Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wales Part I

Hi again everyone! Sorry, didn't mean to leave it so long without posting, & I also forgot to tell you I was going to be away in North Wales for a while! I tooks lots of pics of my outfits though to show you all, so hopefully you'll forgive me for my absence :P I'm splitting them up into separate posts, because there are quite a few, hehe! Here's my first one.

Cardigan - Monsoon // Skirt - Littlewoods // Bow - New Look // Boots - ASOS // Bag - TKMaxx // Ring - Republic // Bracelet - Primark

Until next time, xxx


  1. your pics are so pretty! Hope you had fun in wales

    mele, australia

  2. Georgina, I'm not sure which is more beautiful- you or Wales. Absolute doll here! Your hair is absolutely lovely. Same goes for your cute cardigan and skirt. As for accessories, the headband and heart ring are cute. Very charming looks you have, Georgina.

  3. Oh Gods, I love your nail designs, you are such a genious at it. I would never have the patience for it, but I really love interesting nail polish on other people. And if it goes so wonderfully with a cute outfit, then all the better of course! ;o)
    Looking forward to seeing more pictures from Wales, I hear it is a beautiful place.
    have a great week!

  4. Oooh, hope you had a great time in Wales! Your outfit's so darling, too; especially loving the pastels!

  5. you're so cute! and i always love your nails! how in the world do you do that?


  6. I love your white skirt, so adorable! Gorgeous pictures! :)

    Check out my blog post on spring fashion: Spring Outfits

  7. I love this, that cardigan on taht skirt! and your jewelry is always so adorable!!! You gotta make more nail tutorials btw. I love them on this post! :)


  8. I love your skirt! And the way you paint your nails every time, it's amazing! And so cute! You're a real nail artist!

  9. Ahh I absolutely love this outfit! The skirt and cardigan are perfect together! How do you have the patience to paint your nails like that?! Seriously I dont even have the patience to paint them one block colour haha!

  10. Oh, so that's where you went! I've been missing you! ^^ Very pretty pictures, and I'm so in love with your bag! <3

  11. Both you and the backgound look like you're from some sort of faery land.

  12. You have such great style - especially the nails!

  13. Adorable outfit! I adore your style <3 Love the rings and boots!


  14. Very pretty outfit and cute photos<3!

  15. Hi dear! Okay?

    Sou brasileira e amo seu blog, I come here often
    Your style amazes me at all. The details are perfect!
    Kisses and I am already following

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  16. Your outfits are SUPER amazing and you are incredibly adorable. <3

    Domino Dollhouse

  17. loving your outfit & those nails!! cute blog!

    Follow My Kurves

  18. i like how you round all the corners on your blog post photos! I do that too! It adds extra cuteness I think ^_^

  19. your nails are very cute. i know you seem to stay with the "cute" themes with them, but i was wondering if you've ever seen/or were interested in trying water marble nail art. my friend just showed my there were turorials on you tube:

    i just tried doing it today... i little tricky but can look really cool.


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