Thursday, December 09, 2010

Strawberry Nails

Sorry I haven't posted in so long, well, over a week:P Anyway, just wanted to show you a pic of my nails today. I did strawberries ages ago, & posted a photo on this blog. I thought I'd revisit the theme now I actually have green polish for the leaves, last time I used black. Also, I can't believe it is so close to Christmas now! 16 days! Eeek! Luckily I have done all of my Christmas shopping, I ordered most things online which was much easier - my local shopping centre is manic at this time of year. Does anyone else plan their outfit for the day well in advance? I do, but I am a little sad, hehe! Last year a wore a red silky dress & grey boots. I am undecided for this year, I want to wear 2 new things that don't go at all with each other, my lilac Evans jacquard dress, and some patent red maryjanes from Topshop. I am celebrating on 2 separate days though, so I get to see all of my family, so I guess I shall wear the red shoes one time, & the lilac dress another. With other items of course:P


  1. Cute! I am slowly getting back to Konad. Been ignoring my kit for far too long. lol

  2. hi georigina my name is Ale I am brazilian and fat girl and I like your blog your clothes, here in brazil we haven't beutiful clothes plus size.

  3. Super cute nails! I wish I finished Christmas shopping like you did...but I am so behind. I don't plan my outfit in advance because I am so fickle Can't wait to see the red topshop maryjanes and the lilac (one of my fav colors) dress.

    Fast Food & Fast Fashion

  4. I did plan my Christmas outfit already.
    Nice nails!

  5. hey, its my first time here ^^ love ur blog. love wat u r doing wif ur life. ur style. n esp all those cute stuff. love it!! >__<

  6. so cute! you're a wonderful girl! and your ideas are perfect!

    i want to do such nails
    mmmmm... delicious ;)

  7. oh shitt sooo damn cute .. i want spring and summer and sun <3

  8. I really like the way you are :)
    and I like your outfits I think you are special and thats the thing what makes you and your blog so interesting :)
    ps. your nails are fantastic!

    greetings from germany, wanda

  9. Thank you for your comments everyone, I really appreciate them:)

  10. thanks for sharing, i love it.... so cute

  11. so nice and unusual, very good ideas, which attract everyone's view:)
    greetings from Russia :)


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