Sunday, November 07, 2010

I couldn't resist...

Dress - ASOS Cardigan - Beth Ditto @ Evans Boots - ASOS Bracelets - ASOS/Primark Ring - Evans Bow - New Look

I said I probably wouldn't buy anything from the Beth Ditto collection, but I cracked for the cute heart cardigan when there was 20% off. I must confess, I borrowed this outfit idea from Lauren, who tried on this cardi with this dress when she did her changing room post, showcasing most of the Beth pieces. It is a cute combo though :P

I wore some very sparkly jewellery today. I normally don't go for quite so many gems, but I couldn't resist the bracelet on sale. How cute also is my bangle, which I got from Primark for £1.50. It fits my wrists perfectly, I've bought bangles from Evans before & they just fall off my wrists. I'm quite lucky (& out of proportion) that I can wear rings & bracelets from any shop, I know some people have trouble finding ones that fit.

How adorable also is my new pin? Most of you will probably recognise that it is Fifi Lapin, the famous bunny who "wears" lots of lovely designer clothes. When I saw the shop was selling 3 new pins, I just had to get one, I couldn't resist something this cute! Now I just need to find something to pin it on!

I also bought this dress from Evans, which is sooo pretty irl. They also have a version in blue. I've been waiting for it ever since they showed us some preview pics on the blog, but seeing as they changed a few designs, I wasn't hopeful that it would come in. But it did & yay! I am planning to wear it soon, it's quite shiny so not something I could wear everyday.
I haven't just been buying things for me though, I've started buying presents ready for Christmas. I like to be organized:P I really love shopping for other people, I find it really fun. I should become a personal shopper or something! I think all of you that read this blog know that I kinda have a little shopping addiction, hehe.


  1. The cardigan looks great on you, the whole outfit is adorable :)

  2. That outfit is gorgeous! I do love that cardigan! I love the Fafi pin!

  3. You are so lucky you can buy regular size rings and bracelets. I cannot buy bracelets that will go over my large palm anywhere these days. It's a shame I didn't think of trying the ones on Evans while in London..

  4. I so want that Evans jaquard dress in blue! Really really want it!! But I'm not sure where I'd wear it. I don't really have a lot of Christmas events to go to and we're spending NYE at a street party in Edinburgh! So layers and layers of clothing will be required!!

    Ps - Love the BD cardi on you. CUTE!

  5. Hi Georgina, I think that is the first time that I comment in your blog, but believe, not the first time I read it! I follow you for a long time, but always busy to comment... I supose you well know...

    I have the same dress, I was also for me irresistible!!!! Is so so cute! is it?

    I bought it maybe in may but only weared it last Friday. I uploaded some fotos in my facebook page, and as soon as I can I will update the blog also!

    Is a nice match see same dress in a big blogger at the same time!!!

    Congratulations for the blog!!! See you ;)

  6. nice outfit love the accessories x

  7. Where is the lapin pin from? it's lovely!

    I like that your jewelery matches so well with little roses!

  8. you are so cute that I don`t know what to do with my self! I love everything about this outfit, great to see you putting your own twist on the pieces :)

    <3 Anika
    Twitter: @AnikaSweetface

  9. i really like your style... the bracelet is lush! :)

  10. you look beautiful.
    i love that cardigan. good find.

    and i loooove that pin.
    i want one now.

  11. You look stunning ! I love the dress <3

  12. I loooove the Cardigan, and the Rose-lace is so adorable <3
    Oh, i think I saw a few Fifi-Illustrations.. but I can't remember where Ó_o

    Lovely greetings

  13. I love that cardigan! *_*
    I've bought it some time ago, it's o cute!

  14. Heloo!!
    Very beautifull!!!
    Brazilian kisses for you.

  15. So pretty! And I looooove the accessories!

  16. Ooh only just found your lovely blog via Messy Carla ~ glad I did :)
    I love love the Beth Ditto Cardie, I ma heading to Evans tomorrow might just have to snaffle one up, well I am taking something back so it will essentially be free won't it?
    Kandi x

  17. I'm glad someone gets use out of that cardigan. I actually sent it back, because I couldn't figure out how to incorporate a cardigan that short into my wardrobe. It looked more like a bolero than a cropped cardigan on me, and that unfortunately didn't work.

  18. Hi again! My look with same dress here if you are interested in...


  19. You look lovely :)
    just a quick 'q!
    where did you get the lapin pin from?!
    I must have one! xx

  20. Oh, it's interesting that You can buy so great clothes in Your shops. In Poland it's impossible. If person is bigger or smaller than 'normal' people, can't buy sth nice and pretty. :/ And because of it i don't have beatiful clothes.
    You look great!!!!! Your bracelet with roses is incredible!!!!!!!
    From Warsaw with love!!!
    P.S. Sorry for my english. :)


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