Wednesday, May 20, 2015

♥ Things I've Been Loving ♥

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Tsum Tsums! These recently went on sale in the Disney store, & I had to get some! I bought myself Marie, Miss Bunny & Lady, & my lovely boyfriend got me Bambi, Thumper & Dumbo. They are only £3 each, which I thought was reasonable. They do bigger sizes, but I liked the minis the best, plus they had the most variation! They are so cute!
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The Body Shop! I honestly hadn't been in here since I was about 11 or so, when I used to go shopping with school friends and they would drag me in here. I saw a few youtube videos reviewing some of the things they had in there recently, so I thought I'd take a look. Of course, I completely forgot what I was searching for when I got in there, so I just looked at the things that looked most appealing. I picked up the grapefruit body scrub, & the strawberry body sorbet. Both smell delicious, especially the sorbet, which also has the most gorgeous texture & leaves my skin feeling really soft.
I then looked up online what I had wanted to get, which was the bouncy sleeping mask, so I placed an order on the site too. I also got another sorbet, the mango scented one, because I love the strawberry one so much! They have an offer at the minute to get up to 30% off, & a free gift when you spend over £10, the code is on their site, which I used, & got the Satsuma body polish pictured. I didn't realise it would be full size, so I was rather impressed when it arrived!
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Fresh flowers! I got sent these lovely roses recently by Debenhams Flower Delivery service, & they smelled so nice! I am terrible at flower arranging though, & couldn't get them to look half as nice as in the picture, but they still brightened up the room considerably! Normally I buy myself cheaper flowers from grocery stores like tulips or daffodils, so it was such a treat to have a proper bouquet. They looked even nicer when the freesias bloomed fully, but I didn't get a picture of that, sadly. If you'd like to get 25% off a bouquet, you can use the code DFBLOG25!
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Walter! Like I said in my last post I went away to Wales a week or so ago, so I got to spend lots of time with this lovely monster. I didn't take any outfit posts up there like I said I would, the weather was pretty terrible, but I still had a nice time.
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Presents! Carl & I came home a week before my family, & they brought back this cute little figurine for me, how sweet of them!
 ♥ Georgina


  1. I kinda missed the tsum tsum trend but they're so cute. I also love the little figurine, very pretty photos!

    { }

  2. Your blog is like how I imagine my life is inside my fantasy world. There's so much pink and frills and Disney and cute things to look at. Lovely :)

  3. cute!


  4. Your blog is insanely cute! i love everything you show here hehehe. also you are so magical and awesome, loving your blog from long time ago hohoh

    Love from Colombia
    Mushroom Rain Blog

  5. I know what you mean, I remember being about 12 and going into body shop and it was like incredible then at the age. I haven't brought anything there for a long time, let us now how the mask is xx

  6. Lovely and cute figurine.Say thanks to your lovely family.

  7. Kawaii (。♥‿♥。)

    { }

  8. The picture are so beautiful specially the lovely flower it look fresh and smelled aromatic. The little figurine are so cute. I like all the thing you show here. Looking forward to see more of you're post.

  9. First off, I think you're absolutely adorable and would love to be friends (or penpals seeing as America and all). Second off, sorry I'm awkward at greetings but I just adore this blog.

    As for the post, what a steal at 3 Euro! Plus, fresh flowers? Win. I love seeing Walter because he has the same smile as my brothers family dog. Which is full of joy.

    Also, I work right down the hall from The Body Shop at my mall. Never tried it, maybe I should give it a go?!

    xo Sinéad |

  10. These pictures are so pretty <3 Eye candy!!
    Love your tsum tsum collection. I really need some too :)


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