Friday, November 26, 2010

Kris Atomic

Yay, my Kris Atomic print arrived! I don't normally buy prints, but I have been following Kris' work for several years now through her blog, & when I saw she had launched her shop, I just had to get one! Kris Atomic is one of my favourite artists, I discovered gouache because of her, hehe. It was rather tricky deciding which one to buy, I was torn between "In Her Room" & "Miu Miu Print". In the end I went for "In Her Room", because the colours match my room more. In an ideal world I would have bought them all! I need to buy a frame for it though, before I can put it on my wall :(

The packaging was lovely, how adorable is the candy striped string & the personalised label? I also got sent this smaller print, free! How nice was that?! I am super happy with my purchase, & I do recommend Kris' work if you are looking for some artwork for your walls. She also has handpainted plates & original artwork in her shop, which I can only dream of one day owning, but if you have the funds, they would definately be worth it!


  1. I love her work too! I've been following her work for a few years now too! It's gorgeous! I love the Miu Miu Print so much!


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