Wednesday, December 04, 2013

♥ Blippo Review ♥

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Recently I was sent some cute stuff by the online shop They specialise in everything kawaii, ranging from cute stationery, to Japanese magazines, to accessories & more. I picked out a few cute things to try, including an ice cream shaped sundae glass (though made out of plastic) & spoon, some "mixed drops" (chosen because I liked the Hello Kitty tin, & a cute DIY food craft kit thingy. They also sent me some orange flavoured chewy candy & a key ring.
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I've tried the mixed drops (which are boiled sweets covered in icing sugar), which were nice, mainly fruit flavoured, but I was a bit surprised to try a green one & find out it was mint flavoured! The tin is adorable though, Hello Kitty is made of clouds & it's pink & has rainbows, so automatically awesome. I'm going to use it to store trinkets or craft supplies in once all the sweets are gone. I've also tried the orange candy, it was nice, very chewy & had these weird gummy things in that looks like the sacs of juice in a real orange. Candy from other countries is always fun to try, it's usually so different. In the past I've mainly tried American stuff, usually receiving it in craft swaps and such, so it was a nice change to try Japanese things.
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The DIY craft food kit thingy I've opened but not made yet, though I might do a separate post on that at some point. It looks fun though, & I think they sell it for something like £3 something, which seems pretty decent, as kits like this can often be overpriced. The sundae cup is adorable, I can't decide yet whether I actually want to use it for it's purpose, or do what I was originally going to do, & store cute bits & pieces in it. Probably the latter, because I rarely, (if ever!) make sundaes at home. The shipping was pretty quick too, from Hong Kong to the UK took around a week I think. No customs charges either, which is always good! So yes, would definitely recommend a look if you like all things cute like me!
I hope you all are well, & looking forward to Christmas (or other holiday!). I know I said in my last post I had to cook Christmas dinner this year, but plans have changed, my grandparents recently invited us to theirs, so looks like I don't have to struggle with doing that, this year at least, haha! Thanks for all your tips though, I am sure they will come in useful for me in the future (should probably learn how to cook properly at some point after all!). I've been feeling quite Christmassy today, I was wrapping presents the other night, & today I picked up a Playmobil advent calendar after seeing some Youtubers open theirs. It's pretty awesome! Charlotte got one too, & it was super fun catching up to day 4 all in one go. So far I have 2 trees, 2 badgers, 2 squirrels, a bird, some snow, cauliflowers & a tree stump, haha!
Will update again soon, I have a few more photos to share, I might ramble on some more (I think I probably talked too much in this post!
Georgina ♥


  1. The little ice cream cup is so cuuute!! :D I am looking forward to photos :)

  2. I love all of your post, but this one especially. I'm not sure why--I just feel even more charmed than usual! Thanks, Georgina <3

  3. Meiji Apollo chocolate!! My favorite!! I just ate my last box the other day! I got three boxes for my birthday! :D Cool you got a DIY kit! :D Btw, I had a dream about you last week XD You, me and you sister had a sleepover in my old room at my dad's house, lol ^^ It was a very fun dream XD

  4. I collect whatever Japanese candy I get my hands on! ^-^ I save the paper/boxes afterwards too - yes I am a weird hoarder! haha!

  5. everything looks so cute :)
    the Playmobil advent calendar seems to be super popular this year

  6. I just thought i'd have a little look at blippo and i ended up buying a bunch of stuff!

    The Girl Who Looks Like a Cake

  7. I never commented before but i just wanted to say that i absolutely love your blog! You have a lovely way of writing and i enjoy every post you make. This one was especially nice. Also, the idea of getting yourself a Playmobil Advent Calender JUST BECAUSE is probably one of the best things i've ever heard...=) xxx.

  8. Your photos are really enticing ~ I really want to order something now!
    Another great post :D

    ♥ Little Owl Diary

  9. Cool post!

  10. Hi Georgina, I found your blog through a magazine article, it said you're vegan is that true? could you share some recipes or food products you like?

    Send you a big hug! and thank you (:

  11. Hii Georgina i wanna say to you that i love your style.
    is so beautiful and sweet!
    i am reading few post of your blog is amazing!


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