Friday, December 24, 2010

My Evans Competition Entry

So much for the last post being the last before Christmas Day! Anyway, I just wanted to show you my entry for the Evan's Christmas oufit competition, which the lovely Steph of Buttons, Bow & Brogues won today! Well done Steph, your outfit was lovely & you deserved to win! Anyway, it was just a little bit of fun before Christmas, so I just threw this outfit of my favourite Evans clothing together, & snapped a quick pic in the fading sunlight. The skirt, cardi, & shoes are all from Evans, although the Beth Ditto cardigan is the only one still on sale now.
Christmas Eve today! Still can't believe Christmas Day is tomorrow. I've spent today doing my nails & straightening my hair so it won't take so long tomorrow. Also had a nice bath & now I am getting excited at spending the day with my family tomorrow. Yay! Hope you all have a lovely day, whether you celebrate or not.
George xx


  1. you look so pretty, i loved the skirt:)

  2. I'm so happy Steph won bc it was a cute outfit. But so is yours!

  3. What an adorable outfit ^_^ xx

  4. Merry Christmas Honey, I love that cardie lots.
    Kandi x

  5. I like the cardigan. The heart print is pretty.
    Have a good holiday!


  6. I loved your entry! I entered too but they never uploaded my photo on the Facebook page! I was pretty bummed! In fact, I was wearing the same dress as the super cute girl who won!

    Happy Christmas!

    xoxo cuppy

  7. What a lovely skirt. I have never seen it online, but it has awesome colors!

  8. I need that skirt. Like really, it's a need.

  9. Merry Christmas to you Georgina and you always look so perfectly girly and romantic!

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  11. Merry Xmas from Russia))
    This skirt is really nice!)
    And your looks are also very interesting) I like your style)
    Good luck)

  12. Looks great! And I have that skirt, I might dig it out again now I've seen you rocking it so well :D

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Omg, I'm so sad that I can't buy that skirt :(
    Devon xx

  15. Not sure how many commetns I've left now haha! Sorry, I must be getting annoying :P BUT I promise this is the last one I'll comment on!! YOU LOOK FABULOUS! :D xx


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