Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year Everyone!

Hello everyone! Happy New Year to you all, I hope you had a nicae time last night. I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon with a roundup of my favourite outfits of 2010. This is my top 5. Hope you enjoy it:)

This was my absolute favourite outfit of last year. I love love love that bunny print jumper, & also my spotty skirt. This is just very me!


Last year I embraced my love of all things pastel/light. Before that I had thought pastels didn't suit me & I couldn't wear light shades. Now they are some of my favourite colours to wear. Funny how much some things change!


This outfit is no.3 on my list, purely because it is so different to the floaty/girly vibe I normally go for. I still love this outfit, & it is one of my resolutions for this year to experiment further than a dress & cardi combo, even though I love them dearly.


Coral was one of my favourite colours this year, & although this dress isn't strictly quite a coral, this outfit embraces my loved summer colours, coral & "nude". Also, I really like my hair in this pic :P New Year's resolution - experiment more with my hair.


And last, but not least, my Christmas oufit. I love this outfit because, well, it's frilly & lacey & has bows on it. Need I say more?
Thanks to everyone who read/commented/followed my blog in the past year. It's hard to believe sometimes that people would actually want to read anything I've written, & this blog has come a long way in under a year. I am really grateful for everything, thank you so much everyone!


  1. Happy new Year Georgina :) I love all your OutFit *___* I really like your style! My favorite outfit of those 5 is the number 4! The coral is fantastic *___* and yes, your hair are very very beautiful!

  2. Great outfits! I think the second one is my favorite:=) Happy New Year!

  3. Happy New Year :) (I've already said via email yesterday xD)
    My favorite is the second! I love your dress, she's beautiful!
    Sorry, my English is still bad lool ^^)

  4. Happy New Year Georgina. You are an inspiration and a delight. Keep doing what you do.

  5. I like outfit number 3 :)
    happy new year :)

  6. I love all your outfits, but my favourite is the second, it's so romantic!
    Happy New Year,


  7. I only found your blog recently (via fatshionista i think) so not read much but looking forward to following it through 2011 :) i think my favourite is outfit 3 - that bobbly jumper is FANTASTIC.


  8. Hiiiiiiiii :)
    Oh I like it very much!
    Your style is PERFECT!
    I'm follower.

    A kiss from :

    follow me? :)

  9. I agree that those outfits are my faves too! I've been watching you since you posted in Fatshionista and your style has definitely evolved ... love!

  10. The first and the last outfits are my absolute favourites. You have a collection of clothes which are drool-worthy! Happy New Year to you!

  11. I love your girly style. You look fabulous in all of these and I can't wait to see what you bring us in 2011 :)

  12. Happy New Year Georgina!
    I like your blog and your outfits are cool! And the best are 5,4,2.
    Keep up the good work!)

  13. Happy new year!
    I love these outfits, they all have a pretty, classic vibe to them & they all look great on you :) I love the one with the jumper over the dress especially, I'm not sure why.

    hope you have a great new year :)

  14. I agree, the bunny jumper outfit is just super cute!
    happy new year <3

  15. WOW!!!
    it's very cool!!
    you are the most beautiful on photo #1 and #5!
    sweet x-mas and happy new year)
    i hope that new 2011 year will be brilliant for you!

  16. So many great outfits! You always look fabulous :) Happy 2011!!

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  17. hey !
    ich liebe deinen blog :)
    wirklich total tolle bilder , ich werde dich verfolgen :)
    willst du dir auch mal meinen blog ansehen ?


  18. You really have amazing style!

    Lovely blog!


  19. Love all of these outfits, we have loads of the same clothes :)
    Your header is great, I'm rubbish at making things like that, not technical at all.
    Hope 2011 is a great year for you

  20. i love love the second outfit!!!so cute!!!

  21. Happy new year!
    those outfits are fantastic,
    and you look adorable :)


  22. Happy new year!
    you're great!i've looked most of your posts and i think that you're amazing and you have adorable style)

  23. Happy new year to you as well :)
    I love outfit number two by the way, it's so cute! I'm really into lace & stuff, but I just can't manage to find anything that suits me.. Bu this one does look stunning on you ;)


  24. Very, very beautiful you! I have a fashion blog and a shop specializing in Plus Size fashion here in Brazil called DORCAS PLUS SIZE.
    Congratulations on good taste, the blog and has won a fan!
    A kiss

    Flá Muniz

  25. Your body is fantastic, seriously. I adore your style!


  26. Dear Georgina
    I like your outfits and all your style!
    My best wishes, kukueva

  27. Your outfits are so kawaii! l love your hair as well. l love the top photos with you in hot pink and black and white chequered skirt - rockin. Hope to see more posts soon.

  28. your outfits are so cute i love your hair, and the shoes too


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