Saturday, March 31, 2012

OOTD - Strawberries & Lace

Dress & Petticoat - Domino Dollhouse // Cardigan - H&M // Shoes - Topshop // Bag - TK Maxx // Socks & Headbow - New Look // Teacup Ring - Dolly Darling // Cake Ring* & House Necklace* - Ji Ji Kiki // Pearl Bracelet - Evans
How sweet are my little house necklace & tea time cake ring? The lovely Emma from Ji Ji Kiki (which stocks lots of great indie brands!) kindly sent them over for me, & as soon as they arrived, I just had to pop both of them on. They went perfectly with my outfit! Should hopefully have a little giveaway for you all soon too, so keep an eye out ♥
I also finally got round to altering my delectable strawberry dress I got from Domino Dollhouse an age ago, so I thought I'd wear it out today. I have been meaning to make it smaller for ages (I got the 4x as the 3x was sold out & it was rather too large!), so glad it finally fits now. Probably should have given it a bit of an iron though - oops! I love that the petticoats they sell fit perfectly under their dress, with just a bit peeking out!

Until next time ♥

Friday, March 30, 2012

AX Paris Curve Review

AX Paris recently launched a new plus size range, also called Curve. They very kindly sent me this dress from their range, which I though was really cute! Unfortunately it ended up being rather short on me, so I've passed on the dress to my sister Charlotte, of Sugar & Spice. She agreed to do a guest review for you all, so here are her thoughts on the dress:
"I love the colour of this dress, it is very on trend. The style is unique & I really like the collar detail. It comes with a free belt, which looks better in real life than in the stock images. The dress retails at £35, but the fabric is rather cheap, so I'm not completely sure that is is worth it. The most I would pay for this dress would be around £25. It is very comfortable though, & perfect for summer. Overall I would rate it 8/10." - Charlotte
My own personal thoughts are mainly the same as Charlotte's, but I'd also like to add that it would be better for a shorter person, I'm 5"8, she is 5"4, & the length was much better on her than me! I am really glad though that there is a new range of plus size clothing, which normally is so limited & I am excited to see what AX Paris Curve offers in the future. Have you heard about Curve before? Has anyone else got any thoughts on the range?

EDIT - Charlotte just informed me that dye from the belt has rubbed onto the dress, which obviously is not great! Hopefully it will come out, but with a new dress you don't expect this to happen! I hope the quality of their other items is better than this one.
Also, for some extra cuteness, thought I'd show you the latest addition to the family, meet Walter, the Shih Tzu. I wasn't really sure whether or not to post about him, as we recently had some trouble with our other dogs & had to give up Tallie, which was frankly awful. Mum chose to get Walter as our house felt incomplete without 3 dogs. Also little Dillon needed a playmate as our older dog Button doesn't have the energy for him. Since getting Walter they have been the best of friends & play everyday!
He had his first bath today, he looked so funny when wet. Also, you can spy Dillon peeking over the side hoping he wasn't next (he was!). Hehe!

♥ Georgina

Saturday, March 24, 2012

OOTD - Kittens & Birds

Dress - Very // Cardigan - H&M // Bag - ASOS // Socks - Topshop // Tights - We Love Colors // Shoes - ASOS // Flower Headband - ?? // Necklace - Handmade
Wore my new birdcage dress today, which my sister told me about. You might have already seen it on her if you read her blog. We own so many of the same things, that's the trouble with such limited choice in plus size fashion! Anyway, I really love it, it has a perfect shape, I wore my Domino Dollhouse petticoat under for extra flare. Mixed with my favourite cardigan & the shoes I wore here, and of course, my bag of the moment. I keep repeating these pieces, but they seem to go with anything!

Teacup Ring - Dolly Darling //  Cat Ring - Handmade // Cat Bracelet - Handmade
Charlotte & I spent the other night painting little kittens on pieces of wood & I turned mine into jewellery. You cant spot my black cat ring in the picture above this one, & also the white fluffy cat I painted in this pic. Do you like them?

♥ Georgina

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Candy Colour Eyeshadows

17 Eyeshadow in Dolly Mixture // 17 Eyeshadow in Pretty in Pink
Now I am by no means a beauty blogger, but I picked up these cheap bright coloured shadows the other day from Boots, & thought I'd show you a look using the Dolly Mixture pallette. I wanted some matte brights, so this trio fitted the bill perfectly. I picked up the other trio because it was 3 for 2 & I needed one more thing to pick out, & thought I might as well buy some pretty pink shadows too.
They aren't very pigmented, but for the price (around £5), they aren't bad. Next time I might use a primer underneath to help with the brightness, but for a subtle look they work well. I think this is the first time I haven't worn my glasses on the blog, as I do need them to see, haha! I also think I look weird without them, but makeup does tend to get lost with them on.

I also picked up this super cheap palette, it was about £2, reduced from £8.50. Now I definitely wouldn't pay £8.50 for it, the packaging looks rather cheap, & you don't really get much product. However, I haven't actually tried them out, just swatched them on my hand, so do take my words with a pinch of salt! These are shimmers, I didn't really want shimmers, but because of the price & also the pretty colours, thought I might as well add them to my limited eyeshadow collection!

