Thursday, March 31, 2011

OOTD - Flamingos & Flowers

Hey everyone! Currently blogging from my sister's flat, as I'm babysitting her cat for a few days whilst she is in hospital (get well soon Charlotte!). I say my sister's cat, but he used to be mine & lived at home with us. He had to move though, as he didn't like having other animals around (we have 2 dogs & another cat), & kept peeing everywhere! He is much happier in his new home:)

Anyway, I thought I'd take some outfit shots whilst I'm here, as it is much more spacious & brighter, therefore better for indoor oufit shots than at home. Thought I'd include Mr Socks (the cat:P) in a photo too, since he is the reason I am here. I don't think he was so impressed though..!

Dress - Ruby Belle @ Evans S/S 10
Floral Headband - Reconstructed from the stretchy Primark one I bought the other week. (I hate stretchy head bands!)
Socks - Sock Dreams
Ring - Dolly Mixx

New shoes!! How cute are these?, I love the pom poms. They are from the kid's section of Next (which goes up to a UK 7). I always think that kids shoes are much more me, generally because they tend to be brighter & more whimsical looking, & if they do have a heel, it's one I can walk in! Hehe!

Liquorice Allsort nails! I saw a pic of some similar on Google & decided to do my own version. Left hand is a bit messy (more so irl), but I still like them!

See, I told you Mr Socks wasn't too impressed with my photo taking! :P

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cupcake Nails

Don't know why I haven't thought of doing cupcake nails before, but oh well! I used a lot of my new Model's Own polishes, there are 8 different colours on this design!! Really like them though, I think this is one of my favourite designs ever.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

H&M Inclusive Outfit

Skirt & Cardigan - H&M Inclusive Tights - We Love Colors Flower - New Look Rings - Various

Here are some pics of the cardigan & skirt I got from H&M Inclusive. As I've said before, I also ordered the blue flowery dress, but unfortunately that ran super small & didn't fit me:( I ordered a 28, a size up form my usualy 26, & it still only fitted like a 22/24! H&M sizing is pretty weird, because the other 2 items fit me perfectly. I feel sad about the dress, because it was so pretty, & the texture was really unusual with all those flowers sewn on.

Anyway, at least the other items fit, as they are also lovely. I showed you the cardi in my last OOTD post, but I think these pics show the detail better. As I've said before, this cardigan is lovely & soft, as it has angora in it. The pearl & sequin beading detail is just perfect too. I think this is one of my favourite cardigans now, because it is so cute & the off white colour goes with just about anything. It's probably a little thick to wear in summer though, but it's perfect for spring.

The skirt is also just as good as I had hoped. It has an elastic waist, which is probably why it is more forgiving in size than the dresses seem to be. It's a gorgeous orangey pink coral, which I love. I really like the cutout stripe detail. Verdict - both items are lovely, but I do wish H&M would sort their sizing out so that I could have kept everything, not just the stretchy stuff!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Dress - Joe Browns @ Simply Be Cardigan - H&M Inclusive Bag - TKMaxx Socks - Sock Dreams Shoes - New Look Bow - New Look Rings - Republic/ASOS

Thought I'd show you all what I wore out shopping yesterday. I wore my new cardi from H&M, sorry you can't see more detail, but it is absolutely perfect! It's got angora in it & is deliciously soft. It's also quite thick & has quite a vintage look, with cute pearl buttons instead of regular flat buttons. I'd say it runs true to size, this one is a 26/28 & is perfect for me.

Whenever I go shopping in town, you may have noticed that I always buy tonnes of accessories from Prinark, but I just can't help it, they are such a great price! I also bought a floral dress with poofy underskirt & a mint cropped cardigan from New Look, which are both adorable.

