Saturday, June 30, 2012

♥ Pink & Blue Glitter

Dress - ASOS // Belt - ASOS // Shoes - Le Bunny Bleu // Bag - Cambridge Satchel Co // Headband - Topshop // Opal Quartz Ring - Dolly Darling // Marshmallow Bangle - Handmade // Socks - Sock Dreams

This outfit is almost entirely new, but I've had the pieces a while now. I bought the dress a few weeks ago, but it's probably on sale now (I seem to always buy everything from ASOS full price & then the price halves when it goes on sale. So annoying, haha!). It has little silver threads running through it, which doesn't come across well in pictures, but looks lovely in real life.

I bought the satchel last week, in my spending spree. I did use a 30% off code for it though, or else I probably wouldn't have bothered. Shoes I got ages ago now, shipping cost (£9!) made me want to cry, but I do love them, who can resist bunnies? Anyway, the weather has been a bit nicer recently, so this outfit was perfectly light & cool for the heat.

♥ Georgina

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

♥ Odds & Ends ♥

Framing some pressed flowers I picked in North Wales.
Making an "inspiration" wall in my craft room, with pretty imagery/ knick knacks.
Buying lots of crafty embellishments.
A bit of painting.
A couple of books I couldn't not buy, because of their lovely covers. I kinda want to frame them!
I've been feeling a bit under the weather recently, & haven't really wanted to blog or do anything, but I'm trying to push myself out of that. Thought I'd take some photos of pretty things I've been doing or collecting to cheer myself up. I have a habit of just spending money & buying myself things to make myself happy & I've gone a bit overboard recently, trying to help my low mood, but it hasn't really helped much (hello overdraft!) & instead I feel guilty. Now attempting a shopping ban (after all, I don't really need anything, & especially not when I can think of at least 7 things in  my wardrobe I haven't even worn yet). I'm going to focus on creating, or recycling, rather than buying. Who knows, maybe I'll even get round to making all those clothes I've been planning for ages!

♥ Georgina

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Headbands & Bows

Hey again everyone! What have you all been up to lately? Asides from redoing my room, I've also been having fun making lots of lovely headbands for Dolly Darling. My new collection, Dillons Millinery, launched a couple days ago & is filled with cute hair accessories! (I've finally come up with collections named after each of my wonderful doggies, haha!). Below are a few of my favourite items:

What do you think?

Georgina ♥

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Wearing my Wardrobe - Cruella ♥

Skirt - ASOS Curve // Shirt* - ASOS Curve // Cardigan* - Very // Shoes - New Look // Necklace* - ASOS // Bag - ASOS // Ring - Lipsy // Bow - New Look

The people over at Most Wanted (the lifestyle magazine from recently challenged me to "wear your wardrobe", which involved picking out 3 new items to jazz up some of my old barely worn clothes. I'd recently had a clearout/eBay sale, so most of my clothes are ones I wear fairly regularly, but I picked out a skirt I hadn't worn since last October for the challenge.

The items we bought had to come £80 or under, so I picked out a dalmatian print cardi (£27, a raccoon print shirt (£35) & a diamante necklace (£15). Now I didn't have to wear them all in one outfit, but I think they went pretty well together, so I also added a bag & shoes I hadn't worn/used in forever to complete my look.
I did take some pics of other outfit combos as well (seeing as I probably won't get a chance to post another outfit for a while & I'm supposed to be showing all the ways the new things can bring my old things to life!), combining some more of my barely worn/never worn items with the new things. How lovely is this (handmade) feather skirt? I've never worn it, it's a bit uncomfortable, & very impractical, but it would look super nice paired with my new cardigan & necklace. Or in the outfit below, my Evans frilly dress that I've only worn twice, paired with the raccoon shirt.

I can definitely see these 3 things renewing my wardrobe, having to buy things with this in mind definitely made me think about what I chose more. Normally I just buy things & co-ord them later, but this can lead to unworn items, which is such a waste!
Georgina ♥

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Room Sneak Peek ♥

Since you were so lovely about my half finished mess of a room in my lasp post but one, I thought I would show you all a sneek peek of some of the bits that are done. I can't wait to share the whole finished thing with you (still have to finish first, eeek!), so hope you like!
Georgina ♥

Friday, June 15, 2012

Beauty Buys

L'Occitane Pivoine Delicate - Lipstick in Corail Charmant £12.50 // Shimmering Powder £22
L'Occitane Princess Cherry Collection FREE // Ultra Rich Body Cream & Eye Roll on Samples
Recently I've been a bit of a beauty addict, buying lots of things I usually wouldn't. I fell in love with the L'Occitane Shimmering powder after seeing it on Louise's blog, & thought I might as well try one of the lipsticks in the collection too. I also managed to bag myself some freebies, a mini Princess Cherry Collection, which included the hand cream, shower gel & cream.

I somehow ended up with a sample of the Pivoine Flora shower gel too, it was in the makeup bag with all the Cherry Princess things, but I'm not complaining, hehe! L'Occitane also give away 2 free samples with every order, I just picked a couple at random to try out.

