Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday Wishlist

Had a little browse through the plus size clothing from Marisota today & spotted these cute pieces! In case you didn't know, Marisota is an online/catalogue sister company to Simply Be, which sells plus size clothing, shoes & accessories.

I particularly love the first dress, tempted to get it & hem it a bit, then it would be perfect! The colour is lovely, & the sweetheart neckline a nice detail.  The bow belt is detachable too, which means I could pair it with other things. The cardigan is also pretty, it's so hard finding nice knitwear. I love the frill & bow detail of this one! The last dress is by Rise, & if you look closely at the picture, you can see it has little flower detailed beads/lacey embellishments. A dress with sleeves is also a plus!

The site also has plus size beachwear, I'm a little tempted to get a costume (they have some really cute ones!) & just lie around in it all day, this hot weather is killing me, haha! I'm not even going to a beach/ swimming pool any time soon. I wish I was on holiday somewhere hot though, it's always acceptable to walk around in just a swimming costume/bikini then, not so much in England!

What do you think, have you seen anything you'd like to buy recently?

Disclaimer: This post is in partnership with Marisota, however all opinions are my own & I will never be paid to promote any brands I have not tried (& would recommend!) myself

Monday, May 28, 2012

♥ Hint of Nautical ♥

Dress - ASOS Curve // Top - H&M // Tights* - We Love Colors // Shoes - Topshop // Watch* - Old England // Bracelet - Evans // Anchor Necklace - Handmade // Collar - Romwe // Headband - Gift from Charlotte  
Hey everyone :) A quick super casual (& crumpled apparently, haha!) outfit post from me. I wore this a few weeks ago to go shopping, thought I'd try a nautical theme, but think the block colours made it work less well than I thought it would. Next time need to try stripes :P I do like the dress though, although the bust doesn't fit quite right, & the was originally listed at £40 & is now £35, but not makred on sale! Has anyone else noticed ASOS doing that recently? Listing an item at a higher price & reducing a few days later without it actually being on offer? It's starting to bug me, grr!

P.S. Selling a few old clothes over on eBay, please take a look! xx

Saturday, May 26, 2012

New Shop Collection

Just wanted to let you all know I launched my newest Dolly Darling collection today, Walter's Curiousities! It's filled with lots of lovely quirky pieces, so please do check it out! It also includes the Panda ring that I wore in this outfit post, which a lot of you loved, so hope you enjoy♥

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Blogger Spotlight

I last did a blogger spotlight last August, which seems ages ago now! I'm always on the lookout for great new blogs to read & just thought I'd feature a few of my current faves. I feel like I talk too much about myself on here sometimes (the perils of having a blog I guess :P) Hope you don't mind being featured girls! x

First up is Lucy, of Shiny Thoughts. I adore this blog, all the gorgeous photos & bright colours are right up my street! I always feel a little bit more cheerful after a visit.

Intrinsically Florrie is another favourite, inspiring me to actually get out my proper lolita garments again! Florrie often dresses lolita with a twist, matching quirky designer pieces with cupcake skirts & headbows.

Lastly, I discovered Nita's blog Pashteit after one of my visits to the Fatshionista LJ. I was immediately drawn to her girly but grown up taste & I can't wait to see this blog grow!

Hope you enjoy checking out these lovely blogs (I promise you won't regret it!) & if you have any recommendations for more blogs for me to follow, or you would like me to check out yours, please leave a comment:)

Georgina ♥

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

NOTD - Provence Rose

Just a quick nail of the day post, with Cath Kidston inspired nails! Saw a version of these on Tumblr, & couldn't resist trying them out! They are based on this fabric. I really need to work on my roses, haha! Anyone got any tips?
Georgina ♥

Saturday, May 19, 2012

OOTD - Bumble Bees & Flowers

Dress - ASOS Curve // Bag* - Shoppalu // Belt - ASOS Curve // Shoes - Next // Headband - Topshop // Bracelet - Handmade // Gem Ring - Primark // Topaz Ring* - Anjolee // Hand Embellished Tights - We Love Colors
Hey everyone ♥

Thought I'd show you my latest outfit, which I wore today to celebrate my Mum's birthday. Charlotte said it was a bit much, but she always says that about my outfits :P Plus, I needed an excuse to air my new dress, which I just adore! I'm not sure what drew me to pair the dalmatian shoes with this dress, normally I would choose something a bit matchier, but I quite like the combo!

I really like my new belt too, I've been lusting after all the straight sized belts for ages, & finally we get something cute! I was a bit worried at first, since the waist size listed is 88cm, which sounded waaay too small, but I measured mine & it is in fact 100cm long & has stretch, so fits perfectly!

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend,

♥  Georgina

Thursday, May 17, 2012

OOTD - Pink & Aqua

Coat, Shoes & Bag - ASOS // Socks - Topshop // Bow - New Look // Teacup Ring - Dolly Darling // Cat Ring - Abersoch Gift Shop // Bird Ring - Accessorize
This is my last outfit from up in Wales. A bit boring, but it was cold that day, haha! Underneath is my cream ASOS dress, although it looks like I'm not wearing anything, eek! Paired with my fave accessories & shoes to complete the outfit.
Georgina ♥

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Speckled Egg Nails

Paul & Joe A Midsummer's Night Polish in Faerie Queen
L - R Essie Polishes : Lapiz of Luxury, Lovie Dovie, Mint Candy Apple
Wanted to show you the nail polishes I got yesterday :) I've wanted to try out Essie polishes for ages, but didn't really know where to get any! I normally pick up my nail polish from TK Maxx (so much cheaper!), but hadn't seen any Essie in my local one before. Anywaaaay, they've just been stocked in Boots & Superdrug, for £7.99 each. I didn't think that sounded too bad, when the RRP of a lot of my other polishes is about £11. Plus, they were on offer 3 for 2, so only cost £5.33 each anyway!

