Friday, August 19, 2011

Emma Gerard Giveaway Winner

Just wanted to let you all know who won the Emma Gerard giveaway. It was the lovely Leah! Please email me at cupcakeyeahbabay with your address Leah & I will ship out your prize right away!

Some of you didn't enter correctly, so some entries were disqualified because you didn't follow the rules :( It makes me sad to see, I want everyone to have a fair chance, so please next time do make sure you read the rules carefully so your entries count! :)

I am planning on having a much bigger giveaway when I reach 3000 followers / Christmas (if I don't reach 3000 in time I shall still be having one in December!) So yay! If anyone (companies, shops etc) would like to sponsor my Christmas/ 3000 follower giveaway, please email me! I want to make this the biggest & best giveaway yet, to say thank you to all my lovely readers!

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