Saturday, August 16, 2014

♥ Foxes & Phones ♥

 photo ewtwerw.jpg  photo thyrey4ey64.jpg
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 photo gtretaeye.jpg Hello again everyone! It's been a while (again!). I really need to start getting back into the swing of doing outfit posts more often again. Anyway, here's one from yesterday, I wore my new-ish Hell Bunny dress, which I really love. It's so pink & pretty, & the full circle skirt is pretty fun. I teamed it with my old favourite H&M cardigan, some new shoes (which I got on sale, they were only £12), because I love my pink ones so much, & a pink bag, because every outfit needs lots of pink :p
 photo djtdrudtr.jpg
 photo rtueyer.jpg
I thought I'd show you all my new Acer mobile phone, which I very kindly got sent to do a liquid e3 review of. I've never had a smartphone before, so it's quite a novelty. My phone beforehand was one of those slidey phones from 2005, so it was time for an upgrade.
I've been using it for around a month or so now, it's pretty easy to use, & it's such a novelty being able to internet whilst out and about. I decorated a case for it that you can see above, to make it cuter, because I think most smartphones look a bit boring and plain otherwise. It has a huge screen, which with my tiny hands I kinda struggle to hold, but it makes it really good for watching stuff on the go, & facebooking & instagramming and all that jazz:p I don't really know what else to say, because like I've said, I've not had a smartphone before, so don't have much basis for comparison. It does all the regular phone stuff too, obviously, but my favourite feature is definitely being able to internet out of the house.

This phone is supposed to be really good at taking photos, so I included a shot of my outfit taken with the back camera. Obviously it doesn't compare to my dslr, but I think it's pretty good for a phone, & definitely better than my ipad mini camera. You can edit the photos on the camera too, without needing an app, which is useful.
 photo dthjudryry.jpg  photo t5htrhjrthj.jpg  photo ewtwetewrq3w.jpg
 photo eryeryey.jpg
Anyway, that's it for today, hopefully I shall be back soon with another outfit post!
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