Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cupcake Nail Art Tutorial

You will need:
  • Nail polish in assorted colours.
  • Nail art pen /thin paintbrush
  • Dotting tool of some variety (I use a crochet hook, but things like toothpicks would work.)

Clean, rounded nails work best, & if you use a basecoat, now is the time to apply it.Photobucket

Firstly, paint your nails in your base colour of choice. This will be your "cup" colour.


Paint 5 stripes vertically up your nails. If you don't have a nail art pen, you can use a thin paintbrush or nail art brush.

Photobucket Photobucket

Next, paint a thick line across your nails, halfway up. This will be your "cake" colour.


Now blob 3 dots over the stripe you just made, make sure not to cover it completely. Then fill in the space above the blobs with the same colour. This is your "icing" colour.


Now carefully blob a drop of colour at the tip of your nails. This is your "cherry".


Your nails should now look something like this.


Now you can add your "sprinkles". Using a dotting tool or toothpick, carefully dot blobs of nail varnish onto the "icing" area.


You can go for one colour of sprinkles, or rainbow ones like I did.


Nail art finished! Add top coat & let dry.

I hope this helps some of you, nail art is much easier than it looks. If you have any questions, do let me know:)


Hi everyone!

This post is coming to you from the early hours of Sunday morning, haha! I've just spent 5 hours changing my blog around, adding new pages, etc, etc. I hope everyone likes it, & it works okay in everyone's browsers! I've checked it in IE, Safari & Firefox, but do let me know if you have any issues.
Anyway, I plan to make my nail art tutorial tomorrow(today?), when I wake up anyway, still need to go to sleep first. It looks like cupcake nails are going to be the clear winner, but I shall check again when I get up. I hope you will enjoy the tut & some of you will find it useful.
Good night/good morning! :P
George xxx

Thursday, June 23, 2011

NOTD - Shooting Stars

I posted those photos of the nail art sets I made a few week ago, & one of them was a shooting stars design. I realised I've never actually done that on my own nails, so decided to have a go:P My right hand actually isn't that bad, the stars are a little iffy, but acceptable. Left hand much better though, as pictured. I really should take photos of both hands, but am I the only one who finds it impossible to hold a camera & take a photo with their left hand? I also love how this nail art perfectly matches my ring (well I did design both...hehe!).
I know I promised you guys a nail art tutorial, & I am a bad blogger for not living up to my promise yet. I do hope to make one very soon, hopefully by the end of the week, so please just be a little more patient. I will get there:P
Georgina xx

Saturday, June 18, 2011

OOTD - Pink & Yellow

Dress - Handmade // Shoes - Bodyline // Cardigan - Simply Be // Tights - We Love Colors // Bracelet - Kuki Shop // Ring - Handmade // Bag - TKMaxx // Blouse - Evans // Hair Bow - ASOS

I finished off my dress yesterday, as the supplies finally arrived. I sewed this matching strawberry embroidered lace around the hem, & at the top of the dress. I also ordered some crochet strawberries, which although I could have made myself, I was lazy:P, I made those into a brooch & pinned it to the bust. Not major changes, but I think they finish off the dress nicely. Also you can now see the dress' sleeves, ugh they were a pain, & they're definitely not perfect, but not bad for my first go! The dress is also a bit low cut too, so I had to wear a blouse under, which negated the whole point of me adding sleeves was to prevent me needing a blouse or cardigan! Oh well!

Also tried to paint roses on my nails, apparently I suck at them! :( Haha! Definitely not my best nail art to date.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

OOTD - Vintage Floral



Dress - ASOS Curve // Cardigan - New Look // Shoes - Rocket Dog // Necklace - ASOS // Rings - Evans/ASOS // Flower - Evans


Just a quick OOTD. I really love the dress from Curve, the fact that it's longer at the back is really lovely. I actually swapped this with my sister for a bag, because she found it too long for her at the back, but it's perfect on me (I am 4 inches taller than her though! :P)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Random Stuff


My internet is being really slow at the mo, so I shall make this a short update:) Luckily we are switching over on Friday, hopefully I shall have superfast broadband & not get cut off all the time, haha! Makes blogging harder than it has to be, I can tell you. Anyway, I just wanted to update with a few photos of the things I've been making recently. I've also made myself another lolita skirt, but haven't for some reason taken pics of that yet! You shall see it soon I'm sure, in an OOTD anyway.


