Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I spent most of yesterday making lots of tiny cupcakes for the relaunch of my online shop, Dolly Mixx. I am selling off all the current stock in mystery swag bags atm, so do head on over to the shop, because they are only £20 each, & the contents are worth much more than that! Sorry for that blatant plug, lol, but they would make good Christmas presents ;) If you want a cupcake though, you will have to wait until the New Year, when I shall be lauching my redesigned shop:)

My desk! It's rather messy atm, covered in cupcakes & bead boxes. I only just tidied it, but it basically always looks a mess.

As well as making items for the shop, I have also been madly decorating boxes with paper clay & beads! I did a huge one, which is not quite finished yet, but it is literally covered in hundreds of cabochons & pearls. These pink boxes are actually empty nail polish remover pad boxes, but they look far cuter as little cake-esque ones!

Whilst I'm rambling on about cute things, how adorable is my new (it's actually 20 years old, lol!) Polly Pocket clock? I had one of these as a kid, a bright pink one & when I spotted a photo of it on Flickr, I just had to buy one off eBay! How could I resist - after all it isn't just a toy, it's functional too:P I now have 3 clocks in my room, a wall clock, this one, & also a Winnie the Pooh one. I'm not sure why I need so many for not a very large space!


  1. How cute! I used to LOVE Polly Pocket. But my brother had a tendency of stealing my people and putting them in his toy cars, never to be seen again :(.

  2. I'm so excited for when your shop opens! What else are student loans for? :P
    That clock is adorable <3

  3. Those cupcakes are adorable! I love the Polly Pocket clock, I used to have lots of those little PP houses that snap open when I was a kid, didn't know they had clocks or I would have asked Santa for one! xoxo


  4. Theplussideofme - aww! Luckily I had a sister, so that never happened to me!

    Mali - Hehe! I am glad to be getting back into Dolly Mixx, it's been such a long time since I really bothered with it, but I feel revitalised now.

    Dee - I had lots of those too, I even contemplated buy some of those too, but in the end decided it was less sad if I actually bought something that had a function:P I ended up paying more for it than my Mum did at the time when she bought me my original one.

  5. wow i actually want to eat them! xx


  6. I loved Polly Pocket as a kid. :P Nice pictures.

  7. I've only been reading your blog for a short while and didn't know you had an online shop. These ornaments (charms?) are so beautiful. They look good enough to eat. I think I'm definitely going to be spending some pennies on them. Do you ship international?

  8. you are talented. they are all SO cute.

  9. i had a rather silly moment and though to myself that those cucakes will be manky and stale by new year, she's made them waayy too early.
    yeah, well done.
    i actually thought they were real!

    shows how good they look : )

  10. These are so adorable. I'm going to post a link at my blog, and I may buy a pack for myself!

    simply nommable!

  11. also, is the shipping additional to send to the US?

  12. My sister had that clock!! It's awesome. Oh the things we should have held on to!
    Those cupcakes are gorgeous btw - you're so skilled! x

  13. Can you believe I'm hungry when I see them??
    They're soo good!!

  14. wow, it's magic.
    may you make a tutorial?

  15. adorable! do you make them out of clay? do you put in a cast or something? i've just got a jewellery making brief at college, and i have no idea where to start! the theme is 'junk' so i was thinking making little burgers, hotdogs etc. any advice would be smashing :)

  16. Since you're mentioning your shop, I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with my own "swag bag"! I'm convinced the chocolate cupcake on the pink background will become a new favorite, and the bow earrings are even prettier than I thought they would be! Plus it was so much fun to open the package and discover all the little details you had included in the wrapping! Hugs from a happy customer

  17. its look like very delicious and I want to eat !I hope when I learn you blog and I can make it !

  18. I love everything! I am a new follower.
    Your desk looks so yummy and pretty.


  19. Waou! It's so cute! Me too I make cup cake. I have created a blog with my friends. We utilised "Pate fimo". http://kawaiifimo.skyrock.com/

  20. how do you make this stuff ??? please add a tutorial ! it's so pretty !

  21. I love your blog, I love all your accessories and these cup cake are so beautiful!
    It's amazing everythink you do! I am Spanish and I do not speak English very well but I do what I can to understand and comment on your posts because I love it.!
    kisses and see you soon!! ^^


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