Friday, November 18, 2011

NOTD - Mad Striperz

I recently got sent this Mad Striperz nail art pen from Mad Beauty to try out & review. I picked this mint colour, which is really more of a sky blue than a mint, but lovely all the same.

I've been meaning to get some more nail art pens for ages, but never really knew where to get good ones. I have 2, one in black, one in white, from Model's Own, which do have a dual tip, but after my black one's brush mysteriously disappeared one day!!! (& not having had a reply from Model's Own about it), I've kind of gone off them. These Mad Striperz come in far more colours, are much bigger (8.8ml), & are even slightly cheaper (£5.90!).

I was a bit iffy about trying it out to start with, sometimes with unknown products they can be a bit crap, I thought the polish might be thin & not able to cover the base colour very well. I was mistaken, it was very good & completely solid, but not too thick & hard to manage. I really like having a nail art pen that isn't black/white, so when I next have the spare cash, I think I will invest in some more of the colours they have to offer. Coral Shimmer & Silver Sparkle are on my wishlist!
What do you think? Does anyone else know where to get decent nail art pens from? I've seen the cheapies on eBay, but I'm not sure if they would be very good to use. You do normally get what you pay for!


  1. So cute, love it!!!

  2. I think this looks great! I'm way too lazy to do my own nail art and usually just use those stick-ons you can get these days. But I really appreciate the creativity I see on other people's blogs <3

  3. They are sooo cute *__* Love blue&rose together ;)


  4. You always use the most gorgeous colours, so pretty x

  5. Your nails look GORGEOUS! great colours and patters.Love them(:

  6. These are super cute :D
    I love the pastel combo
    The zig zags are my fave :)

  7. Adorable! I'm so jealous of your nail art skills


  8. i have the ones from ebay and theyre great, although they have different branding, theyre the exact same bottles as the ones you can find in lots of shops that often come in smaller sets and cost much more.
    Ive had mine for almost a year and i use them all the time.
    I got the set of 60 for about £20 and although you get some colour repeats (i have about 4 of the dark reds) you still get a really great range with all of the standard colours you'd expect and the price is good

    Hannah x x

  9. So cute! and you are never wrong mixing those two colors :) xx

  10. oh, it's so cute *.*
    just gorgeous^^

  11. I absolutely love it ! How cute ! x

  12. Ooh my goodness, this is absolutely perfectly executed! Gorgeous post, and thank you so much for sharing ^^

  13. Ooooh those nails are amazing!!! Definitely need to get my hands on some of those goodies!!! *adds to xmas list*

  14. The chevron pattern nail is the best I think. Great color choice as well. I wish I had time to decorate my nails, usually if I color them they get ruined the next day at work! Ha ha.


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