I have to also apologise for my lack of replying to comments & emails recently, my connection has been a problem, plus I am just super forgetful & once I read things I never remember to reply! So please nudge me if you wish:) I think I shall set up an FAQ sometime soon, so feel free to ask me questions on this post & I'll probably get round to answering them :P

Monday, June 13, 2011

OOTD - Bunnies & Bows

Cardigan - Dorothy Perkins // Shoes - ASOS // Skirt - DIYed // Belt - Evans // Top - Evans // Bracelet - Dorothy Perkins // Bow - New Look // Ring - ASOS // Necklace - Next

I went out with my sister today & we took some outfit photos of each other. She's also decided to start her own blog, called Sugar & Spice. I hope it will help her confidence as much as it has mine:) Do check it out!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

OOTD - Lolita Strawberry


Dress - Handmade // Shoes - Bodyline // Cardi - Monsoon // Tights - We Love Colors // Hair Bow - Handmade // Wig - Mintymix // Necklace - Primark


Shooting Star Ring - Dolly Mixx // Bow Ring - Handmade // Gummy Bear Ring - Handmade //Diamante Ring - Evans // Wrist Cuffs - Handmade // Strawberry Charm Bracelet - Kuki Shop // Pearl Bracelet - Evans


This is what I wore today:) I made the dress this week, although it is not technically finished yet, I have some lovely strawberry embroidered lace winging it's way to me, which I need to attach to the hem. But I was too impatient, so wore it out without. I also wore my new wig, from Mintymix, which I adore!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Wales Part VIII

Skirt - Littlewoods // Cardigan - Next // Top - New Look // Shoes - Bodyline // Tights - We Love Colors // Bow - ASOS // Ring - The Joshua Tree, Pwllheli

I found this pretty ring at a local shop, the same one I got my Fuzzy Nation dog bag from. I love browsing though independent shops, they always have the most unusual things in them, rather than the same stuff you see on the highstreet. I think I may have mentioned that before actually, hehe!

This is the last of my outfit posts from North Wales, hope you enjoyed them all :) I definitely enjoyed my holiday, can't believe I've been back over 2 weeks already! I miss having the lovely countryside to take photos in. I live in a rather urban area, & although there are a few nice spots, it's not always practical to take outfit photos in them because it would mean a special trip, rather than one on the go as it were. Anyway, goodbye for now, I shall update again soon!

Monday, June 06, 2011

Bits & Bobs

Been working on some new pieces for Dolly Mixx. I'm waiting on some supplies, so most of the new things are necklaces, but I hope to have some new rings up soon. Remember you can still get 10% off your order using code SPRING10, plus theres also a bit of a sale on atm, do do have a look :)

I've been feeling really creative recently, I altered a fur scarf from Evans I got on sale ages ago into a cute fur collar with bow today. Had been meaning to for ages, so it's not really the weather for it anymore, but it's still cute! Also have more fabric on the way, planning to make another dress. I've also designed some more fabric for get printed on Spoonflower, which I will do when I have the money, hehe!

Here's a closeup of the design, it's a border print. The ribbons go up further on the actual fabric. I hope to be able to order this soon so I can make myself a cute lolita dress with it!

Anyway, that's it for now,


Saturday, June 04, 2011

Part VII

Skirt - Littlewoods // Jumper - River Island // Boots - ASOS // Wonky Mittens - Handmade //Beret - Handmade

The weather in North Wales was very unpredictable, one day it was sunny, the next rainy & cold. We even had hail one day! Obviously I didn't bring anything practical like gloves or a hat, hehe, so I ended up buying some wool & a crochet hook & making some to keep me warm whilst I was up there. The mittens are definately wonky, & the hat too small, but they did their job :)

I did however bring my nice cosy River Island jumper, so I did at least make one concession to practicality whilst packing all my summery dresses :P

Tallie also liked my beret, I think she looked better in it than me!

Obviously Button also wanted his photo taken..but he refused to wear the beret! I don't know why :P

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