Thursday, October 17, 2013

♥ Fujifilm Instax Mini Review ♥

 photo ertet.jpg

A few of you noticed this cute little camera in the background on my last few posts, so I thought I'd do a quick review on it. I bought it a month or so ago, just for fun. I've wanted an instant camera for literally years (who else wanted one of those polaroid mini sticker cameras when they were a kid?), but never bought one, because I have a dslr & a compact camera & I didn't really *need* an instant one, so it was hard to justify to myself. I ended up losing (or winning, depending on your viewpoint) that battle with myself & ended up buying one anyway!
 photo sefewfe.jpg
I chose the pink version, obviously. It also comes in blue, yellow, white, black & I think brown. I've also seen a Hello Kitty one whilst browsing Google images, not sure if that was a limited edition, or something. I paid £63.75 for mine on Amazon, & £11.26 for 2 packets of film. I don't think the price of the actual camera is too bad,  it's just the film that is rather expensive! For each packet of film, you get 10 shots, so each photo ended up costing around 60p. You can also buy film with patterned borders, like Rilakkuma, Disney Princess, dots, Cath Kidston prints, etc, which was really tempting for the cuteness factor, but was double the price of the normal film, so I didn't bother!
As you can see, I've decorated my camera with lots of bunny & food stickers (these were sent to me a few years ago by the lovely Kim of Oborocharms), as if it wasn't cute enough just being pink, haha. What can I say, I just like cute stuff!
 photo hyertew.jpg
The camera is pretty easy to use, just push the button to pop the lens out & it automatically turns on. Loading the film is a breeze, clicking simply into place. The photos themselves are about business card size. It was weird at first to have a camera with only a viewfinder, haha, but as my dslr requires looking through the viewfinder to take pictures too, I got used to it quickly.
I've taken 11 photos with it so far, 2 of which came out horribly, because I put it on the wrong light settings, eek! It has  5 light settings, indoors, cloudy, daylight, bright & I think an auto one. I had it on bright when I was indoors, so they came out really dark, oops! The picture quality itself is okay, nothing special, but it's the fun factor that I really love, & the fact you can have the photos in your hand instantly.
I've found it tricky to focus close-up though, as the camera has no focusing feature, you just click & hope for the best. Photos from more of a distance seem to come out better, so I shall try not to get too close to the subject in future. The photo size is described as credit/business card size, which is pretty accurate. These are a great size for keeping in your wallet (if you do that!), I've got all mine stored in my dressing table drawer at the minute, trying to think of some way to store or display them nicely.
 photo dgdsgds.jpg
Verdict: fun inexpensive camera (excluding the film-could get really expensive over time!), good for taking snapshots & having as an extra camera. Wouldn't advice one of these as your only camera though, for obvious reasons. What do you think, have you got an instant camera, or have you ever wanted one?
 ♥ Georgina

Sunday, October 13, 2013

♥ How to Wear: Grungy Plaid ♥ Part 3 ♥

 photo etwetwt.jpg  photo reyhseygs.jpg
For my last look, I just used one of the items I bought, & then styled it up with old clothes and accessories. Weirdly enough, I decided to layer the raccoon shirt I bought for my last challenge with Most Wanted, underneath my new pinafore dress, which I didn't even realise beforehand, haha!
♥ ♥ ♥
The only thing that annoys me about this shirt is the fact it's so baggy, especially the sleeves, which I have to tie up (notice the ribbon) if I don't want to roll them up, or they hang over my hands. This look is probably less grunge, more schoolgirl-esque, but I don't even care, I like it. I would have liked if my uniform was actually this nice, rather than the hideous baggy jumpers & stretch skirts I wore!
 photo etewt.jpg

Friday, October 11, 2013

♥ How to Wear: Grungy Plaid ♥ Part 2 ♥

 photo thytrye.jpg
This is the second outfit I put together for the challenge. I teamed my new jumper with my favourite tartan skirt, which if you've been reading my blog for a while, I'm sure you've seen. I really love the jumper, it's actually a size 18, which I am certainly not, but I often have good luck buying knitwear in smaller sizes, preferring a slimmer fit. For just £10 (reduced from £25) this jumper was a steal, it's so warm & cosy, & the embroidered sleeves add nice detail.
 photo dryrtyew.jpg
I just bought this adorable cat necklace from Cheap Frills, & thought I'd work it into this outfit. Cats make any outfit better, haha! My shoes are a few months old, I'm a sucker for any thing velvet, especially shoes. Although I can never find any in pastel colours, which is a shame, given my love of them! Check back in a few days for my last take on the plaid trend.
 photo tesewt.jpg

Thursday, October 10, 2013

♥ How to Wear: Grungy Plaid ♥

 photo fhdfhdr.jpg
 photo gdfhsh.jpg
I did a challenge last year with the people at Most Wanted (the lifestyle magazine for, & this year they challenged me again to buy key pieces to invigorate my wardrobe. I had a budget of £80, & 3 outfits to create in an Autumn/Winter trend, of which this is my first. I chose the trend Grungy Plaid, which you might think is not really my style, but I have a weakness for tartan.
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
I managed to buy 4 items with the budget, I chose a tartan dress by Alice & You (£24), ASOS Academy boots (£35), a navy embroidered jumper from New Look (on sale for £10), & a tartan headband by Johnny Loves Rosie (also on sale, £10.50), bringing my total to £79.50. In this outfit I wore the boots & dress, adding some of my girly flair to the outfit with my trusty pink angora jumper, frilly socks, and of course, a head bow!
 photo dgsgse.jpg
 photo rdgsgtes.jpg
I hope to show you the next outfits soon, I particularly love the jumper & can't wait to style it, it was a bargain at only £10!

♥ Georgina
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