Friday, August 31, 2012

♥ Kitten Nail Art

My current mani - kittens! I must admit I did not have the patience to do this to my right hand too, so they just look a bit sad it just glitter on, haha. Next time I should do them on falsies so I can have cute kittens on both hands!
♥ Georgina

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

♥ Nail Polish Storage

Ever since I got into nail art, I've collected a fair amount of polish. The problem is, where to store it? I started out with a beauty case, & moved onto a drawer as my collection grew. When I got my wall unit, I thought I could display them all nicely on there, but as you can see, I had too many & they looked cluttered. I did like the way I could see every colour though, so when I found these wall mount units, I snapped 2 up & put them on the wall. I got 2 because my collection was slightly too large for one, & this way I'll have room for more polish, haha!
I really love them, they make everything so much easier to find! Plus, now this wall looks even more like a shop, haha! What do you use to store your polish?

♥ Georgina

P.S. My shop launched it's end of summer sale today, with up to 50% off! Plus you can still get 10% off with code 10PERCENT until the 31st of August too! xx

Saturday, August 25, 2012

♥ Puppy& Me

Walter is making a cameo in my outfit post today. He'd just finished having a hair cut, as the heat last week was unbearable for him, so this is us on our way home from the groomers. Typically though, the weather has now turned to rain & thunderstorms, haha! Oh well! He has grown a bit from the last time you saw him though, don't you think!? 8 & a half months & he's already monster Shih Tzu sized, at about 9kg! Button & Dillon were glad to have him home though. It was Button's 8th birthday today too, so we celebrated with cake! They grow
up so fast!
♥ Georgina


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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

♥ Top Knots & Satchels


Breaking out my trusty handmade sundress again, summer is back, for now at least :P I teamed it with new shoes, a treat from my Mum in exchange for doing her ironing (no mean feat at 64 items & counting, ugh!), & my Cambridge satchel, which is fast becoming one of my favourite bags.

I haven't done nail art in ages, but was bored of plain nails, so decided to stick a few stickers (from Nailtopia in case you want some yourself) on them instead. The pink base is Lovie Dovie by Essie. Maybe I'll get re-inspired to do some more nail art of my own soon. I just bought 2 wall mounted racks for all my polish, so hopefully looking at them all the time will help!

  ♥ Georgina

Thursday, August 16, 2012

♥ Wishes & Pearls

I recently got my copy of Wish magazine, created by the lovely Carrie & Lucy. I did a few of my mini portraits for their intro page & I was super pleased to see them in real life! The magazine is lovely, filled with illustrations & lovely-ness, a definite keepsake.
Pearl Jewellery Set* - Jewellery Hall, c/o of Groupon
Following on from my last post, about being such an old granny with my crocheting, I find that I am not the only one, with a whole article dedicated to the subject of "early grannies". I felt like even more of a granny when a set of pearls arrived in the post for me, a gift from Groupon, who offered me a voucher to try out one of their deals. I went for this necklace, bracelet & earring set which was £26, rather than the £150 RRP. A pretty good saving, non?

Friday, August 10, 2012

♥ Granny Square Afghan Progress

I'm getting there with my blanket. Haha, I feel like such an old granny saying that, but oh well! I don't know why knitting & crochet are thought of as "old people" crafts anyway, my Granny learnt to knit when she was my age or younger, although from my Mum's generation onwards I suppose it wasn't as important to learn because of the influx of machine made things! It's not like it's any cheaper to DIY it usually either. I think I've spent around £50 or £60 just buying wool for this project, & most it wasn't even particularly nice or expensive wool, just acrylic blends. Even that's not counting the man hours, & I'm not yet half way through! :( 

It's the same for handmade clothes, Natalie did a really good post on this here. A lot of people say they would love me to sell my handmade clothes, but I don't think most people realise that the time & money put into handmade things is often more than you would usually pay for things, a lot more! I usually only bother creating things like this if they are specifically things I can't really find anywhere else. I save by not having to pay myself labour, & just reward myself with the finished item. But making things to sell is so much trickier!

Anyway, I shall stop going on now, hope you are all having a good Friday :)

♥ Georgina

Monday, August 06, 2012

♥ Scallops & Bows

Skirt - Littlewoods // Top - Style 369 // Cardigan - Next // Bag - Mochi Beaucoup // Shoes - Le Bunny Bleu // Headband - Dolly Darling // Heart Ring - Republic // Bow Ring - Handmade // Gold Bow Ring - Evans // Gem Ring - Primark // Kitty Necklace* - Cheap Frills // Belt - ASOS Curve

Hey everyone :) How are you all today? Here's the outfit I wore yesterday, to pick up some craft supplies for a project I am working on. I am making a granny square afghan, with daisy motif & I needed some more wool, so had fun picking out more colours for it! I have to make 150 squares, & am 40 in! I've not ever attempted such a large project, my attention span is pretty short, I normally hate doing crafts that take longer than a day! So it will be quite an achievement for me, haha! I have 3 types of pink, and mint & lilac for the square colours. I'll probably do a post on my progress at some point this week.

Anyway, my outfit is stuff I've had either for ages, or is a couple months old, but I've never featured on my blog before. I think the top is one of the last things I bought from Evans/Style 369, literally have not shopped there in forever! ASOS & Littlewoods are my fave places nowadays to shop, not that I've really bought anything for a while, just been buying lots of craft supplies this month!

♥ Georgina
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