Monday, June 13, 2011

OOTD - Bunnies & Bows

Cardigan - Dorothy Perkins // Shoes - ASOS // Skirt - DIYed // Belt - Evans // Top - Evans // Bracelet - Dorothy Perkins // Bow - New Look // Ring - ASOS // Necklace - Next

I went out with my sister today & we took some outfit photos of each other. She's also decided to start her own blog, called Sugar & Spice. I hope it will help her confidence as much as it has mine:) Do check it out!


  1. You're beautiful! I also love your style, it's gorgeous! I love how you're so confident with youself too, keep up the good blog. <3

  2. I want to visit the other blog <3

    You're soo pretty *O* I love your nail art ><

  3. You and your sister are so very adorable, and it makes me extremely happy to see people with such confidence in themselves to start a blog about something like plus size fashion (and to pull it off so well). You have been a big inspiration to me (a larger boy) and my girlfriend (a larger girl) to put effort into trying out fashions such as lolita and kodona. Thanks for being so awesome and inspiring!

    Also, if you happen to have any tips for someone wanting to make their own clothes, I'd like to see them. If not, no need to fuss over it, I'd just like to see how you manage things like making your own skirts and other cloth accessories like bows.

  4. you and your sister like twins :) love your outfit girl :)

  5. The print on the skirt is so adorable. :D

  6. Your skirt is beautiful ! And it looks very well with your belt !

  7. Your pictures are really nice! I like your style, it's so cute.

  8. i love that dress, & your nails are adorable!

  9. OMG I love the ombre hair! Did you do them on purpose or did the blond hair just grow out?

  10. Just wanted to tell you that you were awesome! You're too good at making clothes and jewelery!
    The previous pink dress is too great!

  11. Girl I love your watermelon nails I wish i had the patience to do this! Can you tell us how you made your skirt? I have this sick fabric that I would love to make into a skirt.

  12. oh i love your skirt! you look so cute as always darlin!

  13. gorgeous!! love your hair too! <33

    XO Sisi

  14. very very beautiful and delicate!!!
    cute cute
    lovely blog

  15. Thanks everyone, & to everyone who checked out my sister's blog, she really appreciates it!

    Richard - I don't think I have any tips, hehe! I don't even use patters for my work, & I am not the most experienced sewer, so I probably wouldn't be much help anyway, lol!

    BeautifulSnow - Thanks! I did it myself with some blong hair dye, you're actually the first person to comment/notice! :P

    Chellbellz - This skirt was actually made from 2 size M dresses I found at TKMaxx. I just sort of cut of the bodice(s) & sewed the skirt part together, adding an elastic waistband at the top.


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