Saturday, April 30, 2011

OOTD - Red Birds

Dress - New Look // Cardigan - H&M // Shoes - BodyLine // Socks - Sock Dreams // Hair Bows - Dumpling Dynasty Pigtail Kit

Pearl Bracelet - Evans // Floral Bangle - Primark // Flower Ring - BHS // Crown Ring - Ebay // Diamante Ring - Evans

Friday, April 29, 2011

Nail Art

How cute are these nail stickers? I got them yesterday, they are from Nailtopia. I especially like the little Alice in Wonderland ones. Speaking of nails/nail art, I've made some false nail sets for Dolly Mixx.

They are based off some of my previous nail designs, I know how much some of you like them, & I can't come & paint all of your nails for you, but now you can still wear my nail art, hehe! I know how much some of you wanted a tutorial too, I will try & do one soon, which design would you most want to see? I tried making a video one the other week, but it did not turn out well, so I shall probably do a photo one.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

OOTD - Carousel Pony

Skirt - Bodyline (altered) Blouse - Evans Shoes - Bodyline Socks - Sock Dreams Basket Bag - TKMaxx Head Bow - ASOS Basket Bow - Bodyline Dolly Mix Bracelet - Dolly Mixx Pearl Bracelet - Evans Animal Ring - Accessorize Teacup Ring - Dolly Mixx
Flower Ring - Primark

This is what I wore out today. I've kind of fallen a bit in love with Lolita fashion, so I bought a few pieces so I could put an outfit together. The skirt was actually 2, that I had to sew together, because as you can imagine, plus sizes are even more scarce in subculture fashions than mainstream fashion. I think it worked out okay though, I would definately do it again, it was pretty easy. I really love the carousel print on this skirt, it's so cute! I've also ordered myself some custom fabric from Spoonflower, I designed a lolita inspired border print with Maltese dogs on it. I hope it comes out okay, I can't wait to make a skirt with it!

Oh & because it's Easter, I thought I'd paint a bunny on one of my nails. Polka dots & bunnies = cute! Happy Easter everyone:)

Friday, April 22, 2011

New Stuff


New iPod *love*. I've had my other one since 2007, so thought I could do with an updated one! I have to say, this is a definate improvement, I love being able to browse the net on the go.

As well as buying a load of stuff, I also won this camera! Woo for entering competitions & winning. I submitted a couple of my outfit pics to Littlewoods online magazine feature, featuring some of their South brand clothing, & apparently I was the lucky winner. Yay!

Sorry if it sounds like I'm bragging, I'm just super pleased with everything! I will be posting outfit shots tomorrow, I've already planned my outfit (is anyone else sad like that?!) :D

Saturday, April 16, 2011

OOTD - Floral Stripes, again!

I love this dress, so decided my hard work deserved another airing. I wore this for an afternoon at my grandparent's house. Dressed it up differently though, I wasn't sure if black tights would work, but I think they do?

Dress - Handmade // Cardigan - Dorothy Perkins // Shoes - ASOS // Bow - New Look // Bracelet - Primark // Crown Ring - Ebay // Other Rings - Evans/Dorothy Perkins // Sweater Guard - Handmade

Really liking my hair like this atm, & it's so easy, just french braid about 8 small plaits into your hair when wet after washing, & take out when dry.

Megan! You've met her before, well if you haven't, look here. She's all grown up now.

And here's one of our dogs, Tallie (whom you've also met before :p). She's a naughty little thing, she's pictured here in the neighbours garden, pretending she can't get back.

Also, please excuse all my super spaced outposts, I don't know why it keep happening, no matter how many times I try to edit them, they still come out all funny. Even editing the html doesn't seem to work. Suggestions are welcome:P

Friday, April 15, 2011

NOTD - Rosy Apples

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Simply Yours

Have any of you ever visited Simply Yours? They are an online retailer of Plus Size Lingerie.
They currently have some lovely bras in stock, in sizes that will even fit me (they go all the way up to an L cup). I always have a problem with other retailers because their cup sizes never go up enough, but on the Simply Yours website there are brands such as Curvy Kate & Panache which actually do. Plus they are pretty & stylish. Some of my favourites are pictured below.

1. Curvy Kate Balcony Bra £27 (I own this one & it's handsdown my favourite bra!) 2. Bestform Balconette Bra £30 3.Curvy Kate Balcony Bra £29

Simply Yours also stocks other things, like nightwear, tights, swimwear & even fashion, by brands like Joe Browns, as well as their own designs. They are definately a website worth checking out, especially if you have a hard time finding (nice) bras in your size, like I do!
Disclaimer: This post is in partnership with Simply Yours, however all opinions are my own & I will never be paid to promote any brands I have not tried myself.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Dress & Big Hair

Dress - ASOS
Cardigan - Dorothy Perkins
Floral Crown - Handmade

Nothing much to say, just have some photos:)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Feeling Crafty



Just thought I'd show you what I made with the flowers I bought yesterday. I had more than enough for a headband, so I also made a floral crown (ended up liking it more than the headband, hehe!) & some clips with the leftover flowers. I think it cost me about £10 for all the flowers, but for the amount of hair accessories I got out of them, I think they were rather good value!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

OOTD - DIYed Floral

Dress - Handmade
Blouse - Evans
Shoes - Miss L Fire
Tights - We Love Colors
Bracelet - Evans
Bow - Craftster Swap

Hello again everyone! Haven't posted in a while - eek! Anyway, thought I'd show you my outfit today, it's a dress I made the other day. I am quite proud of it, I did it from scratch, no pattern. It's even got shirring at the back, which I never thought I'd be able to do. It may have not cost less than buying a new dress, especially with the time it took, but it was still worth it, I think!

I bought some buttons & flowers today. The flowers I hope to make (another) floral headband with, & the buttons are to jazz up some of my cardigans, which all seem to have boring plastic round 4 hole buttons. Now just to decide which cardigans are getting the new buttons!

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