Tuesday, July 23, 2013

♥ Cute Stuff ♥

Hey everyone! Sorry again for the sporadic posts...haven't had a chance to take any outfit shots recently (except this one), so I thought I'd share some nice things that I've recently acquired.
First up is a zine, by Lilly Piri, an artist I've been following for a while now. I really love her work, most of it is done with coloured pencils, but looks almost like watercolour, the shading is that perfect & delicate! I follow her on instagram, so when she put up a video of this zine featuring her artwork, I had to buy it! I am so glad I did, it is perfect. I really hope to buy a print of hers one day, for my wall of artwork!

I was also lucky enough to be sent something from Out There Interiors recently. I picked out this solid wood stool for the living room, & it actually makes a very nice end table, which is what we have decided to use it as. Being solid wood, it's very heavy, but obviously sturdy & my Mum loves it!

I spotted these cute erasers on sale in a toyshop the other day (I can't help browsing toy departments, I am still a big kid at heart), & decided to pick them up on a whim. I already have a large collection of collectible erasers, so couldn't pass these up. They were 4 in each box at £2.50, so I actually got 8 in total, but 3 were doubles, so gave them away. How adorable?!


  1. so sweet)
    amazing photos!


  2. Hi Georgina! I'm from Brazil and I love your blog. I really loved the work of Lilly. Is so adorable and cute. I don't know if you will understand me, because I speak just a little, but I've tryed! :)


  3. I love the collectable erasers! I'm starting my own collection of erasers too <3

  4. beautiful pictures as always. The zine looks stunning, I'm definitely gonna be buying a copy!

  5. Those erasers are so cute! Lovely stool/table as well, I love solid wood ones like that :) xx

    D Is For...

  6. The stool,is stunning! Very woodland magical xxx


  7. OMG! Those tiny princesses (sp?) erasers are so cute! Georgina, I totally understand you, I am too a big kid at heart, especially concerning stationary stuff.

  8. The artwork is just so gorgeous...I am gonna chek out her blog+instagram :) also the erasers are plain adorable <3 I also love to go through toy stores and most of the time I end up buying something *haha*


  9. I always enjoy looking through you blog, it is filled with beauty. I love the stool for sure! And I also go though the toy stores way too often, even when it is not for my children. ^^

  10. You have the cutest stuff-always!
    Kerri at HollyMuffin

  11. wow that wood stool is adorable :) Love the artwork too

  12. These things are so cool and cute! I'm definitely going to check out the zine :)

    Life of Mabel

  13. So cute your things. I loved these erasers!


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