Monday, January 14, 2013

♥ Wacom Fun Pen & Touch Review

Recently I was lucky enough to be sent a Wacom Bamboo Fun Pen & Touch* graphics tablet to review. I used to have another Wacom tablet way back when I was a teenager, & into digital art & vexels etc, but my rabbit Sasha chewed through the wires & I was never able to get it to work properly after that! Obviously I was very happy to get to try out a newer version & reaccquaint myself with drawing on the computer!

One thing I must say about the old vs new, the drawing space on this is so much bigger than on my old one & this is the small version! I think the cost of my old one was about £100, this was 8 years ago now though haha, & the Bamboo Fun retails for £89.99, so obviously you get more for your money nowadays!
Getting used to using a pen is quite hard, I've obviously had some practice in the past, but if you aren't used to it, it can be quite tricky, as it's so different to using a mouse! This tablet is also like a giant laptop touchpad, you can use your finger to move your cursor instead of a mouse or the pen. This probably isn't a feature I will be using very much, as I never did like using the touchpad on my laptop, & always have my mouse connected. I don't mind using the pen to navigate though, just not my finger!
To practice I redrew an old drawing I wasn't overly keen on (those who follow my on instagram may have seen it, it's this one) using Photoshop. Now I already have a full version of Photoshop, but for those without, the tablet comes with free full versions of Photoshop Elements & Art Rage Pro, which I think is pretty good for the price. Anyway, I traced over the original image with the pen & coloured it in, & then placed it over an old photo for the background. I much prefer this newer version of the picture, that's the good thing about digital, you can keep changing until you are happy, whereas in real life, it's much harder, usually impossible, to change things about the image if you decide you don't like it.

I did download Art Rage, as I haven't got that/tried it before. It's pretty different to Photoshop, & is more for recreating paint effects digitally, as far as I can tell. The picture was a practice drawing, trying to get to grips with all the different brushes & effect, & was freehand. I especially love the watercolour effects it can create, so realistic! I used the watercolour, oil & felt tip brushes, as well as the blending brush for this practice pic. You can even choose what type of surface to draw on (I chose watercolour paper), which affects the way the paints go down. I can't wait to practice with this more, as it's quite tricky to get the hang of it, but I would imagine you can create some lovely images with it once you do!
Hope that was interesting to at least some of you, haha & hopefully in the future you will see some more of my digital creations. Don't you like the kitten hat I added to the first picture? I based it on this adorable hat I saw at Topshop- want!
♥ Georgina


  1. Beautiful work :)

  2. The first pic is so cute ^_^
    Beautiful work

  3. Lucky you! I have a wacom tablet, I thinks it's the same one here and I use it for everything! Your drawings are amazing, and they were only practices! Looking forward to seeing what else you create :)

  4. perfect!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Love your drawings! You might have inspired me to get one of these tablets ^^


  6. Aaahh!! How nice. I just love and admire your art work, Georgina!

  7. Fab work! The drawings are amazing :)
    I've never seen those tablets before but that looks really good.

  8. nice drawings ;)

  9. I stumbled onto this blog by chance, it's so lovely and you are beautiful and adorable!!! :)

  10. You're so talented! :)

    Hope you'll visit me

  11. So funny that you should be reviewing this today! The graphic designer at work was telling me about them, and I was looking at them on Amazon unable to decide which, if any, I would go for if I were to buy one. They sound like a world of fun, and even though I'm not a very talented artist I would love to have something like that to play with!

  12. Beautiful work :)))))
    Habanero Handmade



  13. you're so lucky <3 great tablet

  14. Hello!
    I love your blog, your style and you life! I think isn't a problem, what you are fat.
    Very beautiful creation!
    With Love: Flora

  15. You have adorable clothes...
    I follow you.

  16. ****&* K A W A I I *&****


  17. it's amazing, love the cat drawing!

    love, Gongy

  18. I love your style. Your such a nice young lady with great style and mind:)You're doing a great job. i'm big fan of you:) best wishes:)

  19. Absolutely AMAZING! I also love drawing and painting and I just have to check that out. However, how do you actually get the drawn picture onto the photo? Do you connect it to the computer or do you upload a photo to the "pad"?
    Anyway - amazing! Your blog is supercute!


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