Thursday, October 13, 2011

Callooh & Callay Review

Lillian runs one of my favourite blogs (Funny Face's Place), so when I heard she was opening a shop (with her partner Claire), I couldn't wait. It's called Callooh & Callay, & opened whilst I was in Wales, so once I got back, I immediately went to the store to check everything out. Everything was lovely & right up my street, so I placed an order for the Cameo Brooch, wishing I had enough money to get a few more pieces.

After I'd placed my order, the lovely Lillian emailed me & asked me if I'd like to be sent a piece to review as well, so obviously I jumped at the chance! I knew I wanted one of the Balloon Dog necklaces, but had a very hard time deciding what type, let alone colour. Anyway, eventually I managed to decide on the normal Balloon Dog necklace, in Sky Blue. My review is below, so do read on!

Firstly, the packaging is lovely & fits in very well with the circus theme of the shop. The description of the shop reads as such:

"We are Callooh and Callay, purveyors of fine acrylic jewellery. Our designs are influenced by our own obsessions from circuses to heraldy, animals to pop culture."

The shop itself is easy to navigate & has all possible info you could want, such as size, details on materials, & varied product images. There are 3 main collections at the moment, Balloonacy, Punch & Judy, & Jewels for Ghouls Halloween Collection, along with a few other pieces such as my cameo brooch, a Labyrinth(!!!) themed necklace, & more! Callooh & Callay also have their own blog, where you can find up to date info & discounts etc, here.

Both items came in their own individual box, in their own individual paper bag, with Callooh & Callay sticker. Also included was a free lollipop, always a nice touch!

Inside the box, was of course the necklace & also a very cute business card. The necklace itself is made really well, the design is adorable & very unique. I've honestly never seen another balloon dog anything, anywhere! I love it! The colour choice is also really good, there are 10 colour options for this necklace alone. I had a hard time picking, but in the end opted for blue rather than pink, as I thought it would pop against my hair more :P I was a bit worried about the hole for the chain being a bit fragile, but after inspecting it in real life it seems pretty sturdy, as the acrylic is nice & thick.
Together with the cameo brooch I bought.

I am really pleased with both items, they definitely met my expectations & I am definitely going back to shop there again. I hear they are also planning a super awesome Spring collection, so I really cannot wait for that! I know often people are distrustful if a review is 100% positive, but I honestly cannot find any faults. I have & will continue to spend my own money on Lillian & Claire's wonderful creations!

Lillian has also very kindly given me a code to share with you, my readers! It lasts a week from today & gives you 15% off any order. The code is CUPCAKE. Happy shopping!


  1. Most adorable packaging ever!

  2. Adorable!

    Emma x

  3. ohh that balloon dog necklace is just too too cool!

  4. Thank you so much for the amazing review Georgina! Your pictures are absolutely fantastic! I can't wait to see you wearing the dog necklace, I bet the colour will look lovely with your hair :)
    re: balloon dog stuff - there's an artist called Jeff Koons who made these amazing giant balloon dog sculptures, I love them! However he seems a bit of a prat as he tried to sue someone who made some balloon dog bookends. It was thrown out because, of course, he did not invent balloon dogs!

  5. That jewellery is amazing! I love the cameo, I'm a little bit obsessed with them. So much so, I got one tattooed on my arm :)

    Your blog is seriously the cutest, I really need to step up my game!


  6. I want the balloon poodle they do - can't decide between hot pink or baby pink!

  7. So cute! I love their packaging too.


  8. Super cute packaging!! Love the jewelry. So sweet.



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