Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I can't believe it is only 10 days until Christmas. This year has gone by so fast!! I've been making the last of my Christmas presents these past few days. I wish I could share pictures, but I don't want to spoil the surprises for my family (hi if you are reading!). I only have one present left to make, so yay!

I've also ordered some navy velvet to try & make a Christmas day dress. I tried making a velvet dress last year, but the velvet I bought was horrid (so hard buying fabric online, but I don't know anywhere near me that sells clothing fabric!?!), so that idea stalled. Every winter I am always desperate for a velvet dress, there's just something so lovely about them, but there is never anywhere that sells one I like! Of course Topshop sells a million that I love, and last year's TBA dresses were perfect, but for fatties, there is nothing like that. Grrr! Is a long sleeve babydoll style velvet dress so hard to manufacture above a 16??!! Anyway, fingers crossed the velvet will be nice, and also that I can sew it into something at least half resembling something like this.

We are spending the day at my Grandparent's house this year, so looking forward to that. It will be little Dillon's first Christmas, hopefully he will enjoy it. He is a bit of a scaredy cat though, when we got out some presents a week ago he got scared of them, so I hope he doesn't get too scared on the day. Button also finds all the presents & new things stressful. And he hates crackers. Yes we have strange dogs :P

Are you looking forward to the holiday? I must admit, this time of year isn't always so happy for me, but I try & focus on the good things. I also love giving gifts, so hopefully everyone likes what I've made for them!


  1. Am loving blue velvet right now. Good luck on making the dress hun xoxo

  2. I'm loving the heart bokeh(spell?) in that first picture :3 x

  3. love your optimistic attitude! reading your blog is such a joy!! and the dress looked adorable, too - good luck!

  4. If/when you sew that dress, you have to show us, I'm sure it will look adorable on you <3
    Good luck with the velvet >wo

  5. My Christmas will not be the best due to some family health problems but we try to look for the bright side - we're together as a family celebrating the family day (that's what Christmas is for me, more than celebrating the birth of Jesus). It's a time to expect good things and look forward to better days :)

  6. omg pretty pic

  7. just wanted to say that I really really LOVE your style! I am always prudent with velvet but I love it though ;D
    well greetings from germany I am your reder now!


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