Wednesday, August 31, 2011 Review

Coat - OneStopPlus // Boots - ASOS // Fur Collar & Bow - Handmade // Headbow - New Look // Dress - ASOS // Ring - ASOS

I recently got sent this coat from One Stop Plus to review. I picked it out because of the cute ruffles, reminiscent of a Dorothy Perkins one from a few years ago, which I loved, but unfortunately would never have fitted me! I also loved the red colour, I've wanted a red coat for ages, to live out my desire to look a bit like Little Red Riding Hood, haha! I added the fur collar with the black bow over the top for an even more cutesy look - it's not part of the coat!

OneStopPlus stock lots of different brands, from Carmakoma to Taillissime (the La Redoute brand). They even stock the Big Beauty collection!

This coat is by Taillissime, in a size 26 (which it stops at). I often have problems with coats, they seem to be mainly cut for rectangles, with huge armholes. This one is no exception :( As you can see it is a bit tight around my hip/tummy area, there doesn't seem to be much flare from the bust, which would have eliminated this problem. But them I am a very curvy size 26, with a 14 inch difference between my waist & hips!

The bust, surprisingly has plently of room though, which is good! Then we get to the arms, which are a bit big for my liking. I have this problem with almost every coat though, I always feel like the sleeves swamp me. I am not sure if I just have small arms in proportion to my sizes, or if coat sleeves are just supposed to be really loose? Nevertheless, I do prefer a more fitted arm!
I will continue to wear this coat though, because it is cute, & finding cute coats in plus sizes is pretty hard! The price is also pretty reasonable, it's on sale for £39.60, which even though it isn't 100% wool, is a pretty good price! I normally expect to pay around £50 -£100 for a coat, so this one is definitely underbudget!
Verdict - cute design, best suited for rectangular/topheavy body shapes. Quality - 7/10. Price - 9/10

Edit - One thing I forgot to mention before - this coat doesn't have any pockets! Thought it was worth mentioning as nearly all coats have pockets, & it was a bit of a pain, I kept going to put something in the pocket & then remembering it didn't have any! Although I think it would be hard to find somewhere to put the pockets without spoiling the ruffly design, but just thought I'd let you all know!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Delectable Dresses at Domino Dollhouse

In case you didn't know already, Domino Dollhouse launched their Delectable Dresses collection on Saturday. I placed my order for the strawberry dress as soon as I woke up & realised they were for sale! What could be better than dresses that looks like fruit & cupcakes? I was honestly torn between getting the cupcake & the strawberry dress, but the strawberry dress won! I'm glad I went for that one though, as it is now sold out in every size but 1x (I think they are being restocked soon though!). I can't wait to get it, it fits perfectly in with my aesthetic! Just wish I could have afforded them all!

What do you think, would you wear one?

Georgina xx

Sunday, August 28, 2011

OOTD - More Black!

Dress - ASOS Curve // Cardigan - Dorothy Perkins // Boots - ASOS // Bow - New Look // Necklace - Handmade
It's officially getting cold again here in the UK, so I've broken out the boots again! So much for summer! I actually don't mind that much, I've been dying to start wearing my autumn/winter gear already! Chunky jumpers, scarves & lace up boots, yes please! I even wore a coat over this outfit too! Us & the rest of the family were celebrating my Grandad's 70th (except he & Granny actually decided to evade it, & escaped up to their cottage in Wales, haha! It was supposed to be a surprise!), & we were sitting outside in the pub garden for a Sunday lunch, therefore chilly! I wish more places let dogs in, it's such a pain in cold weather when they won't! :( Especially when it rains...haha! Which luckily it didn't today - would not have been too happy :P

Anyway..we had a nice day, how about you?

Georgina xx

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Oborocharms Review

I recently got sent some things to review from Oborocharms, which sells adorable handmade charms, & custom designed stickers & badges. Kim, the creator, kindly sent me 3 badges, 2 sheets of stickers, 1 necklace, 1 phone charm & 1 ring to review. The badges feature "marshmallow bunnies", & they are just as cute as that sounds. I plan to decorate one of my bags with these!

The stickers are so adorable! They feature Kim's illustrations, which are so cute! They are vinyl die cut stickers, so not cheap paper stickers like the ones you'd normally buy from a stationers. They retail for $3.65, which I think is around £2? Not bad for independently produced vinyl stickers! I can't wait to use these (or perhaps just file them away in my massive sticker collection - I love stickers, probably a bit too much!).