The powder is lovely, & I absolutely love the bottle it comes in. It looks so cute on my dressing table. I have to admit, the packaging was up there in my reasons for buying. The lipstick is nice, a little pricey, & is more of a lip balm tint than a full on lipstick. Perhaps similar to the Revlon Lip Butters I keep reading about?
Paul & Joe A Midsummer Nights Blush in Nymph £15
I got this a little while ago, it is another beautifully packaged product from Paul & Joe. The blush itself is nice, I'm no expert, but the colour is lovely. If you don't like glitter though, I wouldn't recommend this, as it is quite sparkly.
Benefit - That Gal Primer // Bad Gal Mascara // Porefessional Balm FREE
More freebies, in this month's Glamour Magazine. £2 each really, because I wouldn't have bought More freebies, in this month's Glamour Magazine. £2 each really, because I wouldn't have bought the magazine otherwise & especially not 3 copies! The mascara is really good though. Haven't tried out the other bits yet, but Benefit as a rule is usually pretty decent.
Mac Lipstick in Please Me // Chatterbox £13.50 each

Now these I definitely didn't buy for the packaging. Mac packaging is pretty boring, I think! But they do do nice makeup, so I decided to invest in a few more lipsticks to add to my current collection of one (also Mac), excluding the L'Occitane one I just bought. They are pretty shades of pink, & look nicer on than in the tube.
 DKNY Sweet Delicious Creamy Meringue £31

Lastly, perfume! I really don't own much in the way of perfumes, unless you count my Harajuku Lover ones I bought for the bottle & kinda suck, haha! I don't like buying perfume unless it has a cute/pretty bottle, but usually the scents with these aren't to my tastes. Or I'll like a perfume & it will have an ugly bottle & I won't bother buying it. For example a scent I love is Benefit's Laugh with Me Lee Lee (which my mum has a mini of, & doesn't like), but the bottles are really not nice. I do like their boxes though! I really should just buy a empty bottle that I like & decant the perfume into it.

Anyway, I finally found this one whilst browsing in Superdrug & actually liked both the scent & the bottle. It's limited edition though, which would be my luck! They also have a pink & green bottled versions, I tried so hard to like the pink, because well, it was pink, but it wasn't as nice as this one. The green was was also pretty nice though! I like my fragrances to have a sugary/fruity smell, I don't care so much for floral ones. These DKNY ones are supposed to smell like cupcakes, so suit me, don't you think?

I'll stop waffling on now,

Georgina ♥

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Hey everyone! I feel like I have been neglecting my blog recently, I don't mean to, it's just I have been super busy with redecorating. Above is an in progress shot (yes I opted for mint in the end :P) that I took today. I still have one wall to go, & also probably the trickiest, with shelves & sticky out bits where there used to be a fireplace. I'm also planning on ripping up my awful black carpet (Parents, never let your 15 year old choose their carpet!! They will regret it!) & painting the floorboards, so still quite a way to go. Hopefully it will be worth all this hassle!

Georgina ♥

Saturday, June 09, 2012

♥ Welsh Girl ♥

Dress - ASOS Curve // Bag - ASOS // Jumper // Shoes - Topshop // Bow - ASOS // Bracelet - Handmade // Silver Pressed Flower Ring - Joshua Tree, Pwllheli // Floral Ring - BHS
I totally forgot I had these pics, they are from a while back, from when I went to North Wales. Seeing as I am really busy this wekend (Painting, painting & then some more painting - urgh!), & won't have time to take pics this week, I thought I might as well share. I can't wait till my room is done though, it feels so much brighter already & I've only done one wall! Anyone want to volunteer to help me? :P

Georgina ♥

Friday, June 08, 2012

Tomo Ltd Giveaway Winner

Hey everyone! As you can see, it looks a bit different around here! I've been meaning to switch up the design for a while now & the other night finally did, spent over 5 hours working away til the early morning on it, so I hope you like it! :)

Anyway, onto the real reason for posting, to draw the Tomo Ltd giveaway winner!

The winner is...

Martina, of Celtic Beauty! Congrats, I will be in touch shortly for your addy & I will get your necklace shipped out right away!

If you didn't win, don't be too sad, there's always a chance in the future! :) Hope you all have a lovely weekend,

♥ Georgina

Monday, June 04, 2012

♥ Jubilee Heart ♥

Cardigan & Skirt - Very // Top - Style 369 // Bag - ASOS // Shoes -  Monki // Crown Ring* - Your Fashion Jewellery // Belt - ASOS Curve // Bracelet - ASOS // Gem Ring - Primark
Hey again everyone ♥ Hope you are all having a nice extended weekend, even if the weather is a bit dull! Thought I'd wear my new crown ring to mark the Jubilee as well as  my patriotically coloured skirt! Have you been doing anything to celebrate, or are you decidedly anti monarchy?

P.S. If you like my ring, there is currently 30% off at YFJ to celebrate the Jubilee, until the 10th of June, just use code blogger30!
♥ Georgina

Friday, June 01, 2012

Tomo Ltd ♥ Review & Giveaway

Recently I got sent some cute accessories from the wonderful Emelie over at Tomo Ltd. She sent me a selection of her acrylic laser cut jewellery & hair accessories. How cute is the packaging?
I also got an onigiri plush, can you spot it amongst my other stuffed toys?
The bunny hair clips are really adorable, & sort of reminds me of a cinnamon bun, what with that swirl on their little heads! My little ram necklace is cute too, can't wait to pair him with a loli outfit! Everything is really well made, the plastic is solid & sturdy, & definitely not likely to snap. Sometimes laser cut pieces can be a little flimsy, but these definitely are not!
Anyway, I thought you guys wouldn't want to miss out, so I've kept this sweet onigiri necklace back for one of you to win!

To enter, just leave a comment here with your email saying you've entered & I'll pick a winner at random on Friday the 8th of June. You must be a follower of my blog to enter. Open internationally.

P.S You can get 10% off at Tomo Ltd with the code CUPCAKE. Happy shopping x
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