Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Just wanted to update everyone who reads my blog, I made a mistake when reviewing my We Love Colors tights. I called the pink ones Rubine, but in fact they were Magenta! I am feeling a bit of an idiot now, this is probably why they were more pink than I was expecting :P

More Snow!

Scarf - Suzy Smith Skirt - Evans Jumper - ASOS Hat - River Island Boots - Ebay T Shirt - H&M Bracelet - Evans

It's been snowing around here again, not much, but still pretty! I went out to take photos & frolic, hehe! I also tried heading down the hill to the moor to take some nice countryside photos of the canal etc, but I fell over on the way down, & decided not to risk it. I really need some snow boots or something, I have no shoes practical for snow! I'm wearing some fake knitted uggs in this pic, which I don't really like, but they do keep my feet warm. They don't have any grip though, which is probably why I fell down! None of my other boots have grip either, at least these were warm. I've got my eyes on a pair of Rubber Duck snowjoggers, but they are £80, & since it doesn't exactly snow that much, I should look around for a cheaper pair!

Silly pose, but how lovely is my new scarf? I got it from TkMaxx the other day, it was £20, with an RRP of £40, so that was a good find! It also has really useful pockets for keeping your hands warm, without having to wear gloves. The detail on the buttons is also really sweet.

Smartie nails!

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Coat - ASOS Hat - River Island Boots - ASOS Socks - Sock Dreams Tights - Simply Be Pin - Fifi Lapin Rings - Primark/Evans

I woke up today & it was snowing! I love snow, I mean I'm not keen on all the traffic jams it causes & the ice, but snow is just such a fun thing! I turn into a little kid when it snows & I always have to go out in it, even if I had just planned to stay in all day. Admittedly today it hasn't been the heaviest of snowfalls, there's barely a few mm, but still, snow!

Notice my lovely combo of socks & tights. I've been wanting to try that out for a while, but all my ordinary black tights are too opaque to layer with my socks to get the right look. So I ordered these spot ones from Simply Be. I really like the effect & this is the first time I've really worn my Sock Dreams socks. They do go up over my knee, but they don't stay up on my legs, I need some tape/glue/garters. They are the extraordinary thigh highs, & they promise to fit any size of leg. I was dubious, but actually, they do fit me well, & they are not too tight. Obviously they don't come up as high, but they are still over the knee, on my 23-24 inch calves.

The tights though, I do not have such a good review of. This is the first time I've worn them, & they already have a large hole on the upper thigh from just pulling them on. I made sure to be very delicate with them too. So that is disappointing, because I love spotty tights, & these were fairly expensive, I think £16 for 2, 1 black, 1 brown.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Kris Atomic

Yay, my Kris Atomic print arrived! I don't normally buy prints, but I have been following Kris' work for several years now through her blog, & when I saw she had launched her shop, I just had to get one! Kris Atomic is one of my favourite artists, I discovered gouache because of her, hehe. It was rather tricky deciding which one to buy, I was torn between "In Her Room" & "Miu Miu Print". In the end I went for "In Her Room", because the colours match my room more. In an ideal world I would have bought them all! I need to buy a frame for it though, before I can put it on my wall :(

The packaging was lovely, how adorable is the candy striped string & the personalised label? I also got sent this smaller print, free! How nice was that?! I am super happy with my purchase, & I do recommend Kris' work if you are looking for some artwork for your walls. She also has handpainted plates & original artwork in her shop, which I can only dream of one day owning, but if you have the funds, they would definately be worth it!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I spent most of yesterday making lots of tiny cupcakes for the relaunch of my online shop, Dolly Mixx. I am selling off all the current stock in mystery swag bags atm, so do head on over to the shop, because they are only £20 each, & the contents are worth much more than that! Sorry for that blatant plug, lol, but they would make good Christmas presents ;) If you want a cupcake though, you will have to wait until the New Year, when I shall be lauching my redesigned shop:)

My desk! It's rather messy atm, covered in cupcakes & bead boxes. I only just tidied it, but it basically always looks a mess.

As well as making items for the shop, I have also been madly decorating boxes with paper clay & beads! I did a huge one, which is not quite finished yet, but it is literally covered in hundreds of cabochons & pearls. These pink boxes are actually empty nail polish remover pad boxes, but they look far cuter as little cake-esque ones!