Even with my love for stickers, my favourite part of the package were these jewellery pieces, featuring Kim's handmade clay charms. These are all hand painted, with incredible attention to detail. The charms are tiny, the milk bottle is 1.4cm high, which just makes the detail even more unbelievable! The chain on the milk bottle necklace is a bit short for me, at 18 inches, but that can easily be swapped out for one more suited to my chubby neck, haha! The phone charm features a heart shaped cookie, which is even smaller than the milk bottle, & is just as detailed. I'm a sucker for kawaii faces on (usually :P) inanimate objects, so these are right up my street!
The little octopus ring Kim sent is adjustable, so can be opened up to accommodate any size finger. All of the charms & jewellery in the shop are very reasonably priced, I don't think one thing is over $10! I'm definitely going back to buy lots of charms when I have some money - I want all of them! Shipping is also extremely reasonable, a mere $2 no matter how much you buy, & this includes international shipping too!

So a thumbs up for Oborocharms - I love indie shops, this one is no exception!

As well as the shop, you can find Oborocharms on Facebook & Twitter too, where you can keep up to date on the latest offers!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blogger Spotlight

Today I wanted to showcase 5 fab blogs that I think you all should read, if you don't already. Some of them I have only just discovered, some I have been reading for ages! So do read on & check them out. If anyone has any suggestions of more great blogs, please do let me know - I'm always on the lookout for more to read!


The Girl Never Gets Older

I discovered this blog the other day, I love this girl's retro & girly style. Her photos are beautiful, & I am definitely envious of her collection of dresses!


A Curious Fancy

The gorgeous Ragini of A Curious Fancy also has clothes to die for! I've been following her blog for ages, & love her vintage storybook inspired outfits.


Scathingly Brilliant

I discovered this blog just this morning, & can already tell it is going to be a favourite! The author, Kate Gabrielle, also has my favourite colour of hair - pink! Yay for pink haired people!


Temporary Secretary

Sarah had been commenting on my blog for a while, & I only just checked out her blog. Being a fellow indie jewellery shop owner, I had know about her shop for years, but never realised she had an equally awesome blog until the other day! D'oh! She's also been shortlisted for the Look Show blogging competition - so good luck Sarah, I hope you make it through!


Pearls, Lace & Ruffles

Finally, the gorgeous Dee. Another blog I have followed since it's beginning, with another enviable wardrobe! I always look forward to new post with great anticipation!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Black & Pink

Dress - ASOS Curve // Jumper - Next // Shoes - (altered) Doc Martens via eBay // Bow - New Look // Ring - Oasis
One of my recent outfits. I decided to mix it up a bit instead of wearing my usual pastel shades. I went for a gothier look, whilst adding lots of feminine touches like the huge bow, pearly peter pan collar, puff sleeves & lace detailing! I need to start adding more outfits like this to my wardrobe, because I love them just as much as my pastel pop ones! :P I also think my pink hair goes brilliantly with black, much better than my old brown hair.

Georgina xx

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Scrabble Nails

As soon as I saw these nails, I just had to try my own version. Unfortunately I am nowhere near as neat, but I don't think they are too bad? Left hand obvs worse, wish I was ambidextrous! Also couldn't think of anything for the thumbs, so left them blank, like blank scrabble tiles :P

Saturday, August 20, 2011

OOTD - Lilac & Yellow

Dress - Evans // Cardigan - Monsoon // Shoes - ASOS // Bracelets - Handmade by me // Har Garland - Primark //Tights - We Love Colors
Took the dogs to the park again today, they love going there so much! It has water, which they think is the best thing ever, although muddy dog + white tights = :( Silly me! Decided to wear a dress I haven't worn since Christmas, even though I love it, it's got lots of shiny bits on it, so I always think it's a bit OTT. But then I realised I am a bit OTT, so just wear it anyway!
Didn't get a good pic of my nails though, I have them painted like Scrabble tiles, after I got inspiration from Tumblr. They spell out my name too (It doesn't score very highly though :P)! So shall get better pics of those later to show you:)

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend!

Georgina xxx

Friday, August 19, 2011

Emma Gerard Giveaway Winner

Just wanted to let you all know who won the Emma Gerard giveaway. It was the lovely Leah! Please email me at cupcakeyeahbabay with your address Leah & I will ship out your prize right away!

