Friday, July 29, 2011

The Last 2 Months in Instagram

Since getting my iPod Touch, I've started using Instagram (username is cupcakesloveme) to take little snapshots of my daily life. I always love seeing other peoples snaps on their blogs, so thought I would start doing a end of month post with all the snaps I've taken throughout the month. These pics are from the last 2 months, just to catch up :P


  1. Since following this blog from another blog, I have enjoyed your pictures and your posts. You are a beautiful young lady no matter what anyone may think. Many of them just wish they could make such quality pictures and posts. Nice look at the past two months of "Cupcake's Clothes."

  2. Not related but...
    Georgina- where do you buy your wigs? :) Can you email me? (pastelpony @ gmail . com)

  3. I love Instagram photos but I'm an Android chick so I'll just lust from afar.

    I get Graze boxes too, I love their flapjacks so much! x

  4. Love it! Following you now :) im deadteddys


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