Monday, August 08, 2011

Recently I've Been...

Buying myself a bunny...lamp! His name is Cuthbert :)
Admiring the collar on my new jumper.
Giving everyone 20% off at Dolly Mixx with the code SUMMER20
Sewing bags, skirts & dresses.
Wondering how to co-ordinate my new shoes - ideas anyone?



  1. love this collar.. shoes are great, maybe some neutral socks and a dress in autumn colors, they would fit perfectly with jeans and a blazer as well but I havent seen you in a lot of jeans so maybe you should try that with a longer sweater on top. just my opinion, I love your style anyway.

  2. Oooh you're so good at sewing - would you ever put these on your online shop? :) xxx

  3. The bunny lamp is adorable!!! :))

  4. That bag is super cute! I should definitely try sewing some of my own.

  5. such a wonderful bunny fabric for the bag <3

  6. Lovely pictures!

  7. Oh my God that lamp is amazing, where did you get it from? Love the pearl collar too and the bag is just beautiful, you are so talented!

  8. That bunny lamp made me smile cheerfully, which is no mean feat for a Monday morning! =)

  9. Really cute things, I love the shoes<3!

  10. Yay for sewing! Cant wait to see the posts!
    Kerri at HollyMuffin

  11. For the shoes maybe you could do cream or ballerina pink knee highs (the kind with satiny bows at the top) and a pretty fall floral dress with a petticoat underneath and a nude-ish cardigan or crushed velvet blazer. It would look really cool if you did your nails in such a way that they picked up on the floral pattern details on your shoes.

  12. Where did those shoes come from? I need those in my life too!

  13. I like the lamp, how adorable and great shoes!

    & check out my blog I am having a great giveaway sponsored by Pomegranate Jewelry.
    A gorgeous necklace retail at $168.

  14. (long time watcher, first time poster - it was the bunny lamp that totally made me leap from watching into commenting :D )

    Adorable lamp - he looks like a lindt easter bunny!

    Shoes - are epic. I'd go a really dusty pink dress and similar-toned brown coat (long) and belt. Accessories a bit antique-ish (dirty silver?)

  15. Aww, I love the bunny lamp, so whimsical.

    <3 Honeysuckelle

  16. Thanks so much everyone!

    Georgina xx

  17. I super love the lamp! Where oh where can I get one? Other bunny lamps I've seen the head is covered by the shade :(

  18. Hello Georgina! How are you? I have a question... How can i be a "Lolita" like you? :D It´s just because i love you style! It´s very fashion, cute and lovely! :D By the way, Where can i get a similar accessories like yours?

    I hope you answer my questions.
    Thank you so much!



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