Some of you didn't enter correctly, so some entries were disqualified because you didn't follow the rules :( It makes me sad to see, I want everyone to have a fair chance, so please next time do make sure you read the rules carefully so your entries count! :)

I am planning on having a much bigger giveaway when I reach 3000 followers / Christmas (if I don't reach 3000 in time I shall still be having one in December!) So yay! If anyone (companies, shops etc) would like to sponsor my Christmas/ 3000 follower giveaway, please email me! I want to make this the biggest & best giveaway yet, to say thank you to all my lovely readers!

My New Hair

Hi guys! Notice anything different about me? :P I am officially in love with my hair colour, I've wanted hair like this for ages, but never was brave enough until now. It was actually my Mum who really inspired me. She'd been saying how much she loved my hair & was proud of me for standing out whilst I was at college, when I had short spiky different colour hair every week! So I thought, why not, I want it, I should just go for it. And even though I didn't explicitly say in my last post I was going to, many of you assumed I would (I think you know me better than I think, haha!). So yay! It's not perfect, it's a bit patchy & I did miss a few roots (luckily they are hidden underneath), but I have still never been so happy with my hair.

What do you think, yay or nay? :P (Also - do you like the new blog theme/header?)

Georgina xxx

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Candy Coloured Hair Inspiration

I've been dreaming of pastel pop hair for a while now, so when I found My Little Pony Hair on Tumblr, I just had to share some of these amazing hair pics! I'm kinda a little bit desperate for cotton candy pink hair now! What do you think, do you like pastel hair, prefer brights, or think naturals are better?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

OOTD - Yellow Roses

(Altered) Dress - ASOS Curve // Shoes - Bodyline // Garland - Handmade by me // Necklace - Primark

Thought I'd show what I've done to my latest ASOS dress, which can be seen in it's original form here. I'd been lusting over a Topshop dress that had a layer of lace for the waistband, but obviously Topshop clothes are never going to fit me, so I decided to make my own version. I really love the fact you can see my skin through it, which I'm sure many people would have a fit at, seeing as I'm omgz deathfat! Finding lace that would work though, was a pain in the butt! Topshop's verson had daisies on a net background, but finding anything similar was impossible, so when I finally saw this vintage lace on eBay, I had to bid on it! Not quite the same, but still pretty!

I also saw a deer before we took photos - I think it is a Muntjac (sp?). It was just shuffling along by the fence, so I quickly grabbed my camera & snapped a few pics. I must have scared it though, because it then decided to turn around & go off into the undergrowth.

Georgina xxx

Friday, August 12, 2011

Emma Gerard Review & Giveaway

I recently got sent some handmade glass charms/pendants by Emma Gerard. Can you spot them?

What about now?

If you couldn't spot them all, here's a pic without the real sweeties! I have lusted over Emma Gerard's work for a while now, so when she agreed to send me a few bits to review, I was a very happy bunny :) I love having pieces from independent designers, they are usually so different than things you'd get on the high street. These pieces are no exception, each one is handmade from glass(!!). Emma kindly sent me 3 candy bear pendants, 1 candy worm pendant & 1 candy foot pendant from her shop, as well as a candy button brooch for me to giveaway to my readers.

The pieces are really well made, they look almost exactly like the real thing. Being made from glass, they are more fragile than another medium, but as long as you don't go around bashing them on every surface I think they'd be quite hard wearing! I plan to add mine either to a charm bracelet, or a necklace, but I haven't quite decided yet! Overall I absolutely love them, & would definitely not hesitate to order from Emma in the future (I have my eye on her candy bead bracelet, hehe!). You can also find Emma on Facebook, & Twitter.

Here's the candy button brooch Emma has kindly sent me to giveaway to you, my lovely readers! This may be more familiar to my US & Canadian readers, I don't think we get (the real version) these here in the UK, but they do look scrummy!

To enter, you must first be a follower of my blog. Then please have a look at Emma Gerard on Etsy, & leave a comment here telling me which piece looks most edible & why!

For additional entries, follow me on Twitter, or Facebook, & leave additional comments here telling me so. This gives you up to 3 chances to win, but remember to leave separate comments with each entry, or only 1 will be counted!

The giveaway is open until 12pm GMT next Friday, that's the 19th of August! Good luck! :D

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