Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blogger Spotlight

Today I wanted to showcase 5 fab blogs that I think you all should read, if you don't already. Some of them I have only just discovered, some I have been reading for ages! So do read on & check them out. If anyone has any suggestions of more great blogs, please do let me know - I'm always on the lookout for more to read!


The Girl Never Gets Older

I discovered this blog the other day, I love this girl's retro & girly style. Her photos are beautiful, & I am definitely envious of her collection of dresses!


A Curious Fancy

The gorgeous Ragini of A Curious Fancy also has clothes to die for! I've been following her blog for ages, & love her vintage storybook inspired outfits.


Scathingly Brilliant

I discovered this blog just this morning, & can already tell it is going to be a favourite! The author, Kate Gabrielle, also has my favourite colour of hair - pink! Yay for pink haired people!


Temporary Secretary

Sarah had been commenting on my blog for a while, & I only just checked out her blog. Being a fellow indie jewellery shop owner, I had know about her shop for years, but never realised she had an equally awesome blog until the other day! D'oh! She's also been shortlisted for the Look Show blogging competition - so good luck Sarah, I hope you make it through!


Pearls, Lace & Ruffles

Finally, the gorgeous Dee. Another blog I have followed since it's beginning, with another enviable wardrobe! I always look forward to new post with great anticipation!


  1. Oh my gosh. I was scrolling through this list and thinking in my head "all of these blogs are wonderful" Then I see lil' ol' me at the bottom, thank you so much for including me lady! I have followed your blog since I began blogging & you are a big inspiration to me! Xoxoxo

  2. Will check all of these out :)

    Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;

  3. Lindos esses looks!

    Beijos querida ♥

  4. I will definately check these out! :)

  5. I love your blog... its brilliant... and i must say... i am EXTREMELY envious of your pink hair ;D I have a question though.... i am only 14... but i want to know how you make more people follow your blog... i ahve no idea.. thanks, Leah xoxox

  6. Love your new layout, didn't see it in google reader. Looks so pretty x

  7. Thank you for the list of recommendations!
    As far as suggestions for you, I think you might like Little Chief Honeybee -- she always wears adorable dresses! And The Dainty Squid; she wears colorful outfits and has colorful hair and bakes colorful cupcakes.

  8. wow, thank you so much!! I absolutely adore your blog, so this is a wonderful surprise!! :D

  9. у нее очень интересный блог

  10. At it very interesting blog

  11. oh my god! i have known about Temporary Secretary's shop for years! and she has a blog i never knew about haha awesome XD

  12. This list is great, thanks for posting. I'm new to blogging... in fact, it was your one that made me think about doing my own :)

  13. I second Sarah's comment. I started my own blog very recently, mainly inspired by you! I'm always looking for new blogs to check out, and these all look fabulous! Thanks for being you :)

  14. i love that blonde girl!

    hope you visit my blog too.

  15. thank you for posting this!
    love temporary secretary and the girl that never gets older!

  16. :) ~They're all lovely ladies. I'll be sure to check them out.

  17. oh my, THANK YOU with all of my heart! :o it's a real privilege, because I'm your big big fan, and I'm always so impressed with your posts :] thank you once again, you made my day! ★♫✿♥!

  18. Could you check out my blog? It started as a nothing blog in july and it's progressed with my new nail obsession and I'll be posting more pictures of my nail creations v.soon. I've now decided to make it into a general beauty blog and I'll be posting my opinions and pictures of the products I use.
    I only have 1 follower as of yet and I don't know how to get more so would you please have a look? And maybe give me tips on how to improve it and get more followers?

    Btw, I really enjoy reading your blog, especially the nail bits :D And I love your new pink hair, I used to have pink hair but now it's blonde. If it didn't take so much upkeep it'd be the colour of candy floss :D

    Anywhoo, thanks for reading :) xx

  19. Hiya, Love the blog, please follow mine, only starting out... would love some feedback, thanks leah xoxo oh btw my blog is : thanks :)

  20. I just love you! And I have so much love for the blogs you have recommended, I've had a look at all them and I'm going to be regular readers of theirs now. Always looking forward to your posts so can't wait for the next one. They're always filled with cuteness. Have a great weekend, lovely! <3

  21. Hey there- please check out my London lifestyle blog- besides design, DIY, travel I also blog about plus size fashion. Huge fan of your blog


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