Wednesday, August 21, 2013

♥ Peppermint Puff Review ♥

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Recently I was lucky enough to be sent something to review by the lovely Cassia, who is the creative girl behind a little UK based indie company called Peppermint Puff. Cassia makes adorable jewellery, which I think are mostly one of kind pieces.
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I chose this necklace & it arrived promptly, packaged adorably, in a pink box with ribbon & a cellophane bag with little red hearts on it. I also got a little pink bag with a few extras in, as well as stickers & business cards. I've already decorated my stereo with the stickers, haha! 
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The necklace itself is lovely, & just as good as it looked in the photo. It is slightly chunkier than I was expecting, but I actually really like that. I don't have enough chunky jewellery! The necklace itself is a cameo style, with a picture of Snow white in the centre, covered by a glossy resin oval. The chain is beaded, with plastic pearls & star bead. It's adjustable, which is something I always appreciate with jewellery, because sometimes necklaces & the like can come up small. This necklace fits me like a choker, without using the extension, & a bit a longer with it. I am really pleased & can't wait to style this with an outfit!
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If you like cute stuff like me & also like supporting small businesses, you should definitely check out Cassia's shop here. The prices are reasonable (having an accessory shop myself, I know how pricy the cute plastic-ky craft supplies can get!), the prices in the shop are listed in dollars, but I think this necklace was around the £15 mark. Look out for an outfit post with me wearing it soon!


  1. Thanks for this George, Cassia's stuff is so lovely and I'm glad more people will be able to see that now! x x x

  2. oh my it's so beautiful ! It's made for you <3

  3. That's adorable! If she stocks other Disney Princess jewellery I am all over Cinderella!

    Bella | BELLAETC

  4. This is so cute and very 'you'! Xx

  5. I checked out the shop myself and the jewelry is so cute and adorable! I was actually surprised how cheap the prices where for such lovely and well designed jewelry! I definitely love her style and wish her much success! :D

  6. hi you are goegeous! I always follow you :) when you make new makeup room tour? It is so amazing *_* bye <3

  7. The necklace is incredibly cute.
    That and wow, I really like that business card.

  8. That is CUTE!
    Snow White is so crisp an amazing!

  9. Hi,
    you have a amazing site :) I love your style :)
    Very very amazing :)


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