Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spring is in the Air: WANTED

March is just around the corner, & with it comes spring, my favourite time of the year. Spring is usually sunny, but mild in temperature, so you can wear florals, light dresses etc, but layer them up with tights & cardigans & not get too hot like you would in summer. You also don't get too cold like you would in winter. Plus, all the shops start stocking pastels & pretty prints, along with cute, light knitwear, which I love! Spring fashion is always the best! What do you think, is spring the best, or do you prefer other seasons?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Nothing very exciting today, I know some of you were hoping for a Valentine's day themed outfit. I haven't got one of those.. but thought I'd at least show you my nails I painted for the occasion, with a pretty heart theme. I got this idea from Lillian's blog, & think they turned out really cute! And actually deceptively easy to do, even my left hand doesn't look a complete mess!
For those who care, I used 1 coat of Nails Inc Quebec Street, 1 coat of China Glaze Rainbow, & then the hearts were done with Nail's Inc Walton Street. Most of my polishes are now Nails Inc, I keep finding packs of them at TKMaxx, at insanely reduced prices (I would never pay retail for them - £11 a bottle?! No thanks!) & I can't resist them. I do now have about 10 shades of pink though...not that you can ever have too much pink! Hehe:P

Saturday, February 12, 2011

OOTD - Pastel Pink & Bows

A quick OOTD, featuring my lovely new jumper! I saw it ages ago on someone else, & fell in love with it. I didn't ask the girl where it was from, but I later spotted a blue version on the River Island website whilst browsing their selection of animal hats! The pink one was sold out, so I forgot all about it, but last week remembered it & decided to try ebay. I found one & won the auction. Yay!

It was massively oversized on the girl I saw it on, which I why I thought I should give it a go. River Island only got up to an 18, but this jumper is actually a 16. Oversized = perfect for fatties! :P

Jumper - River Island Dress - Evans Shoes - ASOS Ring - Accessorize Bow - ASOS


Sunday, February 06, 2011

My 21st - Part Two

My Plus London Post - yay! Firstly, here is what I wore to the aforementioned event:D My dress is from last season's Grazia range @ Simply Be, & is another of my sale bargains! It's gone down even more now & also comes in black, so if you like it, you should definately snap it up

Thought I should also snap a pic of my hair/face before I left, as travelling on the tube normally makes me all hot/bothered & generally looking a complete mess! It was also bloody windy outside, so I was afraid my hard to tame hair would return to it's normal unruly-ness befre I had even arrived:( Thankfully, it did survive-ish, as did my makeup, hehe!

I left super early, & got there 1 hour before I needed to. I always panic & get lost in London, so I thought it was best to, last time I met Devon, Lauren, Carla etc, I spent half an hour texting Devon because I got rather lost in Kings Cross Station & couldn't find her! Anyway, this time I only got a little lost:P, because I came out of an exit I hadn't planned to. I didn't realise there was more than one exit & the route I had memorised from Google Maps to the Strand Gallery was therefore a bit useless. I did find an electronic street map though, thankfully, or else I'd probably have been wandering around for agggggggges getting more & more lost, & more & more panicky!

Once I got my bearings though, I was okay (I also found the exit I should have come out of!!). Because I was so early I wandered around Villiers Street for a while, &browsed a few shops. Anyway, at about half past I decided to venture down to the gallery, & Lauren very kindly let me in early. Sorry I was such a pain Lauren! This is what the upstairs gallery looked like before everyone else arrived.
Now on to the party....

Valerie & Devon

Downstairs were all the samples & the pop up photo studio (which no, I did not go into, I was too shy, despite much persuasion:P). It was also v hot downstair, so I spent most of my time upstairs near the (open) door:P

Beth!, doing one of her fabulous poses!

Stole this photo from Carla via the Plus London tumblr (hope you don't mind Carla), because I didn't manage to get any action shots of me, as I was so shy! Idk what I am looking at though! I am so useless in front of (other people's) cameras. Sorry to everyone I actually spoke to that night, I am such a shy & socially awkward creature, I basically just nodded & smiled the whole time! Eeek! You were all very lovely & I'm sorry I wasn't more chatty. I did have a lovely time, though, it was awesome to see & meet everyone!

My 21st - Part One

Hello everyone! I seem to have been neglecting my blog, sorry guys! Anyway, I have 2 posts for you, the next one will be posted in the next day or so. It was my birthday on Saturday, & coincidentally also the day of the Plus London blogger meet, which I did attend. Everyone was lovely & it was great to meet everyone. More about that coming up in part 2 though, this is what I was doing/wearing whilst everyone was out shopping/eating in London!

Dress - ASOS Curve Cardigan - Dorothy Perkins Shoes - ASOS Bow - New Look Pearl Butterfly Brooch - Dorothy Perkins Charm Bracelet - Gift

This was my favourite present, my mum's silver charm bracelet. I was so happy to get this, she knows I have loved it for years, & it means so much that even though she still loves it (it was her 18th birthday present from friends), she would give it to me. :)

You can't really tell, but the dress I was wearing is the ASOS Curve peter pan collar one. With my light coloured cardi over the top though, & all my hair, you can't really see the collar :(

I loved the nails I painted the day before. The colours are Nails Inc Birdcage Walk, with a coat of China Glaze Rainbow, & the pattern is Konad White Pearl. So pretty & girly!

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