Whilst I'm rambling on about cute things, how adorable is my new (it's actually 20 years old, lol!) Polly Pocket clock? I had one of these as a kid, a bright pink one & when I spotted a photo of it on Flickr, I just had to buy one off eBay! How could I resist - after all it isn't just a toy, it's functional too:P I now have 3 clocks in my room, a wall clock, this one, & also a Winnie the Pooh one. I'm not sure why I need so many for not a very large space!

Monday, November 22, 2010


These are all the items currently on my wishlist. I love ths ASOS Curve scalloped edge dress, I can't decide which colour is nicer though! Also loving the Evans dress, I saw this in a preview way back & was hoping it didn't get cut. I actually bought the lilac one, but the blue is just as nice! What are you currently lusting after?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

We Love Colors Review

Wearing magenta nylon/lycra tights.

Today I have a very embarrassing video of myself, reviewing We Love Colors tights. Please do excuse all the erm-ing, & also the talking too fast, hehe. It's very nerve wracking to do videos!
I shall also sum up what I've said, for those of you that don't want to watch the video (which I do suggest you shouldn't, lol).
We Love Colors tights come in a range of 51 colors, for all sizes. They have patterned & plain coloured tights. I chose the navy, & rubine nylon/lycra plus size tights to review, they were kindly sent to me by the people @ We Love Colors. The navy was featured in my last outfit post, & the magenta is in today's. The navy is brighter than I was expecting, it's not really a true navy, more of a royal blue. The magenta is also much more pink than I thought it would be, I thought it would have more red in it, but it's really just a hot pink.
They are very soft, and also very comfortable. I found mine did slip down, leaving the area where the leg joins the seat of the tights visible, which was annoying. I'm not sure why the legs kept falling down, as the waistband stayed in place. Next time I could try sizing down like the size chart suggests I can.
The choice of colours is excellent, they have 51 colours to choose from, as well as fishnets, stripey & paint splash varieties. We Love Colors is definitely the place to go if you also love colours as much as they do! I've always found it hard to find tights that fit me, the only places being eBay & Simply Be, with their Viva La Diva brand. Most of these do come in just black/brown though, & if you really want coloured tights then We Love Colors is the only place I know of that will fit, if you are my size & larger.
However I probably wouldn't buy them again, the are quite expensive to import into the UK, with the shipping & also customs which often gets charged. I got charged over £10 for my pastel coloured ones I showed you a while ago, just in customs fees. For 4 pairs of tights it cost me around £60, incl shipping & customs, which isn't exactly cheap. It's not too much worse than the UK ones I buy though, the plain black ones being around £9 each. I also found they way they kept falling down really irritating, & this is the main reason I wouldn't buy them again.

Fashion Bloggers Secret Santa

I recieved my gifts from my lovely secret santa yesterday! I got sent lots of pretty things. My faves are the scottie dog headband & also the little rose mirror compact. Thank you Nicola (Too Many Cupcakes). I also sent my package out yesterday, so hopefully my person should recieve it soon! I hope she likes everything!
I also did my nails again last night, they are now a lovely banana milkshake colour, with black bows. Only thing about the black konad polish is that is seems to smudge even with their own topcoat, which is sucky. But I did fairly well at being neat. Ish. Hehe. Also, my first ever video post shall be up soon. I just need to finish editing the video, & then you shall hear my thoughts on We Love Colors! I also have a very 80s outfit pic to show you, lol!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Hat - River Island Jumper - Next Coat - ASOS Skirt - South @ Littlewoods Shoes - New Look Belt - Evans Ring& Necklace - Primark
Hi again everyone! I have another outfit for you today. :) I decided to go down the clashing prints route, I know not everyone will approve, but oh well, I only dress for myself! I am also trialling a pair of We Love Colors tights here, they sent me a couple of pairs, but expect a proper review next week. You can see here they are slipping down a bit though -so that's not great. I didn't realise until I uploaded the pics. They almost look like those fancy tights you can buy that are supposed to look like stockings?

Also - trying to take outfit photos in the rain, with 2 doggies is hard! For one Button & Tallie won't sit still, & secondly, my sister wasn't too happy about standing in the rain taking photos, even though she was the one with a waterproof coat on, lol! Anyway, we went to see her today, she recently moved out & is missing us a lot. Hi Charlotte! (she reads my blog :P).

