Friday, August 28, 2015

♥ Pink & Red Deer ♥

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Here's an outfit from a while ago! Last year in fact. I took these shots to model the headband that I made for Mollie Makes magazine, and completely forgot about them until now. Since I haven't done an outfit post in a while I thought I'd share these now. It's almost time to break this coat out again, it's so cold at the moment!
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♥ Georgina

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

♥ Elomi Betty & Maria ♥

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Recently I was contacted by the people over at Elomi, who make bras in bigger sizes & are currently nominated for best underwear brand at the British Plus Size Awards. They very kindly offered me a set to review, & I chose the Betty bra & briefs in blush. This set is gorgeous, a lovely pale pink colour with polka dots & rose detailed embroidery.
I usually wear a 38j, but as this set only goes to a hh cup, I opted for the 40hh instead, & it fits perfectly. I've never tried Elomi before, I usually wear Curvy Kate bras, but I think I'm a convert, this was way more comfortable than any of my usual bras. Maybe I should try a 40hh in those too.
 photo drgtezt.jpg
I was also recently contacted by the shop Bras & Honey, who also offered me a set from their website to review. They stock Curvy Kate, Freya, Fantasie, Elomi & more. I opted for another Elomi set, this time the babydoll set Maria. This set is really floaty & pretty. I got this in a 40h, the biggest cup size they do in this, & it fits pretty well, & is still comfortable, but not as much as the Betty above. I ideally would have needed the 40hh, but seeing as this isn't everyday underwear, it doesn't matter too much.
Elomi are little above what I normally pay for bras, which is around the £30-35 mark, whereas the Betty bra is £42 rrp, but I definitely think that it is worth it, & would buy another in the future. The babydoll retails for £60, but is available for £51 at the moment on the Bras & Honey website, which isn't bad.
The knickers on the other hand are rather pricey in my opinion, running at about £20 each, which I would hate to pay, & would probably only buy on sale. I've dabbled in bra making & knicker making, & knickers are definitely so easy to make, it would hurt to pay that much for one set, but bras on the other hand are so fiddly and complicated, especially to get a perfect fit, that they are worth the money in my opinion.
Have any of you tried Elomi? What did you think?

Friday, August 21, 2015

♥ How to Make Jam ♥

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Hello everyone! I went blackberrying the other day & made jam, so I thought I'd show you all how to make your own. You can use any type of fruit for this, I just used blackberries because they were free, but in the past I've used apples, strawberries, raspberries, peaches etc.
 photo jam1.jpg
You will need:
1kg of fresh/frozen fruit.
1kg of granulated/jam sugar
Lemon juice
3-4 jam jars
Large cooking pot
Wooden spoon
Jam funnel
 photo jam2.jpg
1. Firstly, wash up all your jam jars & lids in hot soapy water. Then rinse them, making sure all the soap is washed off.
 photo jam3.jpg
2. Then put your jars & lids in the oven at 100 degrees Celsius. This will sterilise your jars and stop the jam from going mouldy.
 photo jam4.jpg
3. Put your fruit & lemon juice in your cooking pot & heat at a low temperature until all the fruit is mushy and liquidy like shown. Add your sugar, and make sure it is all dissolved before moving on to the next step.
 photo jam5.jpg
4. Bring your pan of fruit up to a rolling boil, & simmer for 10 minutes. This is why you need a LARGE pot, because your mixture will double in size.
 photo jam6.jpg
5. After the 10 minutes is up, remove your jam from the heat and drop a little of it on a cold spoon. If it "gells", and becomes firm, your jam is ready to be jarred. If not, return to the heat until your jam does gell, you might need to add more lemon juice if it won't set.
 photo jam7.jpg
6. Remove your jam from the heat and your jam jars from the oven. Carefully pour your jam using the funnel into the hot jars with your ladle. You might want to wear rubber gloves at this stage to protect your hands a bit from the heat. Put the lids on as you work, making sure they are on firmly, but not too tight.
 photo jam8.jpg
7. Leave to cool. You should hear the jars "popping" as the seal is formed. Once cool, decorate with labels & toppers if you would like. Homemade jam makes an excellent gift, I always make a batch for my family every Christmas.

That's it! Hope you found this tutorial useful, & do let me know if you try it out, I'd love to see your results!
♥  Georgina

Saturday, August 01, 2015

♥ Yorkshire Day ♥

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Recently the lovely people at Betty's asked me if I'd like to try one of their hampers to celebrate Yorkshire Day, which is today, August the 1st. Of course I said yes, and the other day I received a large box crammed full of lovely Yorkshire made treats!
 photo trghersgesr.jpg
They sent over a box of macarons, florentines, chocolate ganache bees, tea, fondant fancies, and some "Fat Rascals", which are their own special scones, along with a cute little branded Betty's mug. Everything was delightfully packaged, in cute patterned boxes, illustrated with all sorts of cakes & goodies.
 photo fgesgtewr.jpg  photo rgest.jpg
Carl & I decided to have a little tea party for two, to celebrate him moving in. We made little finger sandwiches, & I arranged everything on pretty plates, & had ourselves a feast. We ended up with plenty left over, as the cakes were very filling.
My favourite things were the little bumble bees, they look almost too adorable to eat! The macarons were also a nice treat, as I've only every had one professionally made one before, I've made them in the past, but never having anything to compare them too, wasn't sure if I was making them correctly.
 photo dgzswtwtsw.jpg
Overall it was a lovely treat, and I would definitely recommend ordering a hamper from Betty's for a special occasion, as their cakes have that extra "something". Or, if you are local to Yorkshire, I believe they serve afternoon tea in their tea rooms, so definitely pop in if you are in the area! I know we will be if we ever find ourselves up there.
♥ Georgina
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