  1. Elomi make the best-fitting bras I own. Their swimwear is good too, but pretty expensive.

  2. I haven't tried those. I generally get basics from the local department store that don't cost much more than $12.

    I love the whimsical feel that both sets have. I could definitely see myself wearing something like that and just feeling amazing.

  3. The Betty is my all time favourite bra (what im now to big to buy)- so im really jealous you have it in blush!!!


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