Sunday, November 27, 2011

NOTD, & Nail Rock Nail Wraps Review

Firstly, my nails of the day. I saw this design on my tumblr dash (source here), & just had to recreate it. Last time I attempted florals it looked like this, so I was pretty pleased with how these turned out, haha!

Also, I wanted to do a review of these Nail Rock nail wraps, that I got in this months Glossybox (no I haven't signed up, but this months box appeared unexpectedly on my doorstop so thought I'd make full use of it, haha :P)

Anyway, upon first sight they look pretty good right? I think I applied them pretty well, I've seen other people struggle far more with nail wraps. They were pretty hard to apply, it took me a good 30 mins to do them, it does require some skill. I mean, they are supposed to be the easy way to have nail art, but they really aren't all that easy! It would have been quicker for me to just paint my nails, plus they wouldn't have look like this then at the tips:

Ugh! I couldn't stand them, they were all bumpy & ridged because nails are curved, not flat, so these wraps wrinkle round the edges. Anyway, I ripped them off, because I knew they'd just start to peel up within hours. I don't think this problem would just be limited to this brand, to be honest. I think most would be the same. Maybe the ones you have to heeat would work better? I don't know, but after wanting to try out some wraps for so long, I'm, glad I didn't actually spend money on these!

Have you tried out nail wraps? What did you think?


  1. I haven't tried mine out yet, but I'm so impatient with doing my nails I can already see myself struggling with these!

    Leigh xo

  2. Love the floral design! Shame about the nail wraps, I've tried some in the past and I was extremely disappointed by them too :(
    x x x

  3. love the floral!!

  4. Nail wraps are the WORST. I paid £30 for a beautician to do the Minx ones (heated) and I didn't last 24 hours, they felt so awful. Total waste of money! Love your floral ones, though :D think you're better off painting from now on, especially as you're so good at it! xx

  5. i'm terrible with nail art or just nail polish in general. i'm so jealous you can make it look so good!


  6. Your nail desgin is gorgeous!
    I haven't tried nail wraps yet, but I don't really like the look on anyone...

  7. Lovvve the floral design. I also got the glossybox this month (not a subscriber either, and I won't be... I didn't think much of it) but I'm not even going to try the nail wraps... I knew they'd turn out like that! I enjoy doing nail art though! x

  8. Its too bad those didn't work! I've used some Sally Hanson brand nail wraps before and they worked pretty well. They started to peel around halfway through the second day I had them on. I love your floral nails by the way!

  9. The floral design is so cute!

    The only nail art that I find even somewhat controllable is the water transfer variety.
    I tracked down a supplier on ebay who sell tons of nail transfers for around £1.99. They have Cath Kidston inspired florals, JLS ones (I know O.o) and random ones like Mona Lisa, which were the ones I bought.
    They were so easy to do! I had to enlist the help of my sister and a shed load of topcoat to seal it, but they lasted for fecking ages and only took about 20 minutes!
    20 minutes well spent if you ask moi :)
    Molly x

    Good Golly, Miss Molly

  10. I'm not sure if nail wraps are something different, but I've tried these:
    (I got the butterfly ones)

    They worked amazingly well. They lasted a really long time (longer than some nail polishes) and were super easy to put on and I did it in about the same amount of time at painting polish on.
    It might take you a little longer if it's your first go. I would recommend them. I didn't get any bubbles either. They are a little bit stretchy which is nice for making them fit your nails.
    However, I do live in Canada, so I'm not sure if they sell them overseas.

  11. I just know I'd hate nail wraps! I'm too impatient to put up with a load of hassle in exchange for a crappy finish. You do such a good job of your nails, you don't need wraps!

  12. I had the same problem with nail wraps too. I am far too OCD to leave them bumpy. I am just going to wear mine on the ring finger rather than using them all in one go. Make them last a bit longer xxx

  13. I tried the Sally Hansen nail wraps, and they fell off within 24 hours! I was so disappointed, especially because I bought about three boxes of the stuff =(
    I'll try wearing the other two on Christmas Day, and New Year's eve. Love your blog and coordinates by the way!!

  14. I've been using the Sally Hansen ones and they've been lasting me for about 10 days to two weeks without chipping. You do have to prepare the nail properly beforehand, or else they don't last, but they've been really worth it for me.

  15. I tried Trendy Naiwraps and had the same experience, and even though I followed youtube tutorials, etc. Horrible! do not buy that brand... I'm going to try Sally Hansen and Incoco next, we'll see... BTW I love your cupcakes (for nails) tutorial!

  16. I bought nail rock last week in leopard and they lasted for 8 days!! They come with an acetone wipe and free buffer and stick now so that helped majorly :-) I had to eventually take them off for work lol

  17. Colleen
    You have to prepare the nails correctly otherwise they will not stick. The NailRock Wraps in particular are more user friendly than most - for whatever reason.... The use of heat is to avoid the wrinkles at the side so applying the nail wrap down the middle and heating as you go sure helps.
    Yes, they are a bit tricky at first but like all things with practice they are dead easy to use...

  18. I just tried these. The Sally Hanson ones are not as thick, actually stretch a little, and so much easier to use. If you put clear polish over they can last a long time. I will not be trying the Nail Rock ones again. I will return to sally.

  19. Your blog is so cute! I'm a new follower. Feel free to follow back!



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