Saturday, April 12, 2014

♥ Making Headbands ♥

 photo picnmixdeerheadband.jpg
Sorry I haven't updated as much as I said I would...I am useless! Anyway, just wanted to share one of the things I've been up to lately, making new headbands for Dolly Darling. I've also been doing some more sewing - which I plan to show you in my next post, which should be up within the next few days.
 photo picnmixdeerheadband1.jpg
My most recent creation is another deer headband, but instead of the usual flowers, I made it pic'n'mix themed. The antlers are even candy striped (I was hoping they'd look like marshmallow strips, but not sure how successful that was). The ears are made with candy speckled wool instead of plain, so I am super happy with the way these came out.
♥ ♥ ♥
The floral kitten headband I've had in my shop for a while, and you've seen one on me in a few recent outfit posts, but not sure I've shared a proper picture with you. I used one of my latest crafts I've learnt to make the ears - needle felting! I actually did a post on my other foray into needle felting here, but I haven't ventured into 3d felting yet, still a bit intimidating.
 photo ggesges.jpg


  1. I always love your crafts George! I'd love to see some fruity headbands appearing at some point :P

    x x x

  2. so amazing headbands! love your blog! xoxo

    anecia & roses ♥ blog

  3. the headbands are super cute! you have such a wonderful talent.
    i was planning on buying, but i don't think my wallet can handle it right now. ; n ;
    i am wondering if you ever plan on doing a tutorial/process of sorts on these cute headbands?

  4. ohmygosh the kitten one is so cute ^^ i might have to buy it for the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu concert hehe

  5. these are darling! what really got me was the antlers painted to match the candies. i've never been too big on animal ears before, but these are fantastic ♥

    Glitterous Clitoris

  6. Love love love those headbands :)

  7. Lovely! Beautifull job!

  8. These are so perfect, you did a wonderful job :D


  9. they are extremlu cute! <3
    love your style :))

  10. I'm so in love with those headbands *______*

  11. AH! Candy + antlers...can't breathe for the cuteness *passes out*

  12. These are freaking adorable xx

  13. *perks up* Deer headband. Rainbow...candy...deer...headband. I desire. I am broke. ;~; *dies inside*


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