I desperately need to cut my fringe, I can barely see out of it! :(

Nails, again. Also, how nice is my new ring? I love it, it's so sparkly & huge. It only cost me £1.50 from Primark as well. Also - Panda hat in action in the first pic! Hehe. My family laugh at me when I wear it. They are rather mean:P

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Just thought I'd post a quick pic of my nails of the day! I did smudge the lace detail a bit, but oh well! Still very cute & girly! I used one of my new Nails Inc polishes, from the box of them I got from TKmaxx. They are lovely to apply & last quite a long time too. Much better than my freebie Nails Inc polish that I got with a magazine in the summer, although it was a freebie, so what could I expect?

Sunday, November 07, 2010

I couldn't resist...

Dress - ASOS Cardigan - Beth Ditto @ Evans Boots - ASOS Bracelets - ASOS/Primark Ring - Evans Bow - New Look

I said I probably wouldn't buy anything from the Beth Ditto collection, but I cracked for the cute heart cardigan when there was 20% off. I must confess, I borrowed this outfit idea from Lauren, who tried on this cardi with this dress when she did her changing room post, showcasing most of the Beth pieces. It is a cute combo though :P

I wore some very sparkly jewellery today. I normally don't go for quite so many gems, but I couldn't resist the bracelet on sale. How cute also is my bangle, which I got from Primark for £1.50. It fits my wrists perfectly, I've bought bangles from Evans before & they just fall off my wrists. I'm quite lucky (& out of proportion) that I can wear rings & bracelets from any shop, I know some people have trouble finding ones that fit.

How adorable also is my new pin? Most of you will probably recognise that it is Fifi Lapin, the famous bunny who "wears" lots of lovely designer clothes. When I saw the shop was selling 3 new pins, I just had to get one, I couldn't resist something this cute! Now I just need to find something to pin it on!

I also bought this dress from Evans, which is sooo pretty irl. They also have a version in blue. I've been waiting for it ever since they showed us some preview pics on the blog, but seeing as they changed a few designs, I wasn't hopeful that it would come in. But it did & yay! I am planning to wear it soon, it's quite shiny so not something I could wear everyday.
I haven't just been buying things for me though, I've started buying presents ready for Christmas. I like to be organized:P I really love shopping for other people, I find it really fun. I should become a personal shopper or something! I think all of you that read this blog know that I kinda have a little shopping addiction, hehe.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

A day with Yours.


On Monday, I had a lovely day out with some of my favourite UK bloggers. Lauren, from Pocket Rocket Fashion, Devon, from Fat Nurse, Steph, from Button's Bows & Brogues, Carla, from Messy Carla, Kat, from Plus Size Beauty, & myself all went to Petersborough to chat to Yours & have a guided tour around their warehouse.

I got the train to King's Cross, & spent about half an hour wandering around trying to find Devon. I am useless with trains/stations/transport in general, hehe! I did eventually find her & then Lauren & Kat joined us. We then got on the train to Petersborough, which was jam packed & we all sat separately:( We met up with Carla & Steph once we arrived at Petersborough. Yours then picked us up & took us to their headquarters/warehouse.


Once we were inside, we were led to the boardroom, where we immediately had plates & plates of food put in front of us. We all chatted over lunch, & oncce we were done we spent even longer chatting to Yours.


Then we got to go on a tour around the stock rooms, etc. There were so many clothes, & the whole place was like a maze. I don't think I would have been able to find my way out, if I had got left behind:P


One of the most fun parts of the day was walking into the room where Yours makes the catwalk videos it puts on it's site (a feature I always find useful). We all posed at the end of the catwalk & then did our best model impression as we walked down it. As you can see, my attempt is rather poor, hehe! Everyone else looked great though!


Group photo time!


When the tour was over, we went back to the boardroom to try on lots of clothes. A rail was brought in, but we were also told to look on the website, & see if there was anything specific we wanted to try on.


Everyone had great fun trying on their favourite things. I did try on the cream fur coat, but I fear that fur (faux or not), in such a large quantity is not for me, even though I love it on other people! Carla looked ultra glam in the same coat, whilst I just looked like some form of mountain monster, hehe!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Then, sadly, it was time to go home. :( I had a really great day out, it was lovely to meet people who share my passions. It was also a bit surreal, I remember sitting at lunch & wondering if I was really here, sitting with my fave bloggers. This is one of the best parts of blogging, forget the negative comments, the haters, the weird creepy photoshoppers, having the opportunity to be part of a day like this really makes blogging worthwhile. And that's not even mentioning all my lovely readers & followers, who support me everytime I post! You make blogging worthwhile too :)

Georgina xxx

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