Monday, December 30, 2013

♥ Handmade Christmas Presents ♥

 photo drgsrg.jpg
I didn't make many presents this year, unlike last year. But I still made my usual batch of jam for the family. This year I tried making raspberry & also cherry, which both tasted pretty nice (I made some for the household too). The cherry was really sweet though, the raspberry had more flavour!
 photo dgsdrg.jpg
The only other thing I made were these coasters for my Grandparents'. I wood burned different plants/trees on them, & then dotted them with while acrylic paint & varnished. Lined with red felt to stop them scratching tables. I think they liked them, anyway! For everyone else I just bought gifts, I bought a record player for my Mum, who is always going on about how much records are better than CDs/mp3s, haha.
 photo rgregse.jpg


  1. very cute ideas , especially making it yourself
    love your blog its very cute :)
    melissa x

  2. really cute gifts, you've got great skills ^-^

  3. I love the coasters, and I would love to receive homemade jam! I've always wanted to try making jam, but I have no idea where to begin. :)

  4. Those coasters are beautiful! I want sommme

  5. The coasters are gorgeous! They came out very nicely. :)

  6. ♥ Hej ♥ Świetny blog ♥ Piękny nagłówek ♥ OBSERWUJĘ! ♥

    ♥ ♥

  7. The coasters are really well made!
    It's amazing that you make all of your presents by hand

  8. I love these ideas! Very creative and original! :)

  9. I've never made jam but I have a thing about homemade jam- if I see a market or anything selling some I have to buy it :)
    The coasters look awesome

  10. You are so creative! The coasters look like something you would buy.


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