I was originally planning to buy a higher end palette, but most I've seen are neutrals, or if not, they are shimmers & I couldn't be bothered to trawl through every makeup website. These will do for now, but can anyone recommend a decent palette in matte pastel brights?

 ♥ Georgina

Sunday, March 18, 2012

OOTD - Coral & Navy

Cardigan* - Shoppalu // Skirt - H&M // Bag - ASOS // Collar - Romwe // Shoes - Next // Bracelets - Primark // Headband(s) - BHS/eBay // Ring - Welsh Gift Shop
Wearing my first ever vintage piece, this cute navy cardigan that Shoppalu kindly sent me. I never thought I'd be able to wear vintage, but this "oversized" cardigan fits perfectly, maybe a little short in the sleeves, but I have long arms anyway! I really like the length on me, it sits perfectly at my waist, with cute flower detail (not embroidered, but knitted into the design, with eyelash yarn I think!). Everything else is old, that's if you count vintage as new!
Cut my fringe a little short (& wonky!), but I think I might actually like it a bit more, you can see my eyes better. Wearing lipstick for the first time too, after seeing Mac Viva Glam Nicki on Caroline, I just had to try it, even though I normally only use liptints as I hate the feeling of something on my lips. I applied it pretty lightly, with a brush, as it is pretty bright, plus my lipstick application sucks haha. I don't have much basis for comparison, but I didn't find it unbearable to wear, it is a bit drying though, I have dry lips anyway so used a balm underneath first. The colour is lovely though, a warm toned bright pink, sort of corally, but more pink. I'm not a fan of cool toned colours, makeup wise on me, even though I have blue eyes & blue veins which apparently means I should suit them..? 

I'll stop chattering on now..

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Flocked Nails Tutorial

You will need:

Nail polish of choice
Matching colour flocking (I found mine at Hobbycraft in the card making section, but I'm sure you can easily find it online too, try searching for "Fun Flock".
A little bowl or dish to catch the excess flocking (you only really need this is you don't want to waste it!)
♥ Nails (false or otherwise!)

Begin by painting the nails with one coat in your chosen colour. If you are doing this on real nails I would advise using a base coat. Then, doing each nail individually, paint on a second coat &...
...very quickly, pour lots of flocking over the top of the wet nail. You will need to be really quick, when I did this a second time on my real nails, some of the flocking came off because I wasn't quick enough putting it on & the polish was already drying. This is also why you will need to do one nail at a time :P
Shake off the excess flocking, & voila, you are done! Repeat for all your nails & you should end up with a manicure that looks a little like this:
Hope that helped some of you, see, I told you it was simple :)


Sunday, March 11, 2012

OOTD - Scallops & Hearts

Skirt - Handmade // Cardigan - H&M // Top - ASOS Curve // Shoes & Socks - Topshop // Pom Pom Flower Headband - Handmade // Sweater Guard - Handmade
Sorry I haven't updated for a week, I meant to do the fuzzy nail art tutorial too, & completely forgot about it! Been moving around furniture, which was exhausting. I got the go ahead to use the spare room as my craft room(yay!), so have completely rearranged my room, which used to look like this if you are interested. Anyway, finally I actually have a proper bedroom, with no messy desks, so nice to be able to shut the door on my crafty mess! Will share pics soon!

Speaking of crafting, & getting back to this outfit, I made this skirt earlier this week. It's modeled after this Topshop skirt, but rather than copying it exactly I decided to make it more me, by using a lilac wool tweed & adding fun heart pockets. What do you think?
Until next time (& I definitely promise to make the tutorial soon, sorry to those of you who have been waiting!)


Saturday, March 03, 2012

OOTD - Pastel Ballerina

Skirt - Handmade // Blouse - ASOS Curve // Cardigan - H&M // Shoes - ASOS // Tea Cup Ring - Dolly Darling // Heart Pearl Ring - Miss Selfridge // Deer Brooch - Dolly Darling // Pom Pom Flower Headband - Handmade // Bag - Fuzzy Nation // Tights - (decorated with crystals by me) - We Love Colors

Today's outfit, finally wore my tulle skirt that I made a while back, I was originally going to wear it to Plus London, but then I couldn't go, so it's just been sitting in my wardrobe ever since. Might be a while till I wear it out again though, as my photographer got a bit embarrassed/grumpy when a group of tourists starting laughing & smiling at me, one of them even came over to take a picture, haha! I love it though, & also my new pom pom flower headband. Makes a change from my my trusty black velvet bow!

Sorry also the pics are a bit bleached out, I had the camera on the wrong setting & pastels are hard enough to get a pic of anyway! Oops!

Thanks also to everyone who commented on my flocked nail post. I will definitely make you all a tutorial, they were really easy, so keep your eyes peeled, hopefully it will be up in the next few days!

Georgina ♥
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