Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cute Bits & Bobs

New purse from Accessorize - didn't really think it through though, it's rather large & doesn't fit in a log of my bags which are mostly small. Oops! Cute though!
More stickers♥ & a cute bow necklace :)

I am now in sunny (ha!) old North Wales, should hopefully have some nice pics to show you when I get back. I have a few more scheduled posts coming up for you whilst I am away, including a nail art tut, so keep reading!

Georgina xx


  1. I saw this purse at the store. It's very cute. I have a bunch of stickers, I love them.

  2. Cute!! The purse has such cute embroidery! And I love those stickers!

  3. omg iloveyourblog!
    visit me too?!

  4. So so so SO cute! * - *

    I loved the new template ^^

  5. i LOVE stickers! they're so cute!

  6. Stickers make even my maths book look peng ! hahaa xx

  7. oth things r super cute. loving the bow necklace.

  8. Hi, this is Isabella,

    I adore your sweet blog, and I love the way you express yourself with your words, they really touch my heart, and they make me laugh too.

    Have fun with your blogging,

    With loving thoughts,

    Isabella from Australia


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