Sunday, February 06, 2011

My 21st - Part Two

My Plus London Post - yay! Firstly, here is what I wore to the aforementioned event:D My dress is from last season's Grazia range @ Simply Be, & is another of my sale bargains! It's gone down even more now & also comes in black, so if you like it, you should definately snap it up

Thought I should also snap a pic of my hair/face before I left, as travelling on the tube normally makes me all hot/bothered & generally looking a complete mess! It was also bloody windy outside, so I was afraid my hard to tame hair would return to it's normal unruly-ness befre I had even arrived:( Thankfully, it did survive-ish, as did my makeup, hehe!

I left super early, & got there 1 hour before I needed to. I always panic & get lost in London, so I thought it was best to, last time I met Devon, Lauren, Carla etc, I spent half an hour texting Devon because I got rather lost in Kings Cross Station & couldn't find her! Anyway, this time I only got a little lost:P, because I came out of an exit I hadn't planned to. I didn't realise there was more than one exit & the route I had memorised from Google Maps to the Strand Gallery was therefore a bit useless. I did find an electronic street map though, thankfully, or else I'd probably have been wandering around for agggggggges getting more & more lost, & more & more panicky!

Once I got my bearings though, I was okay (I also found the exit I should have come out of!!). Because I was so early I wandered around Villiers Street for a while, &browsed a few shops. Anyway, at about half past I decided to venture down to the gallery, & Lauren very kindly let me in early. Sorry I was such a pain Lauren! This is what the upstairs gallery looked like before everyone else arrived.
Now on to the party....

Valerie & Devon

Downstairs were all the samples & the pop up photo studio (which no, I did not go into, I was too shy, despite much persuasion:P). It was also v hot downstair, so I spent most of my time upstairs near the (open) door:P

Beth!, doing one of her fabulous poses!

Stole this photo from Carla via the Plus London tumblr (hope you don't mind Carla), because I didn't manage to get any action shots of me, as I was so shy! Idk what I am looking at though! I am so useless in front of (other people's) cameras. Sorry to everyone I actually spoke to that night, I am such a shy & socially awkward creature, I basically just nodded & smiled the whole time! Eeek! You were all very lovely & I'm sorry I wasn't more chatty. I did have a lovely time, though, it was awesome to see & meet everyone!


  1. Looks like fun! Don't worry, I am really shy too, especially in large groups of people. I love your dress!

  2. You look gorgeous, just checked out that Simply Be dress that you wore and it looks so much better on you than in the stock photo!

    The party looks like a blast! :)

  3. Georgina hun :( You should have said goodbye to me! Amy (the Amy with the huuuuuuuge bow,) and I were looking for you because we wanted to give you hugs and get our picture taken with you, because she said it was your birthday.
    I know you're shy, but trust me when I say you're actually brilliant company to be around, you're a beautiful and sweet girl, and you don't need to apologise for being shy, silly. I found this out at the Yours event and again on Saturday.
    I was really pleased you came, I wasn't expecting you :D
    Your pic of me and Val is better than my one, so I'm gonna steal it when I do my post :P
    I hope your birthday was good fun.
    Much love <3
    Devon xx

  4. Love the dress n' headband!! Keep posting!! :D

  5. Love the outfit, the colors are so pretty on you!

  6. The outfit is lovely! I really wanted to go but I had work, totally going to the next event :)

  7. Wish I lived in the UK so I could go to events like this! As usual, your hair, make-up, accessories and of course OUTFIT were all amazing!

  8. I really like the dress! Lovely ribbon thingy at the waist!!
    It looks like a really good time was had:=)

  9. Hi Georgina! Oh my~~ I love this outfit! Why does not Finland have these kinda clothes! T__T I have a party coming up in spring and I _have_ to find a new dress and it's kinda mission impossible with these choices in Finland. When it's pretty; it has no sizes. T_T And all these plus size dresses are just awful here... Maybe I'll order it somewhere~

  10. You looked lovely! I think I said to everyone, I wish I had spent more time chatting with you... The time just flew by!

  11. Your look is so romantic, I love it :)

  12. you looked amazing, and you were just lovely to walk to the tube with - dont worry about feeling shy I think we all did to an extent xx


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