Monday, April 30, 2012

OOTD - Welsh Mint Sorbet

Dress - Littlewoods // Skirt - Littlewoods // Cardigan - H&M // Bag - ASOS // Shoes - ASOS // Socks - Topshop // Cross Stitch Ring - MaMagasin // Bow Ring - Evans //  Headband - DIYed // Brooch - Stolen Thunder
Hi everyone! Back from my hols now, I had a lovely time! Just thought I'd post a quick outfit that I wore whilst I was away before I retire to bed! Before I went I discovered the wonderful shop of MaMagasin, via Victoria's blog, & just had to place an order for one of her sparrow rings. How adorable is it? I also bought a few other bits, but I shall show you those later!

I thought the ring went perfectly with my compact holiday wardrobe, which consisted of pastel/sorbet colours, so I took it along with me & first wore it with this pastel bright outfit.
My fave shoes of the moment, worn with my frilly Topshop socks, to complete the look!

Anyway, good night now, I am glad to be home & I have many more pictures to share with you, so keep checking back ♥

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Just a few quick pics of our doggies enjoying a walk the other week! This was one of Walter's first walks, & he really enjoyed himself, following Button & Dillon, sniffing around. He's very quickly grown to be a huge part of our family, & I love him dearly ♥
In case you don't know, this is Walt, the white one is Button & the black is Dillon!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

OOTD - Milkshake Pink & Floral Stripes

Dress - Handmade // Shoes - Topshop // (Embellished) Cardigan - Littlewoods // Socks - Topshop // Tights - We Love Colors // Sweater Guard - Handmade // Jelly Bean Bracelet - Dolly Darling // Pearl Bracelet - Evans // Bird Ring - Accessorize // Bow Ring - Handmade // Hair Garland - Handmade
This outfit is from a few weeks ago &  has quite a lot of my own handmade stuff in it, sorry! I made the dress last summer, some of you probably remember it. It still is to date one of my favourite dresses, that's the one thing about custom clothing, it can be done exactly how you want it!

The sun featured in this post has currently disappeared, & probably won't come back now, haha! Weird English weather! We've gone from 25 degress to snow (in some parts) in a month, we even had hailstones the other day. Hopefully right now I'll be enjoying some sunshine up in North Wales, but I'm not betting on it! Hope the weather is nicer where you are!
Until next time ♥

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bits & Bobs

Second of my scheduled posts, hello! I should hopefully be out & about, eating lunch or doing a bit of shopping right now, but I thought I'd share a few bits & bobs I picked up a few weeks ago in TK Maxx!
First up are these gorgeous books, aren't they lovely? The covers are so delightful, that even though I've really no need for books like these, especially ones I've read, I just had to buy them! They were £7.99 each instead of the usual £12.99, although now I want the whole set, haha! These are Puffin Clothbound Classics, they even have an adult range (Penguin Clothbound Classics), that are equally as beautiful, but not quite as brightly coloured.

I don't really know how to display them, I don't have a bookcase, these rest of my books are stored in a tub under my bed, but these really deserve to be on show. Any ideas?

I also picked up this set of Ciate Paint Pots (usually between £9-11 each, for just £10! Seriously, I rarely buy polish anywhere else but TK Maxx, the prices are too good! I've bought tonnes of Nails Inc polishes before for a steal, as long as you don't mind just seeing what they have, rather than than be after a specific colour, it is definitely a cost effective way to buy normally pricier polishes.
I hadn't actually tried Ciate out before, despite seeing good reviews about the brand. I love the little bottles, the bows are sweet, & the nail polishes are definitely good quality. I am actually most impressed with the cuticle oil (smells so nice!) & also the topcoat, which is almost as good as my beloved Seche Vite!

♥ Georgina

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wanted - Spring Edition

Bag // Jumper // Shoes // Crown // Shorts

Just a few things I have currently been coveting. Might not be able to resist those pink t bar shoes after seeing them on Caroline though! If they are still in stock when I get back from holiday, might have to place an order :P What things are you currently lusting after?


Bye for now

Hey guys ♥

Sorry I haven't updated in a little while, but anyway, just wanted to let you all know that I am off on holiday for 2 weeks today, so won't be back til the end of April. I have scheduled a few posts for you all whilst I am gone, so hopefully you won't miss me too much :P

Georgina xxx

Monday, April 09, 2012

Ji Ji Kiki Giveaway Results

The results are in, & the winner of the Ji Ji Kiki giveaway is...

Anastassia, who blogs over at Smile With A.H. Congratulations, please email me with your address, & also which version of the ring you wanted, & I can arrange to get your prizes sent out to you ♥

Sorry to everyone who didn't win, remember there's always next time!

♥ Georgina xx

Saturday, April 07, 2012

OOTD - Velvet & Mesh

Dress - ASOS Curve // Jumper - River Island via eBay // Collar - ASOS // Shoes - Doc Martens // Socks - Sock Dreams // Ring - Oasis // Bow - New Look // Bag - Suzy Smith
Just a quick OOTD post with a dress I've not worn out before. Charlotte gave it to me for Christmas, but it is rather dressy, so I tried to casual it down a bit with my fave jumper. It's a bit scratchy & nylon-y, but fits well & I love the tutu skirt! Also - Easter nails for Easter .. not that they really go, but whatever, haha!
My new DMs ♥ I love these so much. Unfortunately my first pair broke as I was putting them on, so these are the replacements, & now I am a bit worried about these falling apart too :( The buckle just came apart from the shoe, which I didn't expect with with Doc Martens, especially not a shoe I spent so much on! (These are an eyewatering £85, but I couldn't resist after they finally came back in stock in my size!). Anyway, I really hope these are made better, I'm not even an agressive person with shoes, they normally last yeaaaars for me, even cheapy ones, so to have these beauties fall apart on the first wear was disheartening.

P.S. Remember to enter my Ji Ji Kiki Giveaway, it ends on Monday!

♥ Georgina

Monday, April 02, 2012

Ji Ji Kiki Giveaway

Hi everyone:) How's your Monday? I've teamed up with Ji Ji Kiki to bring you a fabulous giveaway, which should hopefully make your Monday a bit brighter!

One lucky winner will win a Chocolate Bottle Necklace, a Tea Time Cakes Ring (you can pick either the one shown or get one like mine) & a Le Petit Lapin Necklace.

To enter, you must first "like" Ji Ji Kiki's Facebook page. You must also be a follower of this blog. Then simply leave a comment saying you've liked the page & that you'd like to win. Simple! You may only enter once.

Giveaway is open internationally, & I will pick out one winner randomly on the 9th of April (that's one week from today!). Good luck!

You can also use the code CUPCAKE15 for 15% off your orders at Ji Ji Kiki for the duration of the giveaway!

♥ Georgina

P.s. Please make sure you read the rules properly, I hate to count people out, but in the past I've had some not follow the rules & had to disqualify them in order to be fair. I really hate doing that, so please make sure you've done everything required!
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