Thursday, November 03, 2011

I Heart Shopping

A few recent-ish purchases:

My new dress from Very, available here. When Lauren (Pocket Rocket Fashion), tweeted about some of the lovely new dress in the So Fabulous collection at Very, I immediately rushed over to the site to check it out, & discovered this beauty! Normally I don't even bother checking So Fabulous, because it usually isn't that great, as is usually the way for plus size collections. I normally order from their South range, which just happens to go up to a 24, which often can work for me. This dress is a 28, a size up from my usual, which just shows the inconsistencies with sizing, even in the same shop!!!

It is still very pretty though, even with the neckline being different from the pic. I love the inclusion of this diamante belt, I can rarely find cute belts in my size, for some reason ASOS ones don't fit, even though they should, so I am lacking in the belt department.

My new sewing box! Just because I have 2 sewing boxes already doesn't mean I don't need another, right? :P I found this in Wales, in a little knitting shop. The lady cooed over little Dillon for ages when we checked out, which he loved!

Cute collar I posted about here. It's from Romwe, my first order with them. They are based in China, but offer free worldwide shipping, so I really couldn't say no to this adorable petal collar!

Last but not least, a cat tapestry bag, which I also found in Wales, in a cute gift shop in Betws y Coed. I love anything animal related, so this was another great buy.

I also bought this skirt from ASOS the other day, but it is much too big around the waist, by at least 2 inches! My advice is to size down, maybe even twice, unless you want it to be slung low on your hips. It was also nearky to my ankles, & would have needed a good hem, even on me @ 5"8. I'm definitely returning it, which is a shame. Never really had many sizing issues with ASOS before, so am fairly disappointed. Might buy this dress instead, because even if I got the skirt in a smaller size it would probably still need hemming. And as I have a list of clothes already to alter, I can't be bothered with another, haha!

Have you bought anything nice recently?


  1. What a gorgerous dress!!!!!!

  2. Oh man, that dress is GORGEOUS!!! Also, your sewing kit is effing precious!

  3. So much cuteness <3 I recently got several tops I can wear to the office... so, cute but not very much so.

  4. That dress is stunning! Your going to look amazing in it!

  5. Love everything you brought!!! OMG that sewing box is lovely!!! And the black dress your hesitating about getting from Asos GET IT!!! lol I heart that dress :)

  6. Adorable clothes, I love the collar and the sewing box<3!

  7. Love your dress & how cute is your sewing box!!!!

  8. Some really cute stuff :)
    I love the little box
    And the cat bag! veryy sweet :)

  9. Ooooh, you go to Betws y coed? My family has a house near porthmadog as my Mum is from north wales. Its so beautiful out there. :)

    I have had the same problem with ASOS curve belts. Everything else I am a 20 there, but I ordered a 24 belt and it din't fit. Madness.

    Your sewing box is adorable. :)

  10. Поздравляю с покупками! Они как всегда великолепны!!! Очень платье первое понравилось. Вообще в восторге от тебя и твоего стиля. Молодец! Желаю удачи. С приветом из России. Наташа.

    I congratulate on purchases! They as always are magnificent!!! Very much the dress the first was pleasant. In general in delight from you and your style. Well done I wish good luck. With greetings from Russia. Natasha.

  11. That dress is AMAZING! :) x

  12. I'm loving the top dress! super cute! looking forward to all the new blog posts with these cool new items :)


  13. :D I've got a tote bag with just the same cat tapestry^^

  14. The dress it loks so pretyfoul, and love the cat bag!!!

  15. I absolutely adore that first dress. I've been trying to find a similar lace like dress myself. They are almost always too expensive, everything is expensive to me at the moment.

    Anywho lovely finds, I'm sorry to hear about the ASOS skirt being too big - it is a very pretty skirt. I love that black tulle dress to pieces.


  16. That collar. OMG, THAT COLLAR. It's so crisp and eye catching! XD Maybe it's just the photo but I literally said, "HOMG" out loud. It really caught my attention.

    I love tapestry bags. I just feel like an old lady for wanting one though. Here they're not as young and hip as they are in other places in the world. u_u

  17. That sewing box is ever so adorable! I want one even though I do not sew!

    I've often found with ASOS own brand, their sizing comes up a little larger and I always have to order a size down or even sometimes two sizes down. It puts me off of online shopping, even if it is free returns because sizing can be so awkward

    Leigh xo

  18. hey,I'm from brazil and I always read you blog,I love your style,I just want to say hi,and your blog's amazing

  19. you just introduced me to 'Very'. I am internally grateful.


  20. I really love that dress. I just recently started reading your blog and I love it. :] You're adorable and have become my new fashion idol! I'm also plus sized and I had a hard time finding cute clothes. But you're a huge inspiration! :D

  21. Oh my gosh! That sewing box is just the cutest thing. I need to buy a sewing box myself but I'm so indecisive. The cardigan with the scalloped collar is incredibly cute too, is the quality nice?

  22. Awesome shopping! I love the sewing box and the awesome cat bag :D

  23. hi Georgina

    I like the way you dress.
    you are very pretty
    and extraordinary self-confidence

    I am 32 years old, and I'm fat

    I am often not confident when attending a party

    You know in my country very few stores that sell clothes large size, even if there are definitely very expensive

    lucky you Georgina,

    I am very lucky to know you, and get inspiration from this blog

    Thanks Georgina,


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