Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Beautiful New Purchases

Just a few teaser snapshots of some of my recent buys, this top is from Littlewoods & I love all the little details!
My Domino Dollhouse dress♥ It needs some altering before I can wear it, as it is a bit big. The 3x sold out before I could buy it, so I went with the 4x, thinking I could always make it smaller, which is what I shall have to do!
Have you bought anything nice recently?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Shooting Star Nail Art Tutorial

You will need:

  • 4 (or more, if you wish) different coloured nail polishes)
  • Nail art pen (recommended for ease, you could try a tiny paintbrush & a 5th colour if you haven't got a pen) Photobucket 1. Start by painting your nail in the base colour of choice. Photobucket

2. Carefully paint a stripe diagonally across the nail in your 2nd colour. Photobucket

3. Repeat with a 3rd colour, underneath the 2nd colour. Photobucket

4. Then, very carefully, paint a thinner line inbetween your 4th colour between the first 2 stripes you made. Photobucket

5. Using your nail art pen, carefully draw a star at the top of your nail.


6. Topcoat, if required, & you're done!

Repeat for all nails & you should should end up with a pretty manicure like this one!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Doggie Photoshoot

A little while ago, I decided I wanted a portrait of all 3 of our dogs, Button, Tallie & the new addition, Dillon! I had naive ideas of how they were all going to sit there nicely & pose, (haha!), but soon realised how difficult it is to get all 3 behaving for a picture!
I got plenty of "outtakes" like these, with them playing around/blurred, but I kinda like them anyway because they show off their personalities (yes dogs do have personalities :P)
They all posed quite nicely individually, but! In the end I got help in the form of my Mum, loaded with treats, although it still wasn't much easier!
But eventually, after 114 frames, I got the shot I was after, & how cute are they? Definitely worth it, I think! I have so many pics of our dogs, but only usually individual ones, they are so hard to get a pic of!

Have you ever tried to do something like this with your pets? Or am I just a dog obsessed weirdo, haha!

Georgina xx

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cute Bits & Bobs

New purse from Accessorize - didn't really think it through though, it's rather large & doesn't fit in a log of my bags which are mostly small. Oops! Cute though!
More stickers♥ & a cute bow necklace :)

I am now in sunny (ha!) old North Wales, should hopefully have some nice pics to show you when I get back. I have a few more scheduled posts coming up for you whilst I am away, including a nail art tut, so keep reading!

Georgina xx

Friday, September 16, 2011


I've been packing today (who else hates packing?), ready for my biannual trip to North Wales. Yay for holidays! I don't have much access to the net up there, but I have scheduled a few posts so you won't miss me too much :P We're off tonight, so see you in 2 weeks!
Georgina xxx

P.S. Couldn't help changing my blog theme again, eek! Hope you like it !

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Simply Be

How many of you have shopped with Simply Be? They stock a large range of Plus Size Women's Trousers, skirts, dresses, cardigans, etc! I actually shop there quite often, they stock quite a few decent brands, like Frock n Frill, & Joe Browns, all going up to a UK 32.

I have my eye on these 2 dresses at the moment, I particularly love the lacey one. They are both by Frock n Frill, my favourite brand featured on the site. They have recently done a range with Zandra Rhodes too, & whilst not to my taste, it is great to see designer collaborations with plus size brands. I've also heard they are opening their first stores pretty soon, in Bury & Liverpool, shame they're not near me, but I assume if those 2 stores do well then they hopefully with expand & open some near/in London!

Disclaimer: This post is in partnership with Simply Be, however all opinions are my own & I will never be paid to promote any brands I have not tried (& would recommend!) myself.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Cheer Up

I meant to update over the weekend, but I've felt rather unwell over the past 3 or 4 days, & honestly barely left my bed all weekend :( Still not feeling that brilliant, but my sister came home from her holiday (in Disneyland Paris), bearing gifts, which have cheered me up a little :)
Cute Minnie socks, a Belle brooch, a Marie pen & a Minnie glass ornament.
Thanks Charlotte♥

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Sweetie Nails

Just a quick post to show off a not so quick manicure I did today. They are supposed to look like sweeties, can you tell which sweet each nail is?

Monday, September 05, 2011

OOTD - Bear Ears & Pocket Scarves

Mac - ASOS Curve (from last year) // Fur Bear Hat - ASOS // Boots - ASOS // Scarf - TKMaxx Rings - ASOS /Evans
Hi again everyone! Thought I'd show you my outfit from yesterday, we went to the park again, & took little Dillon with us, in his Fundle. It was pretty cold & wet, so we didn't go for a really long walk, but our other 2 dogs still enjoyed racing around in the water. Tallie even chased some ducks upstream, which she said was great fun! Weird creature!
I didn't get any pics of my outfit underneath - it was too cold for that! But I wore my Evans Lace Peach Skater Dress, for those of you that care :P
Did you do anything nice at the weekend?

Georgina xx

Saturday, September 03, 2011

An Addition to the Family

Hi Guys, meet Dillon!
Yes, we got a new doggie! Now we have 3 wonderful dogs. I am so happy - any dog person knows the happiness they bring. And Dillon is so adorable, hehe! Our other 2 looked like him when they were puppies, not quite so small, but just as cute!

Dillon is a Chihuahua x Toy Poodle, so he fits in perfectly with our small furry family! You've seen them before, but we also have Button, a Maltese, & Tallie, a Shih Tzu x Lhasa Apso. They aren't too sure about Dillon atm, but Button was the same with Tallie when we first got her, & now he loves her so much, so it won't be long before they all love each other dearly!

Charlotte also came round to say hello - we got Dillon yesterday, so she stayed over so she could meet him! He is a friendly little thing & not a scaredy cat like Tallie. He went out with them on their walk today, in a bag slung around my Mum's shoulders (because he isn't allowed outside on the ground until he has had all of his injections), & loved it! He was fascinated by the world, hehe!

Now there'll be one more dog photobombing my OOTDs, not that I mind of course:P

Georgina xx

Friday, September 02, 2011

August in Instagram

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