The other polish I picked up on a whim from ASOS, was just browsing the new in beauty section & saw this lovely Paul & Joe flakie polish. It wasn't cheap, (£10.50), but the bottle design & nail polish itself was so pretty I couldn't resist! I think it makes my nails look like (sparkly) speckled eggs! Sorry my pic isn't brilliant, it was pretty hard to get a decent one.

As for performance, I've only been wearing them a few hours, so I can't comment on lasting power yet, but the Essie brushes are probably my favourite out of all the brands I own, I could do a nail with pretty much 1 swipe! Lovely & wide, with a curved edge, instead of a flat one, so much easier to apply. Also, no mess! Normally I do end up with at least one blob of polish ending up on my skin, but I didn't have to do any cleanup with these. Plus the colours are lovely, Lovie Dovie is the perfect Barbie pink. Would definitely buy more!

The Paul & Joe one is pretty gloopy, but I suppose it has to be to suspend the glitter flakes (I've tried mixing my own glitter polishes before & the glitter always sinks to the bottom!). It is easy to apply though, although you have to kind of dab it on if you want the flakes in specific places. You'd need another coat for fuller coverage, but I definitely love it & not owning any flakie polishes, it makes a nice addition to my collection!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

OOTD - Gingham & Jelly

Another of my outfits I wore in Wales...
Dress - Simply Be // Cardigan - H&M // Shoes - Vans // Bag - TK Maxx // Brooch - Stolen Thunder // Tea Cup Ring - Dolly Darling // Jelly Ring* - Starchild // Headbow - ASOS // Socks - Topshop
My jelly ring from my last post in action ♥ I thought it went perfectly alongside my teacup ring!
I got this dress after seeing it on Kirsty's blog a while ago. I think she actually got it in a clothes swap she did, but I decided to see if it was left on site & it was (not now though, sorry!). It was reduced to £13 too, so I was pretty happy! Apologies for the crumpledness, packing things in a suitcase doesn't do your clothes any favours, & when there isn't even central heating at the place you are staying, let alone an iron, hanging it up could only do so much, haha.
Trainers! I never wear these, although I love the embroidered strawberries, but I thought they fitted quite well with the rest of the outfit, I was going for a 50s style Grease vibe. I would have normally worn a petticoat too, to pull that off better, but that definitely wouldn't fit in my suitcase :P
That day, we had lunch at a lovely little tea room in Criccieth, where we ate outside on slate tables & off pretty crockery. I actually had crumpets & an almond slice, but they didn't photograph as well as everyone else's food :P
Bye for now ♥

 I have one more post from Wales coming up, then shall be back to ordinary posting! I've bought some absolutely gorgeous dresses & things since I've been home, can't wait to show you!

Georgina x

Friday, May 11, 2012

Trinkets & Gems

I've been meaning to show you all these lovely little bits & pieces for a while, so when my new dressing table arrived yesterday, I thought it would be the perfect place to take pics of everything. You might also spot some of the souvenirs I bought in Wales (thimble cats & a carousel :P)
You've already seen me wearing the bird cross stitch ring by Magasin here, but I also custom ordered these sweet initial pins (only £3 each!), to spell out my nickname. I haven't actually thought of where to use these yet, any ideas?
These next pieces are from the Etsy shop Starchild. When the lovely Saffron, who owns & runs the shop, asked me if I would like to review a piece, I said I'd love a jelly ring, but she sent me some extra pieces too ♥ I got a lovely bow & pearl necklace, & also a skull girl cameo, which I didn't think I'd like at first, but the pastel pink background & lilac bow have won me around & now I love it.

And it goes without saying that I love the little jelly ring - miniature food makes me happy, hahah! Saffron also makes unusual eyeball jewellery, which isn't to my taste, but it is certainly different, & worth a look, if you like the quirky/weird!
Lastly, but certainly not least, Timothy Roe Fine Jewellery sent me one of their Spinning birthstone rings to review. I chose based on design, as opposed to birth month (mine is actually February!), so chose the May design, which was a lovely minty colour. I got it in a large, & it only fits on my pinky, so if you have chubby fingers, this might not be a brand for you.

It is absolutely beautiful though, with detail that doesn't show on the stock image. It even has the month stamped on the back, which was something I wasn't expecting, & made me kinda wish I had picked my own birth month, haha! Luckily May is my Mum's, so this reminds me of her ♥

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

OOTD - The Doll House

Skirt & Cardigan- H&M // Bag & Top - ASOS // Shoes & Socks - Topshop // Ring - BHS // Floral Headband - DIYed
One of my favourite places to visit up in North Wales is Beddgelert, a lovely little town with it's own legend & also the inspiration for Rupert Bear's hometown (I used to love my Rupert annuals as a kid!). It has this row of adorable houses on the green, which I just had to get some photos in front of. I definitely wouldn't mind living in one of them, so cute!
Georgina ♥

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Wales Snapshots

Just a few snapshots I took in Wales, including the doggies enjoying themselves. I don't think they ever sat still whilst we were away, they love having a beach and a garden to run around in, neither of which we have at home :(

My bed is arriving soon, so my room is now completely upside down & a total mess, but can't wait for it all to look lovely. Still need to repaint though, anyone want to do it for me, haha? Also, should I go for a mint or pale pink, I still can't quite decide?!

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