Oh oh, & look what arrived yesterday! My nail polish. I think I have an extreme amount now, in virtually every colour under the sun. I am officially a nail polish addict now! I keep asking everyone in my household if they want me to paint their nails & all of them say no :(

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pretty Things

Just a few things I've bought & a few diy manicures I've done over the past week or so. The clothes are from H&M, will show you those better in another post. Sadly the blue flowery dress doesn't fit me & I'm having to send it back :( Rings & bag bought from ASOS with my Groupon voucher (yay!). Also got 11(!) bottles of Models Own nail polish on the way, I'm being a bit of a spendthrift at the moment, but I can't resist. I've become slightly addicted to doing my nails, I've had 3 different designs on my nails this week alone, & it's not even over yet, eek!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's Here

I know I didn't blog about H&M's Inclusive range when I first heard about it, but other bloggers had covered it, so I didn't feel the need to. I've been waiting for what seems like ages, desperate to get my hands on certain pieces seen in the promo pics, but today is the day, it's finally here! I thought I'd let everyone who reads my blog know, just in case they don't check online shops every day obsessively like I do, or they hadn't heard that today was the day, hehe!
Obviously I've already bought the things I wanted to :P. I was surprised to see that the prices were much lower than I was expecting, I'm so used to "one off collections" charging a significant amount more than regular stock & I am delighted that these prices are much more reasonable!

Can you guess which pieces I bought?

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

ASOS Curve Spot Dress Review

Dress - ASOS Cardigan - Dorothy Perkins Belt - Evans Bow - New Look Rings - Various

I've had this ASOS dress for a while now, & have been meaning to show it to you & do a mini review. On the website, the dress looks a lot lighter than it really is. It's a beige, rather than the light pink/"nude" it looks like in the stock photos. The catwalk video shows it truer to life, but still lighter than it is. I was initially a bit disappointed with this, because you all know how I love light pinks/"nudes", but I still liked it enough to keep.

The design is really pretty & has a quite grown up shape to it, but the polka dots give it a more youthful feel. I've found that the pleats around the waist area sag a little weirdly, because they aren't sewn down, which is why I've tried to cover that section with a belt. It's made of a thin non stretch cotton-esque material, & isn't lined, but I don't think it really needs one, it's not see through at all & a lining might make it too warm to wear in warmer weather.

My overall opinion is that it's cute, & perfect for spring. 8/10

Sunday, March 06, 2011

OOTD - Patent Red & Kitty Cats

Dress - Littlewoods Blouse - Evans Shoes - Topshop Pin - Vintage Bracelet - DIYed

Florals again! Actually, it was bloody freezing, so I wore my navy mac from ASOS over this the whole time I was out, but I can't wait for milder weather to start wearing all my lovely spring-y things! This dress is from South @ Littlewoods, which actually has a pretty decent selection of cute things, with most going up to size 24, & some size 28. This dress, as well as the skirt from my last OOTD are a 24, so even if you are supposed to be a bigger size (like me!), some things are worth a try.

Also, how sweet are my shoes? I got them from Topshop last year & have been meaning to show you guys for ages! Today was actually the frst day I've worn them out, I've found it hard to pair them with things, in spite of their lovelyness. My mum says they look like old fashioned school shoes, not sure if that is a good or bad thing!

Saturday, March 05, 2011

OOTD - Floral Blonde

Skirt - South at Littlewoods Cardigan - Next Shoes - New Look Bag - Porthmadog Belt - Littlewoods Necklace - DIYed Bow -ASOS Ring - Primark

Firstly, let my apologise for my absense! I had been meaning to post, but I was feeling under the weather for a while & by the time I felt better I had mislaid both of my camera chargers, therefore, no pics! I've managed to find the one to my littly Sony Cybershot, but not the one to my DLSR, which I normally use, which sucks. I hope I find it soon!

Anyway, as you can see, I've decided to try going blonde. I've dyed my hair many colours over the years, but blonde was never one of them. I've had pink hair, purple hair, red hair, black hair, brown hair, half & half hair, all in various combinations. Never blonde. I'm still not sure that it suits me, but I wanted to try. And luckily this is much easier to reverse than my other dying experiments, as it is a wig. I've heard/seen so many people try wigs recently, that I wanted to try one out too. This is only a cheap one off ebay, but not bad for the money (only cost about £20).

I wore it out today, & did feel a bit self conscious at first, but I reckon it probably only looks weird to people who know me with my normal hair, I didn't attract any laughing or pointing so I guess that's good! Haha. Not sure I'm going to wear it regularly, but it's nice to have a change.

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